Arseblog: Thursday 20th June 2002

june 20th

14.34 – Oh piss. has been Napstered. Basically it’s been shut down and now it’s nowhere near as handy to get MP3s. All this fucking around with FTP is a pain in the arse….and before anyone tells me I should support the artists by buying CDs instead can go and shite. I’ve spent more money on music than David Pleat spent on hookers (allegedly). Lots of it is shite so I want to take revenge on the record labels for making me think I liked something when 15 years later I listen to it and think “…were you out of your brain buying that? Oh yeah….I was a bit”.

I like free music. Anyone who doesn’t like free stuff is a fool.

If anyone knows of anything similar to audiogalaxy that works with a Mac, please let me know.


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