Arseblog: Friday 31st May 2002

may 31st

10.58 – It’s a matter of hours now before the World Cup kicks off. The usual opening ceremony stuff, then holders France take on Senegal. However, the official song of the World Cup is by that screeching banshee, Anastacia. Her voice could melt platinum, and the tuneless song, which is called ‘Boom’ or ‘Blast’ or something will no doubt be played to death for the duration of the tournament. Hurrah.

For me, it’s an early start tomorrow morning to watch Ireland play Cameroon. Then it’s Freddie vs England on Sunday, and good news for England is that David Beckham withstood a crunching tackle from Martin Keown in training. Goldenballs says: “If I can get through that I can get through anything”.

Here we go, folks……


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