Arseblog: Saturday 30th March 2002

march 30th

17.55 – Arsenal 3-0 Sunderland. (Vieira 2, Bergkamp 4, Wiltord 29)

Early goals again as we came flying out of the blocks. Vieira opened the scoring, Bergkamp scored the 2nd and Wiltord added the 3rd on 29 mins. From then on, it sounded like cruise control for Arsenal, trying to save some energy for the game against Charlton on Monday.

Thierry Henry had a goal disallowed, but still put his Arsenal shirt over his head to show a t-shirt saying ‘GIO – ROBERT – THANK YOU’. Hopefully he’ll have a chance to show it off properly on Monday. Given the other results today, this was a very professional performance from Arsenal.

Finally, we have to mention that today was Tony Adams’ 500th league game for Arsenal. If anybody embodies the spirit of this club, it’s our captain. Well done Tony.

So, a day of rest and then off to The Valley to make April fools of Charlton with any luck. Happy Easter to you all.

11.00 – Fab blasts Wenger over Pires injury. Bald, pointy headed Man Utd keeper has accused Arsenal of treating Robert Pires like a robot therefore causing his injury.

He said “I know the right time for me to take my foot off the gas, but maybe that wasn’t the case with Robert. At Manchester United, and also the French national side, they understand that footballers are not robots.”

Quite. At least you can program a robot not to come charging out of its goal like some kind of demented schoolboy and try and dribble around the opposition strikers. As for taking your foot off the gas, you’re a goalkeeper Fabien, you spend most of the match standing scratching your arse. How can you need a rest?

We at A R S E B L O G wish you all the very worst luck today. We’re hoping for a complete miskick in the last minute to give Leeds the winner.

Sunderland at THOF for us today. 3 points vital. More later.


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