Arsecast - the Arsenal podcast
01 Apr 2016

Injury updates, Ozil talks title and future, + Arsecast 385

Good morning, it’s Friday, that means press conference which means there’s an actual game tomorrow which means that football is back which means that we’re all happy. Until the football begins at which point we’ll become terrified again and afterwards we’ll either be happy or furious but at least we

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31 Mar 2016

The Madness of King George

Polemics have become very popular in football discourse in recent years. We have a constant need to compare, contrast and measure every achievement against all that preceded it. Immediately after any kind of seismic sporting event, we are encouraged to place it in the pantheon of history, which itself has

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31 Mar 2016

It’s about the Rs: Revenge, and Rocky Remembered

This is the quiet day. This, of all the Interlull days, is the worst. The international games are over, the players are back or making their way back to London, and because nothing outrageous, scandalous or disastrous has happened we’re in the eye of the storm of nothingness. That’s the

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30 Mar 2016

What the chaps did while they were away

I have been looking around this morning and as yet I’ve found no reports of any of our players suffering aches, strain, niggles, whacks, or cracks while on international duty. I’m not saying this information is definitive so don’t come rushing at me with your pitchforks and flaming flamers if

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29 Mar 2016

Tactics Column: Iwobi, Elneny, show promise

Total Football has inspired many coaches and managers, to varying success, though the biggest transformative effect on a side’s fortune is arguably not the tactics, but the presence of a star individual. Netherlands and Ajax had Johan Cruyff; AC Milan under Arrigo Sacchi had Marco van Basten; Barcelona have Lionel

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29 Mar 2016

The least surprising Arsene Wenger quotes of all time

Welcome back to work all those of you who have had an extra-long long weekend. You’re one of us again. Don’t worry, the misery will ease in time. A few years from now and you’ll have forgotten all about it. We’re approaching the hump of this Interlull. There are friendlies

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Arsecast - the Arsenal podcast
28 Mar 2016

Arsecast Extra Episode 112 – 28.03.2016

Welcome to another Arsecast Extra with myself and James from @Gunnerblog. On this week’s Interlull edition of the show we decide that James ought to become a ship’s captain so his friends marriages can become more convenient for him, and consider the possibility that spam email could be something it’s

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28 Mar 2016

Ozil isn’t giving up, but calls for ‘reinforcements’

Hello, it’s a bank holiday here today, so just a quickie for you as this Interlull drags ever onwards. There are a bunch of friendlies tomorrow evening in which some of our players will be involved, after that we get back down to business with a visit from Watford in

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27 Mar 2016

Easter Sunday waffle

“Look, I’m just saying, I’m fed up with him.” “Come on Judas mate, he’s done amazing things for us. Remember when we were just 12 lads with no real purpose, hanging around and nobody thought we were cool?” “Yeah, but-” “No buts man. Now we’re cool. We’re somebodies. We’re The

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Arsenal Gentleman's Weekly Review
26 Mar 2016

Arsenal Gentleman’s Weekly Review

After the typically Arsenalistic travails of recent weeks, the balm of a trip to the Goodison Park of Delights was a most welcome one. Everton are a proper club, unlike their red counterparts, whose fanbase is largely drawn from the Scandinavian Peninsula. It is often said that if you see

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26 Mar 2016

Giroud’s goolies, Iwobi’s Capitals, and Usmanov on Wenger

Hello, a very quick Saturday round-up for you. It’s still as Interlully as ever, although Olivier Giroud scored a goal for France and seemed to use his testicles to good effect too. You can add your own joke about ball control right here. Alex Iwobi’s Twitter tells me made his

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Football Manager ZX Spectrum
25 Mar 2016

Crack, drugs and an 8-bit addiction

You know when you snooze in the morning between alarms, and you have these really vivid dreams? I dreamed I was in Barcelona waiting for a flight back to Dublin. Like last week, it had been delayed and I felt exhausted at the prospect of waiting in the airport, the

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