november 30th

What was most satisfying about last night's result? Was it José Antonio Reyes scoring his first goal since Hitler invaded Poland? Was it Robin van Persie's 8th goal in 8 games? Was it Arturo Lupoli coming on as a sub and scoring Arsenal's third? Was it the fact that a team made mostly of our kids beat a team who are currently top of the Championship?

While all of those things are worthy I have to tell you that none of them are the right answer. The most satisfying thing about beating Reading 3-0 last night was that the two BBC Radio Berkshire commentators I had to listen to were both Reading fans and by the end had resorted to cheap shots about Arsenal fans being primadonnas and complaining about the colour of Manuel Almunia's shorts. In the usual BBC radio way one lad did the first 22 1/2 minutes of each half then the other would take over. I have to say, and I'm not exaggerating in any way here, they are two of the most witless cocksuckers I have ever had the misfortune to listen to and one time somebody brought me to see a Ben Elton concert. Yes, they were that bad. They made Alan Partridge sound like the ultimate professional. At one stage one of them said something stupid about Arsenal or Arsenal fans and then said "Ooooh, controversial, but probably true!"

If they were to find themselves stricken down the bubonic plague it would be just about the start of what they deserved and if anyone knows who they are please tell them 'Nah nah nah nah nah' from me and tell them they are to humour what Osama Bin Laden is to world peace. Wankers. Anyway, we won, they lost and that's fine by me. Some match reports here and here. All in all a good night's work for the kids.

Elsewhere Real Madrid are looking for their 24th manager in 18 months and Florentino Perez has declared his interest in Arsene Wenger as well as Mourinho and Capelllo but it's believed AW is their number one target. However, the boss has played down talk of moving, saying "That's nice of him but until 2008 I have glue on my seat. My desire is to stay here at Arsenal."

Which is good and when you think that Madrid go through managers quicker than Paris Hilton goes through diaphragms and millionaire boyfriends then anyone with an ounce of sense would think twice before moving from somewhere as secure as Arsenal. I hear Sam Allardyce might be interested though, Señor Perez. Give him a shout, area code Bolton, number 4.

Today I will mostly be having cold pizza for lunch.

november 29th

Ahead of tonight's Carling Cup game against Reading at Highbury Cesc Fabregas, who is given the night off, has been talking about making Spain's squad for the World Cup next summer. There's plenty of competition out there but big tournaments tend to spring surprises and there's no question of him being out of his depth. Whether Luis Aragones agrees or not is another question but Cesc says "Everyone thinks about the World Cup, even me. You never know. I didn't expect to play so many games for Arsenal last season, so why not? Aragones has said I am still young, and that is his opinion, but I am playing for Arsenal and I am making assists for Thierry Henry."

And how many of Spain's established central midfielders can say that? Exactly. As mentioned Cesc won't be playing tonight with Flamini and Larsson most likely to get the nod. Senior players included are Senderos, van Persie, Reyes and Cygan. The full squad can be found here.

One to watch on the Reading team is former Arsenal man Steve Sidwell. He left the club to get first team football even though he was offered a contract by Arsene Wenger. He went to Reading, didn't bitch about he never got a chance and has always spoken well of the education he got at the club. The story goes that as he was leaving Arsene Wenger told him he might buy him back one day and, with no disrespect to Reading, he's certainly got the quality to play at a higher level. Whether that's at Arsenal or not remains to be seen but he'll be relishing the chance to play at Highbury tonight. He says "I loved Arsenal and still do. I was there for 11 years, from nine to 20. I was part of the side that won back-to-back Youth Cups. I scored in the Highbury legs of both finals. I have great friends there. But I never played for the first team. That's my one regret. So to play there now, in their last season at Highbury, is a dream come true."

What a nice change it makes to have someone with that kind of attitude instead of the likes of David Bentley who gets a few first team games at Blackburn and mouths off about this that and the other. He's really setting the world on fire up hthere, isn't he?

