Arseblog: Tuesday 20th August 2002

august 20th

13.25 – Here comes your Man-ninger.

Planet Football are claiming that Alex Manninger could be on his way back to Arsenal after failing to impress at Espanyol. They claim that a clause was inserted in his contract that they could cancel the deal if he didn’t prove himself. It all sounds rather made up to me. Who ever heard of getting your money back on a player if he didn’t work out?

“Sir” Alex: “Hello Lazio? I bought this player from you last season and he seems to be faulty. I’d like my money back please.”

SS Lazio: “Do you have a receipt? We can’t do anything without a receipt.”

“Sir” Alex: “Ah feck, I knew I should have kept that”

SS Lazio: “So long, sucker…..”

As well as that, the Spanish season hasn’t started yet, so he hasn’t really had any time to make an impression.

Espanyol’s coach said “I did not request a goalkeeper and I did not know Alex”. It might have been prudent to say something during the three weeks it took to complete the deal rather than now you foolish fool. Some sources claim that Arsenal are looking at Sp*rs’ Neil Sullivan – let’s hope they’re just looking and pointing and laughing. He’s definintely not good enough for us if he can’t even get into the Sp*rs team.



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