07 Apr 2016

Every Dog Has Its Day

In recent weeks, a new look front three has elasticated Arsenal’s attacking game. Between Christmas and Easter, Arsenal’s attacks assumed the appearance of a beloved, ageing family pet, searching limply for a place to die. The Iwobi-Welbeck-Alexis triumvirate, ably backed up by a midfield platform of Coquelin and Elneny, is

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07 Apr 2016

Alexis on how the effects of injury are not just physical

Morning all. Let’s start with some interesting stuff from Alexis Sanchez who has spoken about how injuries have affected his season. On a very surface level, it’s obvious. He pulled a hamstring against Norwich, and missed the best part of 2 months – 10 games in total. We can all

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06 Apr 2016

Iwobi or not Iwobi, that is the question

I played my first game of 11-a-side football in ages last night. I’ve been out with an injury so fitness has been an issue. It was supposed to be 3 weeks, it turned into 3 months or more. Which sounds rather familiar, I don’t know why. Anyway, it was good

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05 Apr 2016

Good performances not simply because the pressure’s off

When we asked for questions for this week’s Arsecast Extra, there was more than one about whether the victory over Watford came about because the gap was so big between us and Leicester that the team didn’t feel pressure to win the title anymore. The implication being that battling for

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Arsecast - the Arsenal podcast
04 Apr 2016

Arsecast Extra Episode 113 – 04.04.2016

Welcome to another Arsecast Extra with myself and James from @Gunnerblog. On this week’s show we look back at the rather nice 4-0 win over Watford, the contributions of Alexis and Alex Iwobi, the new midfield partnership of Coquelin and Elneny, and whether this was a performance enabled by the

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04 Apr 2016

Football’s culture of silence over doping + news round-up

Morning all, welcome to a brand new week but despite our fine win on Saturday, there was no bonus of Leicester dropping points. A 1-0 win yesterday, their fifth in their last six games, means they continue to lead the way at the top of the table. Still, all we

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03 Apr 2016

Arsenal 4-0 Watford: New recipe providing tasty treats

Match report – Player ratings – By the numbers – Video Watford were blown away yesterday. Blown like tiny scraps of confetti in an industrial wind tunnel that they use for seeing if cars are aerodynamic and that. Possibly with some graphical arrows shooting over the car to show that

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Arsenal live blog
02 Apr 2016

Arsenal v Watford – live blog

Join us this afternoon for live blog coverage of the Premier League clash between Arsenal and Watford, kick off at 15.00 Live blog is 100% free to follow on your computer or mobile device and gives you real time text commentary from the match. You can switch between the main

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02 Apr 2016

You simply cannot argue with a pie chart

When I woke up this morning I couldn’t move my legs. ‘Oh no,” I thought, ‘I’m paralysed.’ Then I looked down and saw that there was a German Shepherd sleeping across them, so the lesson here folks is always remember to shut your bedroom door when you come home at

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Arsenal Gentleman's Weekly Review
01 Apr 2016

Arsenal Gentleman’s (final) Weekly Review

EIGHT REASONS WHY TODAY I BECOME A TOTTENHAM FAN 1. I am deeply in love with Harry Kane I can restrain my passion no longer. I wish to make manly love with this strong-chinned love lump. I wish him to embrace me with his tentacle-like arms. I wish to run

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Arsecast - the Arsenal podcast
01 Apr 2016

Injury updates, Ozil talks title and future, + Arsecast 385

Good morning, it’s Friday, that means press conference which means there’s an actual game tomorrow which means that football is back which means that we’re all happy. Until the football begins at which point we’ll become terrified again and afterwards we’ll either be happy or furious but at least we

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31 Mar 2016

The Madness of King George

Polemics have become very popular in football discourse in recent years. We have a constant need to compare, contrast and measure every achievement against all that preceded it. Immediately after any kind of seismic sporting event, we are encouraged to place it in the pantheon of history, which itself has

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