In a brief round-up of other news Freddie Ljungberg has had his wisdom teeth out to cure a knee injury (I'm going to have my arse hair removed to cure my shin splints), David Beckham wants Thierry Henry to join Real Madrid (makes a chance from Barcelona) while The Sun reports we're after Hatem Trabelsi again which is a curious move when we seem to be well covered at the back and it's midfield where we're crying out for a new recruit or two.

And that's it. If you're going tonight enjoy the game. I'm assuming it's not on the telly....?

november 28th

Another week and we'll start with Thierry Henry talking about Highbury. After reaching 100 goals at our famous old ground he said "Everyone loves to play here. You speak to opponents and they just love it. The fans love it, we love it. It's not just me, everyone will miss the ground. It's pretty special. There's just something about Highbury that is difficult to describe. When you arrive, you hardly see the stadium and wonder where it is but then you see it between two blocks of flats, while the pitch is amazing."

While the new stadium is obviously going to be fantastic it is going to be a big wrench to leave our home. For a lot of teams their new stadium is often a serious improvement on their old one. I suppose in some ways our new stadium (I still don't have a good name for it - The Emirates Stadium will never sound right) will improve facilities and other things but it will never have the character of Highbury. No doubt there'll be more to come on this as the season nears its end.

Arsene Wenger has been talking about Robin van Persie and he has compared him to a snake, saying "He looks so dangerous. He's like a cobra. You feel he can finish and score goals." In the same article we get an update about the rape allegation made against him in the summer and AW says there's a hearing in December where they hope the case will be dropped, as do all of us for all the right reasons I'm sure.

Monday is always a bit boring so I have to thank my mug smashing brother for providing this fabulous lookalike. Cheers, mugsmasher!

Kenyon lookalike

And that's about all that's going this morning. It's really cold here at the moment, obviously not as cold as it is in England or Ireland or Switzerland or Iceland or Sweden or Norway or Finland or ... well, it's all relative, isn't it?

november 27th

3 fantastic goals gave us 3 points in a 3-0 win yesterday but it wasn't all one way traffic as Blackburn caused us problems right throughout the game.

Robbie Savage is a cheating cunt

The first came from Cesc Fabregas who curled in a fine shot from outside the area then came what is probably the most Arsenal goal we score. Pires played a beautiful ball through to Thierry Henry who arrived at pace, took it first time and finished with aplomb into the bottom corner.

That was another record for Thierry, his 100th goal at Highbury. Congratulations to him and all the players who have helped him reach it.

The final goal came in the last couple of minutes. Robin van Persie showed again what quality he has. With the ball out on the right he cut inside two defenders, resisted Robbie Savage's attempts to take him down, got to just inside in the box and from an acute angle curled a brilliant shot in off the far post. He is such a threat and it's great to see his progress. I think that's 7 goals in his last 7 games now (although I could be wrong).

As I said Blackburn had chances but didn't take them, Jens made a couple of good saves and for me he's been as good as any keeper in the league but the thing everyone will remember is Robbie Savage being the absolute cock we all know he is. In an altercation with José the Spaniard brushed his beatufiul, Afghan hound hair and Savage clutched his face like it had been ripped off. An embarassment to his club, the fans and his team-mates surely. A Blackburn fan emailed during the week to take me to task for my mostly tongue in cheek portrayal of his club as a bunch of kickers. All very polite but I mentioned to him that any team with Savage in it can't really take any moral high ground and so it proved. The more you see of him the more Dion Dublin can be held in legendary status for headbutting him a couple of seasons ago.

There was even a nice moment at the end between van Persie and Andy Todd which was good to see but Savage's histrionics are utterly shameful.

Afterwards AW praised Thierry's achievement saying "The records witness his outstanding quality. I played a few games and never scored 100 goals, not even on different grounds!" and was happy with our performance saying "I sense in training that our belief and confidence are returning. There's great spirit in the side."

