Arseblog: Tuesday 21st May 2002

may 21st

18.16 – I’ve been watching World Cups past on Eurosport today. Great footage on that station, but the world’s worst commentators. First, they commentate on the action like it’s happening live, then they make all sorts of mistakes, when surely even the most rudimentary running order would solve any potential problems. And the voices…..jesus. These guys wouldn’t get a job answering phones in a take-away.

My favourite, albeit in slightly dubious taste, Eurosport moment has to be when Joe Kinnear joined the commentary team for Euro2000, and during one of the Holland games, referred to the Dutch right back as ‘Reizinigger’. Not once, not twice, but the whole way through the game.

Anyway, watching today, a question popped into my mind. Why do so many Argentinian players over the years look like archetypal gay pirates?

England drew 1-1 with South Korea today. Ashley Cole, Sol Campbell and Martin Keown all played 45 minutes each. Looking at England’s midfield options, it’s still a wonder they didn’t bring McManaman. He’s playing for the biggest club in Europe, if not the world, scoring goals all season, has plenty of experience and he can perform in big, high pressure games. Even if he wasn’t going to start him, surely he’d be a great option to have for 20 mins at the end of a game? Anyway, it ain’t my problem, but when Ireland beat England in the final, Sven will wish he’d brought him.

Finally, a very interesting mathematical equation was sent my way by Steve from Antidisestablishmentarianism. Download the Word document here.


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