Arseblog: Monday 12th August 2002

august 12th

09.55 – Do you sit beside a Liverpool fan at work? Can’t stand the smell? Fed up with the whiney nasal voice? Tired of going to the loo and coming back to find somebody has stolen everything off your desk and is selling it out of the back of a Hi-ace van?

Why not try Arseblog’s Gilberto wallpaper – featuring our new Brazilian just after scoring the winning goal in yesterday’s game? Er….what am I talking about? Liverpool fans with jobs? Sorry…I’m daydreaming again.

Brian Clough has branded Arsene Wenger and Arsenal a disgrace for our consistent disciplinary problems. This is from the man who knocked Roy Keane on his arse with a punch at half-time during his Forest days. I love Cloughie really, he’s quite mad, and really very entertaining. His wish that ‘I hope they all get diaorrhea’ when talking about Man Utd’s trip to Brazil instead of defending the FA Cup is a classic. The Sun is serialising his new biography, so expect more madness throughout the week.

The Times wonders whether there will ever be another captain like Tony Adams. Obviously some people are born leaders, it comes naturally to them and Tony was one of those. Patrick Vieira on the other hand is not – and some people were worried that he was a bit too quiet on the pitch in Tony’s absence. Well, yesterday there was a big change in Patrick’s style. He was animated, talking, encouraging, organising, cajoling and generally doing all the things that Tony used to do. It’s a role he’s going to have to get used to over time, but with this squad, and this manager, there’s no reason why he can’t be one of the great Arsenal captains.



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