Arsenal v West Brom 2016
21 Apr 2016

West Brom still important, just not as much as it should have been

Good morning. We can get away from all this incessant football chat with … well … actual football. It’s unusual to play a Premier League game on a Thursday night. Clearly when Sky were dicking around with the schedule they figured this might be a game of greater importance than

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20 Apr 2016

Director of the Bored

I feel sentimental towards Arsene Wenger. I do not think there to be any great shame in this. I am eager for him to succeed where I might feel apathy or even antipathy towards others. I might regard a manager with less of a history with Arsenal as more disposable.

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Arsene Wenger
20 Apr 2016


When Martin Keown played a long ball from inside his own half. Dennis Bergkamp headed it up in the air, Nicola Anelka flicked it on and Marc Overmars nodded it forward, drove into the United area and fizzed a shot between Peter Schmeichel’s legs. When Christopher Wreh smashed one in

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19 Apr 2016

This is as bad as it’s ever been under Arsene Wenger*

It’s rare I sit here in a morning and look at a blank page (digitally speaking, of course). In the old days we used to fashion this website with quill and parchment, using my best calligraphy before faxing it through to the word processor from whence it was made blog.

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Arsecast - the Arsenal podcast
18 Apr 2016

Arsecast Extra Episode 115 – 18.04.2016

Welcome to another Arsecast Extra with myself and James from @Gunnerblog. On this week’s show we look back at the 1-1 draw with Crystal Palace yesterday, in terms of the performance, the goal we conceded, what it means in the context of what has been a dismal few months for

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Arsene Wenger Crystal Palace
18 Apr 2016

Arsenal 1-1 Crystal Palace: A season encapsulated in a moment

Match report – Player ratings – By the numbers – Video I saw a Tweet this morning in which former Arsenal player turned Sky co-commentator, Alan Smith, said there’s an ‘air of apathy’ around the club at the moment. The many empty seats yesterday, which allow for some luxuriant stretching

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Arsenal live blog
17 Apr 2016

Arsenal v Crystal Palace – live blog

Join us this afternoon for live blog coverage of the Premier League clash between Arsenal and Crystal Palace, kick off at 16.00 Live blog is 100% free to follow on your computer or mobile device and gives you real time text commentary from the match. You can switch between the

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17 Apr 2016

Today we play football against another team

Man City’s win over Chelsea last night pushes us down into fourth place, although we have the chance to go above them again with a win over Crystal Palace later today. It’s a game that should matter more than it actually does. For the players and the manager, who speak

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16 Apr 2016

On Wenger’s quotes about spending and transfers

Good morning. We can start with some interesting quotes and headlines from, and to do with, Arsene Wenger this morning. They popped up last night, and I think it’s safe to say that the sub-editors know where the fears of Arsenal fans lie. The Mirror lead with: Arsene Wenger risks

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Arsenal Gentleman's Weekly Review
15 Apr 2016

Arsenal Gentleman’s Weekly Review

Some time in the interwar years, when the sun never set on Britain’s empire, I was on a hunting trip in the Kentish Weald. It is a most agreeable part of the world; it has three distinct parts: the High Weald, the Low Weald and the Greensand Ridge, which includes

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Arsecast - the Arsenal podcast
15 Apr 2016

Europa madness, Squillaci sadness + Arsecast 387

Hello everyone, welcome to Friday. I’m glad there’s some football coming up because I’m kinda tired writing about other teams. I suppose I have to mention the Mugsmashers last night. Crikey, what a game of football that was. Dortmund seemingly in control and them KABLAM, bonkers late winning drama. I

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14 Apr 2016

All The Young Dudes

I have always had issues with the word ‘luck.’ It often implies an absence of responsibility; that an invisible force beyond our control has interfered malevolently. All too often, ‘luck’ is subconsciously adopted as a celestial kingmaker, wantonly dashing our hopes and dreams. However, happenstance, coincidence and felicity, though not

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