Arseblog: Wednesday 10th April 2002

April 10th

21.45 – There’s a remarkable interview with Freddie Ljungberg on Football 365. It’s remarkable because it’s so shit and predictable, you don’t even need to read the answers. Well done Sarah Winterburn, I hope your Uncle Nigel does a sliding tackle on you when you’re walking down the street one day carrying a box of eggs and some fine china.

To laugh, or to really laugh, that is the question. It’s quite incredible the lengths Michael Duberry will go to get a game. The finest example of Karma for a long, long time. The only thing that would top that is the ‘Bowyer breaks every bone in body falling down the stairs…….of The Empire State building” headline. Anyway, as always A R S E B L O G brings you the exclusives that no other website can. Here, is a genuine picture of the incident in which Jonathan Woodgate got his face smashed in.

Some FA cup thoughts tomorrow.


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