Arseblog: Saturday 22nd June 2002

june 22nd

17.35 – Is it bye bye Keown?

It’s definitely bye bye Junichi Inamoto, as Arsene Wenger tells him he’s not needed at Arsenal. Can’t argue with that, and I don’t think too many people will shed tears over a player who was at best a decent risk, and at worst a commercial signing to boost Far East merchandise sales.

Korea do it again, and once more questions have to be raised about the refereeing decisions. From where I was sitting the Spaniards had two good goals disallowed, but credit to Guus Hiddink and his players. They played well, they’re in the semi-finals and no amount of complaining can change that.

Nike’s Eric Cantona suggests that the Adidas sponsored French team had no room for Puma’s Nicolas Anelka. Nothing to do with Nic being a moody old cunt then?



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