18 Oct 2014

Hull preview: Enough up top to balance defensive shortages

It seems like an age since our last match so it’s good to have football back today. We’ve had to endure the post-Stamford Bridge gloom, a rake of injuries, an Interlull and a rather contentious AGM, so hopefully we can add a bit of silver lining to that collective cloud

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17 Oct 2014

Arsenal Gentleman’s Weekly Review

And so we return from the Wilderness Fortnight, where we have learnt several things. One: The Balkans remain the Tottenham of Europe. Like the trouble-ridden Middlesex borough of Tottenham, we hear far more about them than is necessary. From Adriatic to Ionian, from the Mediterranean to the Aegean, from Gorani

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Arsecast - the Arsenal podcast
17 Oct 2014

Kos crocked, AGM whitewash + Arsecast 326

Welcome to Friday and thankfully it’s a day before football returns. After a two week barren spell for Arsenal news – punctuated only by the odd injury here and there – there’s loads to get on with. The pre-Hull press conference took place yesterday, as did the AGM, so we

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16 Oct 2014

Seasons in the sun

It’s understandable that nostalgia is such a popular phenomenon. The past is always a safe place. Preserved in sepia, the sun always shines, music and clothes were much more agreeable and politicians more honest. The past cannot hurt us, we can filter out the bad parts and cryogenically freeze the

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16 Oct 2014

Life’s a pitch

I don’t know if you watch The Breakdown on Presented by Adrian Clarke, it usually takes a look back at our last league game, reviewing the performance, where things went wrong or right etc. It’s often more interesting when we lose because there’s more to analyse, but still. This

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15 Oct 2014

Set-pieces, smallness and mechanical boardroom nonsense

As you know I’m not that interested in international football but last night’s 1-1 draw between Germany and Ireland will have sent shockwaves through something that shockwaves go through. I was there the last time we played them, a 6-1 spanking at Lansdowne Road. How things have changed. Germany were

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Santi Cazorla - Arsenal
14 Oct 2014

Santi still has some gifts to bring

In this somewhat tumultuous start to the season, few people associated with Arsenal can claim to have done much good for their reputations thus far. Of the players, only Jack Wilshere, new man Danny Welbeck, Nacho Monreal and Santi Cazorla have really pushed on to levels anything beyond where they

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14 Oct 2014

Interlull: Giroud making progress, scouting under the microscope

Morning all, and there’s a few bits and pieces going on thankfully. Nothing ground-breaking or anything, but something is better than nothing. Sticking with internationals for starters, thanks to Adam who pointed out that Chile play a friendly against Bolivia on Wednesday which kicks off at midnight over here. That’s

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Arsecast - the Arsenal podcast
13 Oct 2014

Arsecast Extra Episode 37 – 13.10.2014

Here’s this week’s Arsecast Extra with myself and James from @Gunnerblog. On this week’s show we look back on the last week of the Interlull in which Arsenal’s injury situation became even more ridiculous and in which we made a fairly high profile addition to the scouting staff. In part

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13 Oct 2014

Interlull: something to get your teeth into

What a bleak Monday morning this is. Usually a Monday should be the get up and go start to a new week, but outside it’s grey and we have nothing doing as Arsenal fans. Four of our lot played yesterday for England against Estonia. Jack Wilshere seems to be getting

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12 Oct 2014

Interlull: A rock and a hard place

What little there was happening yesterday has doubled in nothingness since then, meaning that the infinitesimal amount of Arsenal news is now like an atom on a tiger in a zoo who doesn’t realise he’s part of a gigantic computer simulation which is set inside a universe inside which our

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11 Oct 2014

Interlull: Saturday round-up

I don’t think it’s any coincidence that this Interlull has coincided with the drop in temperature that reminds you that winter is coming. “Yer knur nothing Yaya Snurnurguuuu …” Still, maybe the cold isn’t a bad thing right now as we’ve gone a full 24 hours without news of anyone

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