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Arseblog: Friday 3rd May 2002

may 3rd

23.15 – Cup final blah blah blah, Milwall fans riot blah blah blah, Beckham fit for world cup blah blah blah…………

This, my friends, is news. Ah, but we have to mention
the build up to the cup final. I love cup final day, the build
up, the nerves the excitement. I love 1979 but I hate 1978 and
1980. 1998 was special but 2000 was a nightmare. The FA can try
and devalue this competition as much as they like, but I love
it. I’ll never forget the torment and anguish of Man Utd’s 2 late
goals in ’79, only to have those feelings blown away with sheer
relief and jubilation when Alan Sunderland scored the winner.

Even though I was only 9 years old, I can still remember it like it was yesterday, and the FA Cup will always be a trophy worth winning in my opinion. Patrick Vieira will go head to ponytail with our old friend, Emmanuel Petit. It’s such a shame Manu let things get to him so much when he played for us. By his standards, his last season was a nightmare. I know he was never fully fit, but his antics at Villa Park and his terrible display in the UEFA cup final were that of a player who wasn’t happy. The press annoyed him, the refs annoyed him, the opposition annoyed him, and he let them win. He thought the best way out was to just leave. His spell at Barcelona might not have been a success on the pitch, but I bet it helped clear things up in his mind.

He realised he would never have it as good as he did at Highbury. He was a legend, he had his song, we loved him, we defended him, and he pussied out of it. Maybe that’s why he came back to the Premiership, to prove to himself he could take it. Good for him, and I wish him well, except for tomorrow of course.

Checking the site logs, I see somebody searched for ‘Laurent Blanc useless bastard’, and found their way here…..heh.

Off for some shut-eye, tomorrow’s a big day.

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