16 Jun 2016

Xhaka can, Giroud can’t + next seasons fixtures announced

Morning. We had many more hits than usual from Iceland yesterday. It’s good to know that Cristiano Ronaldo can bring us all together in so many different ways. Maybe he is the herovillain the world needs right now. Let’s begin today with mixed reports from the Euros for the Arsenal

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15 Jun 2016

Iceland make us all happy … well, apart from that one guy

If someone asked you ‘What are the best things about football?’, what would you say? Off the top of my head, here’s a list, in no particular order, of some of the things I really love about the game. Last minute winners A brilliant sliding tackle where the player ends

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14 Jun 2016

Pique bounces Czechs, Ireland and Italy, + UEFA/FIFA corruption

Morning Eurochums. So, my betting streak came to an end yesterday thanks to Belgium. Nice one Belgium, first Jean-Claude van Damme and now this. I suppose I should have known better. A team that deliberately picks Marouane Fellaini, a couple of Sp*rs players and the pre-pubescent Kevin de Bruyne is

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Arsecast - the Arsenal podcast
13 Jun 2016

Arsecast Extra Episode 127 – 13.06.2016

Welcome to another Arsecast Extra, the Arsenal podcast, with myself and James from @Gunnerblog. On this week’s show look at the Euro 2016 goings-on, starting with the violent scenes in Marseilles – where James was supposed to be. What can the authorities do about it and what is their role

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13 Jun 2016

Hector, Petr and Tommy have a 2pm appointment + Joel Campbell stuff

Morning all. I didn’t see much of the football yesterday apart from the first half of the first game, when Luca Modric’s goal for Croatia gave them a win over Turkey. Really nice hit, but again keeper should do better. After that Wojciech Szczesny kept a clean sheet as Poland

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12 Jun 2016

A winning treble yesterday, but violence is marring Euro 2016

Good morning.  A quick one for you but yesterday was a good day for me in terms of my betting. After wining on Olivier Giroud on Friday night, I put €10 on a treble of Switzerland, Wales and England. I stood to win €147 if it came through. I didn’t

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11 Jun 2016

Giroud makes me rich with a goal + Euro 2016 waffle

Good morning to you all from the deck of my brand new super-yacht. I have christened her L’Arse. My boat boy, Agamemnon, is about to serve me a breakfast of the finest champagne, eggs Benedict Cumberbatch (oddly intelligent looking eggs), truffles, as well as the finest breads and pastries. Yes

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10 Jun 2016

Arsenal can’t sign a tyre because tyres are not people and have no legs

A lot can happen in a week without very much happening at all, eh? It’s quite strange. From the beginning of the week where Jamie Vardy looked like a foregone conclusion to now, where he’s apparently 80% likely to stay at Leicester, the landscape has shifted but very little has

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09 Jun 2016

(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Vardy)

Arsenal need a clinical striker this summer. This has passed from commonly held opinion into the realms of bona fide fact. Arsenal need a clinical striker like Michael Owen needs a personality implant. Arsene Wenger is fully aware of this too, for this is not a new or recent requirement.

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09 Jun 2016

Euro 2016 waffle, Keane’s bluntness, Wilshere’s chance

It’s very quiet this morning even though the European Championships start tomorrow. I’m looking forward to the football but in very much a neutral capacity. I know Ireland are in it, but there’s just something about Martin O’Neill that puts me off. I don’t even mean the prehistoric stupidity he

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08 Jun 2016

Now we play the waiting game

Ok, so yesterday I jokingly referred to the Jamie Vardy thing as a saga, and then it sort of turned into one. With people expecting a decision one way or the other – would it be black or white smoke that emerged the Vardine Chapel? – he decided that he

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07 Jun 2016

Vardy ‘delay’ about contract duration + Walcott’s right-side climbdown

Will he? Won’t he? The Jamie Vardy Saga©® drags on. That’s right, a move none of us knew a thing about on Friday has now gone all the way until Tuesday without satisfactory resolution. It’s hardly even scratching the surface of the stuff we’ve gone through before. Waiting for players,

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