Arseblog: Wednesday 22nd May 2002

may 22nd

17.39 – Roy Keane quit the Irish world cup squad, only to change his mind a few hours later. It all sparked from an alleged “training ground bust up” with Packie Bonner, although Irish manager Mick McCarthy was keen to play the whole thing down saying Bonner has bigger arguments with his son over his homework. When you take into account some of the eye-witness stories, you have to start feeling sorry for Packie Bonner’s son.

There are those that will condemn Keane for his seemingly unprofessional behaviour, but I’m not one of them. Keane is used to high standards of coaching and professionalism with Man Utd. I’m not sure the conditions the Irish squad are expected to train in and the way they are treated comes close to that, which is obviously frustrating.

The FAI are a bunch of incompetent clowns, and have taken dreadful liberties in the past, For example, all the officials got to fly first class to Cyprus for one of the qualifying games, while the players were stuck in the cheap seats at the back, with no leg-room or room to move about. Typical Irish cronyism, these officials that think nothing would operate without them, and lose sight of the fact they should be doing everything in their power to help the players, not themselves.

As he’s got older, Keane has become more outspoken, and some of his criticism of his Utd team mates this season was harsh in the extreme. If he feels the standards of coaching and training leading up to the World Cup are sub-par, why shouldn’t he say something. He’s the captain, he’s Ireland’s best player, if he won’t say it, who will?

Arsenal stuff – well, Lauren reckons Cameroon can win the World Cup. More bad news for Ireland then, seeing as we’re in the same group. Edu reckons he’s gonna be even better next season, and Vieira says Houllier is ‘tactless‘.

Finally for today, I’ve been checking my server logs and it shows me search engine terms that people use to find their way here. For example ‘arsenal blog’ or ‘tony adams wallpaper’. A worrying trend is appearing though. In the top 10 are ‘Is Freddie Ljungberg gay?’ and ‘Freddie Ljungberg nude pictures’. Er……..I understand people looking for the Freddie being gay one coz we’ve all heard the rumours, but how many people are looking for nude pictures of him?


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