17 Jul 2016

Roundy-bits, joysticks and Higuain/Giroud nonsense

Good morning and welcome to Sunday. Typically Sunday is a day of relaxation. Traditionally one would have this day off from work and spend it with family and friends. Of course much has changed in this seven day a week, twenty-four hour a day world we live in, and it

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16 Jul 2016

Arsenal chew over Bacca link as Mahrez becomes an obvious candidate

Morning all, a quick Saturday round-up for you before something else mad happens. I swear, if I woke up tomorrow, checked Twitter and saw that Crab People, who look like crabs and talk like people, had taken over the world, I wouldn’t even bat an eyelid. Arsene Wenger has been

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15 Jul 2016

I wrote some words and put them in some kind of order

Stuff happened in the real world while I was away on holidays. I saw it but because of my downtime I chose not to invest anything of myself into it. Selfish, perhaps, but there you go. I come back and more stuff happens in the real world. Again, close to

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14 Jul 2016

Be My Number Two

With Euro 2016 confined to the attic, Arsenal fans can pool their collective energy into freaking out about the transfer market. (WE’RE SIGNING A STRIKER AREN’T WE?! SOMEONE GENTLY STROKE MY HAIR AND TELL ME WE’RE SIGNING A STRIKER!) Arsene Wenger has plenty of twisting to do on his transfer

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vilanova i la geltru arseblog
14 Jul 2016

‘It’s good to be back’, he lied.

Well, here I am again – at my desk in Dublin. Which is not, as my feet are first to know, Spain. Because my feet feel cold and they have not felt cold since last Wednesday. You know, I have spoken many times about how Arseblog is a part of

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Thierry Henry Tony Adams 750 375
13 Jul 2016

It’s goodnight from me and it’s goodnight from him

I was really hoping a tasty new Arsenal-related story might break overnight. The prospect of once again delving into the nuances of the Henry-Wenger ‘bust-up’ doesn’t much tickle my fancy. A cursory look at Twitter and NewsNow suggests it’s slim pickings. There were the buds of a ridiculously spurious Giroud-Higuain swap

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Henry Wenger talking
12 Jul 2016

Is Sky the limit for Thierry Henry?

Good morning from a sunny Brixton… The big talking point this morning is that Justin Bieber has been photographed wearing an Arsenal shirt Arsene Wenger has asked Thierry Henry to quit his role at Sky Sports if he wants to retain a role on Arsenal’s coaching staff. Earlier in the

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Portugal Euro 2016 final
11 Jul 2016

Rope-a-dope Portugal stun France

There’s a rather large enclave of Portuguese in my neck of the woods – so big in fact, that the area goes by the nickname ‘Little Portugal’. Last night, Little Portugal exploded. It started with a few fireworks and by 2am it felt like all 27,000 of them were tooting

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Giroud Koscielny 2016 euros
10 Jul 2016

All eyes on France + striker rumours quashed

So, after 50 games, EURO 2016 reaches its climax this evening as hosts France take on Portugal at the Stade de France in Paris. Will Laurent Koscielny and Olivier Giroud emulate the international ‘gloire’ of Patrick Vieira and Emmanuel Petit? You’ll remember the former assisting the latter in the dying

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09 Jul 2016


Morning all from an overcast Brixton. It’s pretty quiet from an Arsenal perspective so this should be a relatively quick round up. Yesterday saw confirmation of Petr Cech’s retirement from international football. The 34-year-old had hinted prior to EURO 2016 that he’d do just that and calls time on his spell

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Flamini 2006
08 Jul 2016

Do you remember the first time?

We’ll start with a brief recap in case you’ve not been around for a couple of days. Blogs is still sunning himself somewhere in Spain, hankie on his head, mojito in one hand and a full leg of Jamon Iberico in the other. He may even be wearing budgie smugglers.

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07 Jul 2016

Arsene’s Agenda

Arsenal have plenty of unfinished business in the transfer market this summer. As the European Championships wind down, the peddlers of transfer smut will return to their stalls and players brief their agents from the sun lounger of some impossibly exclusive beach resort. The Euros have served as a comet

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