So we're up to second, my team won 3-1 yesterday against a team above us in the table so all in all it's been a very satisfying football weekend. Enjoy the rest of it, Arsefans.

november 26th

A very quick Saturday round-up, mostly because there's very little going on despite the fact that we have a game against Blackburn. The main story is Arsene Wenger's blind-spot when it comes to Pascal Cygan at left back (some might say Pascal in general although he is capable of competent performances in the centre). He's really struggled at left-back since the injuries to Cole and Clichy, everybody can see it, but the boss thinks he's done ok, saying "He is a positional player, an intelligent player and he gives something in the air that we don’t have that when he is not in the side. He plays like a centre back who is playing left back, I knew that from the start."

It is worrying when almost to a man/woman Arsenal fans are in perfect accord that Pascal is a liability at left-back and announcing he's going to play before the game is like telling the opposition how to pull us apart down that side. The only way we'll cope is if whoever is playing left wing is told to protect him, BIG TIME, and Pascal has been told to stay in position and not get dragged so central like he has the last two games. Like most of you I'd like to see Lauren at left back, while a combination of Eboue, Kolo or Senderos could finish off the reshuffle. Of course I'd love Pascal to prove us all wrong and play a blinder until Cole comes back but I am not hopeful and I have my fingers crossed that it won't prove too costly.

In other news AW says he won't sue Jose Mourinho over his 'voyeur' comments while The Sun reports that Alexander Hleb has spent the time he's been out with a knee injury in the gym and is now known as Arnie Sharzenegger because he is so ripped and muscular and loves to go round groping women but using his money and power to get away with it.

And that's it. Apparently there will be a minute's silence at all grounds today for George Best followed by a massive piss up. Enjoy.

november 25th

Only a month till Christmas, kids! Deck your balls with boughs of holly. Also, if anyone can play left back could they please contact and let him know as Ashley Cole has had a set-back and won't be back until the new year while Gael Clichy has just had surgery on his broken foot and will be at least 3 months before he plays again.

I think even AW can see that Pascal is not the answer and I expect Lauren to move over there until Cole is back. Whether that means he'll play Kolo at right back and Senderos in the middle or if he'll keep the central pairing and bring in Eboue remains to be seen. Personally I'd go with the first option but then what do I know? Jens Lehmann and Gilberto will both return after missing the trip to Switzerland in the week.

Thierry Henry could net his 100th Highbury goal if he scores against Blackburn tomorrow and Arsene Wenger has given him a gentle reminder that while he's been a great player he's got to acknowledge the contribution of Arsenal in that. He says "He has been inspirational for the club but I also feel that somewhere along the line the club helps the player. You need to meet the right club at the right moment and he did that."

And that's yer lot. Thank God it's Friday though. A beer or two awaits after work.

november 24th

Really not a lot going on this morning as we look ahead to the weekend's game against Blackburn. Philippe Senderos, who put in a reassuringly solid performance against FC Thun, says Arsenal are 'growing up' in the Champions League. He says "We are playing better and are finding each other better on the pitch. We have got a lot of quality, and we can now show that in the next game at home as well."

We are, along with Barcelona, Lyon and Inter the only teams so far to definitely finish top of the group and with Lyon beating Real Madrid into second place we could be off to sunny, sunny Spain in the knock-out stages. Both Chelsea and Liverpool have qualified but I think there's a rule which says in the first knock-out round you can't meet a team from the same league. Afterwards, as we all know, it's a free for all.

Robert Pires spelled out his intentions and he wants to stay at Arsenal this season and beyond. He says "I will not be leaving before the end and I very much want to stay. I am going nowhere - that is for certain. And I hope I am at Arsenal next season. That is what I want."

I'm told the team are going through a rigorous training plan ahead of the Blackburn game to get them used to the tactics employed by Mark Hughes' men. They are spending today being elbowed in the face, getting studs in the knee, their hair pulled Savage-style, kicked in the bollocks and pinched in the back when the ref's not looking.

