Arseblog: Tuesday 27th August 2002

august 27th

08.35 – More new keeper speculation today. The Sun is reporting that Arsenal are set to offer ex-Luton keeper Ian Feuer a one year deal as back up for David Seaman, while Arsene Wenger says he’ll wait until the last moment to decide which of the 435 goalies he’s had on trial will play for the Gunners this season.

Having bought Manninger and Wright as potential successors to Spunky, only to see them prove themselves not quite good enough, it seems that a short term solution is on the cards. Current wisdom suggests that Arsenal will sign Turkish keeper Rustu at the end of this season when his contract with Fenerbache expires. In fairness, it must be a difficult job to replace somebody like Seamo who has been top class since he joined in 1991. 521 games later and he’s stll going strong…who’d have thunk it eh?

Still no sign of summer signing Pascal Cygan making an appearance. He can’t even get on the bench ahead of Oleg, so one suspects that he is either a) A bit shit or b) still not up to the physical side of English football. Let’s hope it’s b.

Meanwhile, Arsene reckons a European Super-League in inevitable as the row over the changes to the Champions League format rumbles on. I have to say it’s not something I’d be keen on at all. Imagine a Super-League in February, with mid-table teams playing for nothing. Imagine Arsenal vs PSV with neither team in the running for honours, imagine no away support because of the cost, imagine trying to get excited about a game against a team we have no history with, no rivallry, no banter. If it happens at the expense of the domestic league, count me out ….



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