Arseblog: Sunday 11th August 2002

august 11th

17.20 – Arsenal 1-0 Liverpool.

A decent work out for the lads, and what a way for Gilberto to start his Arsenal career. He came on at half-time and scored the winner, and he’s supposed to be a defensive midfielder. Maybe in Brazil he’s defensive. Whatever, he looks like a very handy player and at £4.5m he looks an absolute steal. And could his life get any better? First he wins the World Cup, and now he’s won the McDonalds Community Shield. He might as well retire now.

I thought Edu had an outstanding first half before being replaced by Gilberto at half-time, Vieira was much more obviously the captain – almost as if he couldn’t do that did when Tony was there – and I was very impressed. Henry looked quick and sharp and only Dudek playing out of his skin and the woodwork saved Liverpool….again. The back 5 looked very solid and defended well. I’d like to have seen Aliadiere get a run out, although we did see Kolo Toure, who seems to have an unfortunate habit of licking his lips every couple of seconds. Did anyone else see that?

Liverpool fans showed their usual form by booing Patrick Vieira after Steven Gerrard’s nasty scissors tackle left him injured on the floor. I know the McDonalds Community Shield is not really very important, but it’s always nice to win something at the expense of the scousers. May all their buses crash on the way home, leaving them stranded on some kind of hidden island in the mists of the Irish sea, never to be seen again.

Anyway, well done Arsenal, tough shit Liverpool, now let’s get on with the real thing.



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