And that's it, so it is.

november 23rd

Normally after a game I use a picture along with the day's post but this time I just can't be arsed. I am very happy that we won and made it 15 points out of 15 and ensured that we won the group but that game was hard going last night. Thun played a high offside line and for the most part it worked. We played some youngsters, Thierry wasn't at all interested, Robin van Persie was our most lively attacker and a late, generous penalty from Robert Pires gave us all three points after Thun had had a perfectly good goal ruled out for an offside that only the linesman saw. And all this after Thun had been reduced to 10 men after about half an hour when one of their defenders cynically took out RvP on the edge of the area.

Not a good performance overall but a good result considering the team we picked. If AW needed any further evidence that Pascal Cygan is not the answer at left back then tonight must surely have done the trick. He was replaced by Lauren halfway through the second half after one of his most feeble performances to date. Hopefully Lauren will stay there and we had youngsters on the pitch who had a chance to show what they were made of. Manu Eboue, one or two careless passes aside (and that's something that can be beaten out of him), impressed at right back. He's quick, positions himself well, likes to go forward and looks like he could be a right sided version of Ashley Cole if he continues to progress. He can consider it to have been a good night's work. Senderos came in and did well and the back 4 that finished the game, with maybe Kolo at right back, would be my choice until we get a left back back.

Not so the midfield pairing of Song and Flamini. I know Song is only 17 but the guy has got no business being anywhere near our first team. It it shows how badly lacking our options are in central midfield this season. Last season we had any two from Vieira, Gilberto, Fabregas, Edu and Flamini. This time around Cesc and Gilberto are really the only options we have. Flamini has got a great engine on him but he's still got a lot to prove at this level. If we need any signing in January it has to be a central midfield player. And how must someone like Seb Larsson feel when he sees Song getting a game when he's looked a much better player when he's played in the Carling Cup? I'm not one to be critical of the boss but sometimes you feel he's playing a player to prove a point although I have no clue what that point it. I'd have even preferred to see Djourou, who is being groomed as a central midfielder, rather than a kid like Song who is so far out of his depth it makes you feel kind of sorry for him. I just hope we don't have any injuries to Cesc or Gilberto or even Flimflam because he is just not good enough. He went off injured anyway so maybe we can send him back to where we got him from. "Oi! This one's broken. Yes, I've still got the reciept..."

Then we come to José. He is fine until he gets to the final third then it seems like his brain stops working. I'm not trying to be hard on him but we should probably expect a bit more from our record signing, shouldn't we? He's struggling and he seems to have been struggling for ages. He has to improve and fast. I love the little guy but something has to give. He's good on Pro Evolution Soccer 5 though, so I'm doing my best to help him.

Afterwards Arsene Wenger praised Robert Pires' decisive penalty but warned that there was no room for complacency once the knockout stages begin. He said "Of course, we are confident after the start we have made but we are not taking anything for granted. The real competition starts now. And the knockout stages will be very different to anything we have done so far."

Still, it's nice to have qualified with two games to spare and to be group winners with a game to go. It means there's no pressure for Ajax's visit to Highbury and we can give some other young players a go. Nowt else happening so I might as well just poodle off to work. Till tomorrow.

november 22nd

FC Thun tonight in the Champions League and we've made some changes in the squad. Jens Lehmann, Kolo Toure and Gilberto have not travelled for one reason or another and the boss is talking about bringing in some younger players to give them experience, which is a good thing. He says "Mathieu Flamini may play and also maybe Alexandre Song. Emmanuel Eboue may also get a start. Jose Antonio Reyes will play and start."

