07 Sep 2016


Morning. I am ill. My head hurts and my back hurts and nothing makes sense. Here are some fresh arses to keep you going. More later (possibly) or more tomorrow (more likely).

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06 Sep 2016

Fitting the pieces of the puzzle together + contracts to consider

So now that the signings are done, what else do we have to worry and fret about? It’s way too early to start thinking about the January transfer window, so I suppose we could try and figure out how Arsene Wenger is going to build his team from the players

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Arsecast - the Arsenal podcast
05 Sep 2016

Arsecast Extra Episode 138 – 05.09.2016

Welcome to another Arsecast Extra, the Arsenal podcast, with myself and James from @Gunnerblog. On this week’s Interlull show we look back on the final days of the transfer window and discuss the departures of Serge Gnabry and Jack Wilshere. Is it now sink or swim for the England man,

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dingle arseblog
05 Sep 2016

Interlull Interlull Interlull Interlull Interlull Interlull Interlull

Good morning. I am back in Dublin after a very pleasant weekend in Kerry. It is so lovely down there but they don’t have our dog poo on the streets, graffiti on the walls, and stark concrete everywhere. There are only so many spectacular mist-covered mountains looking over beautiful valleys

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Robert Pires 2016 001
04 Sep 2016

Victoria Line Concordia Crescit

Blogs is in a part of Ireland where they don’t have Internet so he’s asked me to fill in today. I think it’s pretty fantastic that such places still exist…no wonder Apple think it’s a bit much paying tax while they get to grips with the whole making computers lark.

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Arsenal Gentleman's Weekly Review
03 Sep 2016

Arsenal Gentleman’s Weekly Review

I have been away. We all need to revive and relax from time to time, even if one’s everyday life involves collecting rare furniture and having one’s portrait painted. And so it came to pass that when selecting one’s summer destination, one’s wife selected the delightful French hamlet of Ars

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golden gate
03 Sep 2016

Interlull daydreams about Lucas Perez’s throwing ability

Good morning to you from Dingle, Country Kerry, currently the wettest place on earth. It is also full of people setting off to run a full or half marathon. I am not one of those people but Mrs Blogs, wrapped in a bin liner, is. She is setting off right

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Arsenal number 9 curse
02 Sep 2016

We have a new, fine, number 9 + Arsecast 395

Once up a time there was a number. It was a good little number. He wasn’t too fat or too thin. He he wasn’t too small, or too tall. In fact, he was just right. He was a useful number. You had to have him if you wanted to call

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Tim Stillman column Arseblog
01 Sep 2016

Looking Through the Window

I have aired my impression that the transfer window is treated as a competition in its own right on many occasions now, so I shall not flog that particular hobby horse further. Definitively judging transfer business at the beginning of September is a by-product of this; we are persistently encouraged

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jack wilshere bournemouth
01 Sep 2016

Thoughts on Wilshere and Gnabry departures + transfer window round-up

So that’s it. It’s over. Done and dusted. Finito. Kaput. Finished. Wound up. Over and done with. The transfer window is closed and now all that’s left is football. All. I mean, that’s all there should be, but the transfer window and transfer deals hold a particular appeal and there’s

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31 Aug 2016

Striker and defender arrive as the departure lounge gets busy

Well, yesterday turned out to be a busy day. A strange day at times, but there was certainly plenty going on. I guess the best way to look at it all is break down into arrivals and departures and look at each one. We confirmed two new players, but one

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wilshere 2016
30 Aug 2016

Wilshere loan makes sense for him but not really for Arsenal

We’re heading towards the close of the transfer window, and focus again turns to a departure rather than any further arrivals. This morning various reports say that Arsenal are prepared to let Jack Wilshere leave the club on loan in order to give him the playing time he needs. The

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