Arseblog: Thursday 3rd October 2002

october 3rd

22.15 – I love football video games.

I’ve gone on about them here before – especially my arcade favourite ‘football champ’ (there is a link to the game and an emulator back in July or August here on Arseblog. Have a look yerself, I’m too lazy).

Anyway, they’ve become more and more realistic over the years. From the little stick men of Football Manager on the Spectrum, to the Playstation 2 realism of today. Actually, my PS2 is up the swanny, it won’t read any of the discs. I suppose I should try a lens cleaning disc or something. Anyway, the point is the games have been getting more realistic, and over on Lisa’s blog, you’ll find 4 screenshots of Arsenal players from a new game from Codemasters (It’s a good job they don’t make prosthetic arses eh?).

Good eh? Even if Bob looks like the evil twin of the lead singer of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers.



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