I assume Cygan will play left back again with Philo coming into the centre of the defence alongside Sol. If Song starts it's a big chance for him. He hasn't looked anything like nearly good enough whenever I've seen him so he's got to put in a decent performance to start convincing Arsenal fans he's worth a place in the squad. Similarly Mathieu Flamini could do with a good game for pretty much the same reasons. Our prolific reserve team strike duo, Lupoliu and Bendtner have also travelled so it would be nice to see them get a run out too. With no real pressure on the team it should be an interesting game. Not that it's being taken lightly though, as Arsene Wenger says "We want to finish top of the group, we want to finish unbeaten and we want to respect the teams who fight for the Uefa Cup places like Thun and Sparta Prague."

Thierry Henry will break another record tomorrow night when he makes his 70th European appearance for the club. It was previously held by David Seaman. The boss has been talking about him and about how he feels his best years are ahead of him which is why it's so important the club hangs onto him and he signs a new deal. He really is one of the best players in the world and I think he's going to stay but the club have some work to do. AW says "He wants the club to be successful and also knows the years to come for him are very important."

That means investing in the side and bringing in players who will improve the side and the squad. He wants Arsenal to challenge for the league and not be hanging onto the coat tails of those Russian cunts and he wants the club to win the Champions League. That doesn't mean we have to go out and spend millions and millions, you only need to look at Real Madrid to see how that doesn't always work, but it is important that the boss does bring in quality either in January or at the latest next summer. A central midfielder has got to be the priority no matter what Song and Flimflam do tonight. Robin van Persie could be in for a tough time from the FC Thun fans as he meets the bloke whose face got in the way of his boot at the Highbury game resulting in a red card for the Dutchling. Thinking about it though I'm sure the Swiss fans have no strong feelings about it one way or the other.

In other news Alexander Hleb has been named Belarussian player of the year holding off strong competition from Dmitri Slopadobalov and Krysxcy Lynswxydcxrtplkjhgb, the only footballer in Europe with no vowels in his name apart from Pwl Schls. Well done, sir.

Finally, as tonight's game is on ITV 4 can anyone tell me how I tune that in on my Sky box or is it even possible? and I've just noticed it's already tuned in I am all set.

november 21st

Another Monday. These things get kind of repetitive, don't they?

Not a lot going on, I have to say. You can read AW's thoughts on Saturday's game here and I'm a bit uneasy about how he's making excuses for Pascal Cygan. It's not his first game at left back and with the greatest of respect to the two Wigan players he mentions we're going to come up against better quality than that.

One of the first games at the new stadium could be Dennis Bergkamp's testimonial. He says "I think they have to have two or three preparation events at Emirates before the season starts, and a testimonial could be one of those. It will be nice to have some connection with the new stadium. I will have an idea what it will be like to play there because I don't think there’s any chance of another season from me."

We've got FC Thun in the Champions League tomorrow night and point will secure our position at the top of the table and we'll go through as group winners. I wonder will there be a few changes in terms of personnel. With qualification already in the bag it would be good to give Senderos a game in defence and maybe throw on someone like Quincy or Lupoli in the second half to give them a bit more experience. We'll see.

Right, work again. No lunch, will have to buy a sandwich out there.

november 20th

A strange game yesterday against Wigan but a very welcome three points as we got our first away win of the season.

We raced into a 2-0 lead as Robin van Persie continued his fine form with the opening goal and then Cesc played a beautiful ball through to Thierry he finished calmly past the Wigan keeper.

Then Wigan won a header on the edge of the box that they should not have won and Henri Camara snuck between Kolo and Lauren to head a goal for Wigan. We went two goals ahead again when who else but Thierry scored a sensational free kick from about 30 yards out. A truly fantastic goal and it was his 16th goal in his last 14th league appearances.

We never make life easy for ourselves though and a combination of Cygan and Sol Campbell allowed Wigan's film star midfielder Jimmy Bullard to smack home Wigan's second.

