Arseblog: Tuesday 18th June 2002

june 18th

11.06 – You know the way you hear these stories about people being abducted by aliens, then having bad dreams and under hypnosis they remember what supposedly happened to them?

Well, I was thinking. Those people must have been abducted by crap aliens, whose mind washing trick at the end isn’t up to scratch. Surely there must be top class aliens who are abducting people all day long and setting them back down without them remembering a single thing.

How do any of us know that we haven’t been taken away, probed, experimented upon and then brainwashed so we don’t remember a thing. Maybe aliens own all the big breweries, and people drinking beer are taking their brain washing potion without even knowing it.

After a night on the beer, people black out, can’t remember what happened, and as soon as they have to sit on the toilet they feel an unnatural burning. Is that the curry or the intergalactic rectal examination you recieved the night before?

“It’s so crazy, it might just be true.”

Football – Japan knocked out by Turkey. Inamoto shows Worthington Cup form and is taken off at half time. Might stop people bleating on about how he’s Arsenal class when he clearly isn’t.

More accusations from South Korean players about Figo, here.



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