Arseblog: Thursday 30th May 2002

may 30th

17.30 – Maybe some of you have seen this already, but still….he just stops short of the spinning bow tie gag.

12.45 – Well, it all starts tomorrow. France v Senegal will kick off the World Cup, and it’s a special occassion for Arsenal’s Patrick Vieira.

Some reports have claimed that Arsenal have already signed Marc van Bommel from PSV, while others say the talks are ongoing. I know it’s all just speculation until it’s announced by the club, but it seems 99% certain that we’ll be adding the Dutchman to the playing staff next season.

Now that the Roy Keane saga has come to an end, Mick McCarthy unveils his new motivational football that he believes will help the Irish squad in this World Cup. So far, he’s the only one using it though…..

Still no word from the FAI. They’re as bad as ITV for not replying to my emails. It’s not as if I’ve ever been anything but polite and mannerly to them. The last time I emailed the FAI I told them I understood that they were under a great deal of pressure etc etc, but that even a “yes/no” answer would suffice. Still nothing. Where are your manners FAI? Gone the same way as Ireland’s World Cup hopes, it seems……

Away from football this is quite funny. It doesn’t work with all sites, but if you use A R S E B L O G as your example, check out the main logo at the top. Also, it appears not to like IE5 with a Mac, so all you other Mac users out there, try Netscape or Omniweb.


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