No goals in the second half and it finished 3-2 but there were some nervous defensive moments in the second half. It's quite clear that Pascal Cygan is not the answer at left back but as he is a lumbering centre-half it's understandable that he's going to be uncomfortable there. What is more worrying is the poor form of Sol Campbell. He was as bad as Cygan yesterday and when you need your big players to take up some of the slack when the back four was a bit makeshift he buckled. I know an injury to Eboue meant we couldn't move Lauren over to left back but at the moment I'd play Kolo at right back and bring Senderos into the centre of defence. If we had a fit left back I would have no hesitation in dropping Cambell for Senderos and maybe some time on the bench might make him improve his complacent performances. I think he feels too sure of his position, especially as we're lacking a bit of experience and knows he's going to provide that in the eyes of the boss, and that needs to change for the good of the team.

Still, three points is always good and hopefully we can go on and build from there. Afterwards Thierry Henry was quick to play down yet more talk of a move to Barcelona and although we'd all prefer him to sort things out soon the fact that he's said he'll wait till the end of the season makes all the questions really boring. Naturally the boss reiterated his desire to keep hold of the man who is so important to our team. What more can we say though?

And that's about it. Champions League during the week. Two Ibuprofen and the Sunday papers for me.

november 19th

Good morning, a quick round-up ahead of the early afternoon kick-off against high flying Wigan.

Our left back woes will be solved by either Kolo Toure or Pascal Cygan who played there during the Carling Cup game against Sunderland. If Kolo moves across it would surely mean Philippe Senderos coming into the centre of defence. Lauren would have been an option if Manu Eboue hadn't picked up a slight groin strain. Personally I'd go with Kolo and bring in Senderos. Wigan are no mugs, they've shown they're a very well organised team and they are rightly full of confidence at the moment. Add to that the fact we haven't won away yet this season and it's a big game for us.

Arsene Wenger spoke about Patrick Vieira yesterday and insisted the decision to leave was his despite his bleating to the News of the World about how we didn't love him anymore. The boss said "Patrick feels he was not wanted here any more but we left the final decision to him. On one side, he had two years with us and at 29 years of age, he had five years with Juve. I felt if I could not offer him another three years straight away, then I had to be honest with him."

Can't argue with that, can you? Unless you're a footballer trying desperately to hawk your new book. Can't let the Roy Keane thing pass without some kind of comment. At the start of the season I was told by somebody that things at Old Trafford were in bad shape, particularly in terms of team spirit, but you pass things like that off as typical gossip. Turns out they weren't too far from the truth. Roy Keane is a bigger loss to Manchester United than Patrick Vieira was to Arsenal, in my opinion. When AW let Vieira go I felt he didn't do it without having some good reason to do it, even if that is not 100% apparent now but may be next season when Cesc has another league campaign under his belt. Demento got rid of Keane but he was telling the truth about United, about the way the club was being run and about the players they have. Will they be a better team without him, even at 34? I don't think so.

Right, some breakfast, then I have to wash the dog. Wet basset hound, fantastic! Have a good day all.

november 18th

So it's a 100% confirmed left back crisis with Arsene Wenger confirming that Gael Clichy would be out for 3 or 4 months and would need surgery on his broken foot while Ashley Cole is out until Christmas. With the only other left footed defender in the squad being Pascal Cygan it is a bit of a worry. It's a real shame for Clichy too. It's very strongly rumoured that the club and Cole came to an arrangment about the contract extension he signed a few months ago. This would enable Arsenal to get a good fee for him as he would have had only 12 months to go without signing and talk of a Real Madrid/Baptista swap deal has been mooted for quite some time.

Clichy would have been the obvious replacement and given a great chance to get some games under his belt this season it's a cruel blow to be sidelined for so long. The boss said "It is terrible for the boy, we feel really bad for him. For us it is hard to take as well because we have no left backs who are really comfortable in that position. Ashley is five weeks away in my opinion and Gael is three to four months away. We’ll just have to be patient and wish them well.”

It remains to be seen how the boss chooses to fill the position with all sorts of permutations available including Cygan, Senderos, Lauren moving from right back, Eboue or someone younger again. Did we ever sign that Traore kid? Anyway, we'll see tomorrow. The boss also said that Alexander Hleb was likely to be out for another three weeks.

