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Arseblog: Wednesday 1st May 2002

may 1st 2002

08.55 – Welcome to a brand new month on A R S E B L O G. A day off. Sweet. Typical though, last week it was hot and sunny all week and the weekend was crap. Monday and Tuesday were lovely, and today is crap. I think all my solicitation of the Gods for good results for Arsenal has come with some side effects, ah well.

Jean-Marie Le Pen has just dug his own grave. In the lead up to the French elections, he says Zinedine Zidane is nothing special. I think most of France would disagree with that, considering two goals in the final against Brazil won them the World Cup 4 years ago. Zidane comes from the sort of immigrant family that Le Pen would round up and put in a giant sack and drown like kittens. Where would the French national side be without it’s other ethnic players – Vieira, Henry, Karembeu, Djorkaeff, Thuram, Anelka….etc etc?

Anyway, why has nobody commented on the fact that Le Pen’s second name is ‘Mary’? John Mary Le Pen….heh.

Man Utd went out of the Champions League last night to Leverkeusen on away goals. To be honest, I’d much rather they had gone through to the final, as it might have distracted them a bit from our league game. Now they’re gonna go all out to beat us next Wednesday. It’s getting nerve-wracking now. More nerve-wracking. It’s the nerve-wrackingest I can remember for a long time. My nerves are well and truly wracked. The wrackosity level of my nerves is through the roof. The…..well, you get the picture.

Some cup final thoughts later on.

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