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Arseblog: Tuesday 2nd April 2002

April 2nd

10.35 – After his comments yesterday, it seems Chelsea manager Claudio Ranieri has a bigger role planned for ex-gunner, Manu Petit.

09.00 – Just watched the goals from the Charlton game, courtesy of

What a tackle from Sol Campbell in the run up to the first, and Henry’s pace is too much for any defender. He seemed to enjoy the goal, as he ran away pumping his arms then booted the corner flag right out of the ground before showing off his ‘Gio, Robert – thinking of U’ t-shirt again.

I was thinking the other day about which members of the Arsenal squad would be internet friendly. These are young guys with lots of time on their hands, do they trawl the Arsenal websites to see what the fans are saying about them? Do they go to the message boards and join the mailing lists? Are they reporting back to their team-mates what they have read? Do they all have shiny new iMacs?

Are there any Arsenal players reading this? If so, how about an exclusive interview with A R S E B L O G? Go on, you know you want to…

I’ll just sit back and wait for the emails to roll in.

00.15 – So most of you twigged the fact that the Kluivert story was an April Fool’s joke. Maybe it had just about enough credibility to be believable for a few minutes, but ’twas fairly see through really. However, not everybody realised it was a joke. Certainly not the major ‘soccer’ website that emailed to ask me to comment on the story.

That aside, I got plenty of emails about it, and there were some choice comments, a few of which I’ll reproduce for you here. Names have been omitted for obvious reasons…..

“You f****ing w*nker, Kluivert is going to Liverpool. Arsenal are piss”

“That fax looks like something you just made up, but I can’t figure out why you’d do that, so I’m assuming it’s real”

“Kluivert is spelled wrong you dummy. It’s actually spelled Kluivert” – which is exactly what I had.

“Nobody uses fax anymore.”

“If Kluivert is coming to Arsenal, do you know how I can get some tickets?”

“you stupid prick arseblog prickhole you wont win do you hear you wont win”

So there you go. Next year I’ll have to do it on March 31st so it won’t be so obvious. Of course, telling you about it is fairly obvious……

Before I go, have a look at this – quite cool – and they don’t make footballers like this anymore.

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