Arsenal Gentleman's Weekly Review
09 Jan 2015

Arsenal Gentleman’s Weekly Review

Since my last epistle we have seen the possibly permanent but definitely definite departure of a much-loved forward, Mr. Lucien Ponsonby, who hath decideth, as he decideth everything, with a big Mozzarella eating grin, that he shall be plying his trade for the Milan Internationals. I have managed to find

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Arsecast - the Arsenal podcast
09 Jan 2015

In defence of Szczesny + Arsecast 335

Morning all, thankfully we’ll have a press conference this morning and we can start looking forward to this weekend’s game against Stoke – as much as you can look forward to a game against Stoke – simply so something other than Wojciech Szczesny’s dad is the main story of the

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08 Jan 2015

Window shopping

With Arsenal fixtures arriving at neat seven day intervals throughout January, and with gaps still to fill in a lopsided Arsenal squad, the January transfer window is likely to dominate discussion even more than it usually does. Whilst I think the window has taken on an overly phantasmagorical appearance in

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08 Jan 2015

The possible reasons why we haven’t spent yet

It’s been something of a quiet week so far, which, I suppose, is to be expected in one way. After the hustle and bustle of Christmas and New Year, it’s normal enough that things will chill out for a bit when you’ve got a full seven days between games. Especially

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07 Jan 2015

Podolski: Vital hotshot or Cologne Ranger?

After his departure to Inter Milan on loan, @RoamingLibero looks back to Lukas Podolski’s Arsenal’s career and questions if we’ll miss him at all. — Following the two hammerings at the hands of Liverpool and Chelsea, the dreadful loss to Everton and the points dropped away at Stoke and at

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07 Jan 2015

Make a £64m bid for my hoop

January. What a month. As TS Eliot once said, “January is a time for Brigadoons, rapscallions and the kind of man that would fart in an elevator and look at you to shift the blame.” He knew what he was talking about. It’s an exhausting month, what with the getting

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06 Jan 2015

Tactics Column: Analysing Arsenal’s performances over the festive period

By design or by accident, Arsenal stronger down the right Arsenal’s first two fixtures of the festive period were predicted to be comfortable 6-pointers, though we all know it’s not as simple as that. And sure enough, Arsenal were pushed hard in both matches, but against QPR at home, much

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06 Jan 2015

Stadium dreams, FA Cup draw, Szmoking drama

Sometimes dreams are mysterious. You don’t know what they mean and why your crippling self-doubt is manifesting itself in weird, cinematic experiences inside your head when you sleep. Sometimes though, it’s obvious it’s just the superficial crap you’ve been reading/watching that day. Like dreaming about zombies after watching the Walking

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Arsecast - the Arsenal podcast
05 Jan 2015

Arsecast Extra Episode 49 – 05.01.2015

Here’s this week’s Arsecast Extra with myself and James from @Gunnerblog. On this week’s show we look back at yesterday’s 2-0 win over Hull in the FA Cup, the performances of Alexis and Theo Walcott as well as the loan transfer of Lukas Podolski to Inter Milan. We also answer

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05 Jan 2015

Arsenal 2-0 Hull: Tigers tamed by Chilean beast

Match report – Player ratings – Video While the second half saw the visitors with more of the ball, I don’t think the scoreline really reflected the chances we had throughout the game, and overall this was a well deserved passage through the 4th round of the FA Cup. We

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04 Jan 2015

Arsenal v Hull City – live blog

Join us this evening for live blogging of the FA Cup tie between Arsenal and Hull City, kick off at 17.30GMT. Live blog is 100% free to follow on your computer or mobile device and gives you real time text commentary from the match. This season we’ve added a mobile

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04 Jan 2015

Hull preview: Are we up for the cup?

Morning, a very quick preview of what is a hugely important game. Just like last season, but earlier in the campaign than that, the cup now represents our most realistic chance of a trophy. Last January we were top of the table by two points and while there was always

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