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Arseblog: Sunday 27th October 2002

october 27th

09.25 – I thought it was the new logo that was causing us problems. It wasn’t. Turns out it was Dead Kenny putting Thierry Henry on his fantasy team last Saturday. Why I outta….

Apparently, I’m the sort of Arsenal fan that needs to ‘wake up‘ according to one bloke on the Arsenal World message board. It seems remaining positive after what had been a pretty crappy week for the Arsenal is not allowed. I should not say ‘Watch out Blackburn’. I should not have any faith in a team that 10 days ago was on top of the world, playing the sort of football that would bring us glory at home and in Europe. I should not say “We will not lose to Dortmund”, even though I didn’t say that at all.

He says “Concerned fans critise the action, not the players. If you are not able to separate the two, you are one miserable person in real life.”

I’m not sure exactly what he means by that to be honest, but it strikes me that he’s the miserable person, doing his best to spread his gloomy outlook far and wide, unable to put the last week into perspective. He goes on to say “If we keep on considering our losses as FLUKES, we will never acknowledge our weaknesses and improve.” Who said anything about the losses being flukes? And as for acknowledging our weaknesses, feel free to tell us all what they are, so we can pass that information on to Arsene Wenger who obviously doesn’t have a clue.

Look, the last thing I want is to spend my time defending the way I support Arsenal to another Arsenal fan. If he thinks the last week is a clear indication that we ‘may be heading for the shithole’, then fair enough. Personally, I think his reluctance to offer even a screed of support after a week like this says it all.

Me, of course I’m a bit worried – there’s no doubt we’re not performing as well as we can, but I have confidence in the manager and the players’ ability to turn it around. Haven’t they proved themselves well capable of doing it in the past?


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