And apart from that there's nothing going on apart from Barcelona saying how ideal a signing Thierry Henry would be but that's a bit like saying how ideal a drink of water would be if you were crawling through the desert. It is Friday though which is good. And we're on the telly tomorrow morning which is also good.

See you before then. (Ham sandwich).

november 17th

Let's start with congratulations to José Antonio Reyes and Philippe Senderos as Spain and Switzerland both made it to next year's World Cup last night. Spain's passage was never threatened despite going a goal behind but the Swiss certainly made life hard for themselves as Turkey won 4-2 but their 2-0 win in the first leg and some away goals saw them through. Violent scenes at the end though saw a Swiss player reportedly hospitalised after being kicked in the bollocks. That must have been some kick. No word on whether Big Phil was involved but I'm sure he just swatted away anyone who came near them before stomping them to death. No fuss.

Ruud Gullit. Great player, shit manager, worse pundit. He thinks Thierry Henry will leave Arsenal. He's never been any good since he cut his hair short. Grow your dreads and we might listen to something you have to say you shitebag. Apparently José has pleaded with Thierry to stay but The Sun only tells us this without giving us any of the pleading. Typical.

Arsene Wenger has been talking about bringing players in during the transfer window but not just any old player. He won't make signings for the sake of it as he has confidence in the players he has. He says "All I can say at the moment is that we have not had any contact with anybody. It's time to believe in the squad we have as we have some outstanding quality but If I find the right player then maybe. But if I don't, then I don't mind."

Mihir Bose reports on two new appointments to the Arsenal board for the future. Will either of them be Chairman? Will we have the orangest Chairman in all of football or will Double-D still be around then? Who knows?

Now, if we could just have a moment's silence for the bloke who has to sit next to me at work. Today's lunch is what's left of last night's chilli. I am full of air and something has to give. Think Hidenburg. Oh the humanity! Till tomorrow, Arsefans.

november 16th

With Saturday's game against Wigan coming up Arsene Wenger is confident the title race is still open and it's not all over and done with yet. He feels Chelsea's run of relatively poor results have given the chasing pack hope and with the Abramobitches heading to Highbury in December a lot could change in a short space of time. However, that's for the future. Before then we have to make sure that match still means something. As the boss says "If we beat Chelsea next month but lose our games before that, it would have no meaning."

Still no official confirmation about the extent of Gael Clichy's injury but today I got an email from somebody I've never heard from before who says a bloke he works with lives in the same apartment block and got it from the horse's mouth that he was likely to be out for 3 or 4 months. So there you go.

After Arsene Wenger went to watch Feynoord the other week everyone said we were after Dirk Kuyt. It seems Chelsea are following the Real Madrid school of scouting and are poised to make a bid themselves.

Leaving Arsenal aside you may, or may not, have noticed that as websites go Arseblog is particularly ad free. It's not plastered with those hideous Google ads. That's for two good reasons. One is that I don't want the site plastered with hideous ads, the second is that I'm fucked if I'm giving Google at that information about me. However, as the site grows it does become slightly more expensive to maintain and given the fact Arseblog does at least 1,000,000 page views every month there must be some way to make some money out of it leverage the enormous potential for financial gain. Now, my personal preference would be to have a sponsor - e.g Arseblog in association with So and So or Thingamijig. So, if you are interested in sponsoring Arseblog or if you know somebody who might be interested please get in touch via the contact page.

Naturally I want to cream it in and retire in 12 months but if that's a little unrealistic I'm certainly willing to discuss a fair price. Of course the love of doing the site keeps me going but the love of the site and the love of money would certainly ensure your high-quality Arseblogging (this Monday excepted) continues unabated. Don't miss this fantastic, thrice in a lifetime opportunity - call now!

And there you go. Pizza for lunch. Hi-ho.




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