Arseblog: Friday 21st June 2002

june 21st

16.09 – Nice to see the England squad rally around a distraught David Seaman, even though the ‘comedy’ JPGs featuring Nayim have started to appear courtesy of Sp*rs fans with nothing better to do.

David Beckham in particular has been categorical in his defence of Arsenal and England’s number 1. Obviously he knows what it feels like to go home with the majority of people (wrongly) blaming you for a World Cup exit. Even Teddy Sheringham has backed big Dave.

Anyway, despite what Ronaldino says, I am convinced he meant to cross the ball, not take a shot on goal.

Danny Mills for Arsenal anyone?

Elsewhere, the Italians won’t let it rest. A national broadcaster in considering suing FIFA for the referee’s ‘mistakes’. As Tony pointed out in the comments here on June 19th, if they’re so gung-ho about the outcome of the match being fixed, why haven’t we heard a thing about Vieri’s 3 yard miss in the last couple of minutes that would have won it for the Italians?



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