Arseblog: Wednesday 11th September 2002

september 11th

09.45 More nonsense from the FA.

Thierry Henry faces an FA rap for …er…shirtlifting. After scoring the winner against Man City last night, Thierry lifted up his Arsenal shirt to show a t-shirt underneath with a message reading ‘For the new born kyd’. Supposedly a message to his friend Sharleen Spiteri, lead singer of the band Texas.

It didn’t say “The FA are wankers” or “All referees engage in sexual intercourse with farm animals”. It wasn’t offensive, it was a nice gesture, and you have to wonder why we’re even talking about this when he spent the whole of last season showing off t-shirts with messages when he scored. Remember ‘Gio-Robert, thinking of you’?

It’s too ridiculous for words. Well, non-sweary words anyway…..

On a lighter note, I found that video, so click here to enjoy the sight of John Hartson booting Eyal Berkovic in the head. I never get tired of watching this.


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