march 31st

Not a whole lot going on because of the very important international matches that are taking place tonight. Last night saw a couple of Arsenal players involved for their respective countries at U-21 level. David Bentley played for England, while Gael Clichy and Jeremie Aliadiere played for France, with the latter scoring in their 1-1 draw.

Arsenal reserves played Luton in a behind closed doors friendly yesterday, and ran out 4-0 winners. The goals came from Kanu, Popopodapalopolous, Sylvain Wiltord (remember him?), and teenage Irish sensation Anthony Stokes, who despite only being 15 curled in a peach of a free kick from the edge of the box. This boy has scored a lot of goals so far this season, watch out for him in the coming seasons.

With Martin Keown also playing, it might well be that the boss arranged this game to give some of them a little bit of match practice, for one of two reasons. He wants to get a couple of them sharp to play on Saturday against United, or he’s not going to change his team too much and he wants to keep their freshness up if they are required due to injuries and suspensions as the season draws to a close. I suspect the latter.

News from the United camp ahead of Saturday’s FA Cup game is that Ruud van Nistelrooy may be missing due to a knee injury. That would be something of a blow for them with Saha cup-tied and only Solkskjaer and Forlan as recognised strikers. I would imagine he’ll be given some kind of horse tranquiliser which would enable him to play.

That aside there’s very little else to tell you. Fingers crossed that Thierry comes through tonight’s friendly unscathed then we get on with the build up to the weekend’s proper football.

march 30th

Ok, first things first. Thierry Henry and Lauren did not trade punches in the tunnel after Sunday’s game, chalk that one down to some creative reporting from The Mirror and more than likely a friendly journo ran the story on the back of some info from a Manchester based source. My man on the inside tells me there was nothing to it and Lauren and TH are super-friends again. Hurrah.

And even more credible than my man on the inside is the man himself, Thierry Henry, who has poured scorn on the stories and blasted United for their underhand tactics. He says “If they have to resort to that kind of tactic, then that is really. Really poor. I don't respect them as players and now I don't respect them as men. We cannot be affected by this, In fact, it will only make us more strong, It will give us extra incentive for the match on Saturday.”

Pretty strong stuff from Thierry, but who can blame him for being annoyed? It’ll be interesting to see if he’s rested on Saturday now.

Yesterday saw clarification of our upcoming fixtures, as the Liverpool and Newcastle games hadn’t been officially announced. We’ll play Liverpool on Good Friday at Noon, handy so everyone can nip off and do the stations of the cross around 3pm, then we travel to Newcastle on the Sunday for a 4pm Sky kick-off. That means we’ve got United this Saturday in the cup, Chelsea on Tuesday in the other cup, Liverpool on Friday and Newcastle on the Sunday. 4 games against the four most difficult opponents in the league, all in te space of 9 days.Quite a fixture list you have to say. Still, winning cups and championships isn’t easy, these are games we should want to be involved in, although probably not all so close together.

Patrick Vieira says the lads aren’t feeling any real pressure with all these huge matches coming up. The captain reckons taking it one game at a time is helping to keep focus. He says “Making the treble or the double isn't in our minds. We know that we're in a good position but, this year, we're just taking it game by game and not putting too much pressure on ourselves.”

Another one bites the dust as Freddie Ljungberg has withdrawn from the Swedish squad to take on England on Wednesday. I like the first line of this Independent article, which does suggest that the withdrawals of players from the top clubs are based on convenience rather than serious injuries, and that’s fair enough in my opinion. Scheduling international friendlies at this stage of the season is just daft, although I’m sure I’ve said that on more than one occasion in the past.

Three more days of teaching this week, then it’s the Easter holidays. Hurrah.

march 29th

The big story this morning comes from The Mirror who are reporting that Lauren and Thierry Henry had a punch-up in the tunnel after the game. As they were leaving the pitch you could see Lauren talking to Thierry, who was obviously pissed off that Lauren hadn’t passed the ball to him for an easy tap-in late on. As they got to the tunnel Henry allegedly went mad and the pair started throwing punches at each and had to be separated by other Arsenal players. According to an eye-witness "Henry was like a wild man. He was going crazy and the two of them were really going for each other."

I’ll see what I can find out about this, but if true it’s definitely a sign of the pressure the team are under to keep going undefeated. Anyway, Thierry will get a rest on Saturday in the FA Cup as he’s likely to be rested along with Freddie Ljungberg because they’ll be playing international games in mid-week.

Robert Pires and Patrick Vieira have been withdrawn from the French squad for their midweek game against some other country, while Ashley Cole and Sol Campbell are not in the England squad. Fingers crossed our players come through unscathed and once again you have to think someone in FIFA needs to be shot in the face for scheduling friendlies at this stage of the season.

One thing I forgot to mention yesterday was the fact that Arsenal have now set a new record for games unbeaten from the beginning of the season. 30 in all so far, and you have to take your hat off and applaud the achievement. For a lot of people that got overshadowed by the late equaliser. There’s been a lot of debate about the substitutions made close to the end of the game. The only thing I’ll say is that the boss is the manager of the team that’s gone the whole season unbeaten so far, I suspect he probably knows what he’s doing, don’t you?

So another week of build up to a United game. If we win their season is over. How much more motivation do the players, or the fans, need?

march 28th

Arsenal 1-1 Man United (Henry)

A decent result for Arsenal, but with their equaliser coming so late the overall feeling is one of disappointment. Not so much at what the result means, but because I wanted the victory today. A frantic first half saw us create a few chances, the best falling to Thierry Henry who tried to cut back inside when a first time shot probably would have been best. Their best chance was a long range effort for DumbandDumber from which Jens Lehmann pulled off a smart save.

The second half began in much the same style, a lot of scrappy ball and from when Henry got the ball 25 yards out there didn’t look like there was much on.

That was until he hit a screamer which swerved past Roy Carroll and it was 1-0 to the Arsenal. The man is just class and that’s something for those people who say Henry goes missing in big games to think about? How many times has he scored against United now?

Just afterwards they went looking for a penalty when it looked like Campbell clipped Ryan Giggs, but watch the replay again, Giggs fell over his own feet, and Graham Poll, remarkably, got it right.

They brought on Saha and Solskjaer to look for a goal, we brought on Gilberto and Cygan, and just after we brought Bergkamp on for Pires, Cygan was miles upfield leaving Gael Clichy exposed, Solskjaer fired a cross which went all the way to the back post for an easy tap in for Saha. The cameras cut to Wenger just afterwards who you could clearly see saying “I just don’t believe that”. I do hate when we make so many defensive substitutions though. How many times have we done that only to see the opposition score?

Then late on Lauren was put through by Henry who wanted the full back to lay it off for him to tap it in, but Lauren chose to shoot and Henry headed the rebound wide. I have to say I’ve rarely seen Thierry leave the pitch looking so pissed off.

There was a great atmosphere today at the ground, it was the noisiest I’ve heard Highbury in ages, and for the most part their supporters were drowned out, especially when they were singing ‘that’ song about our manager. What a credit they are to their club.

So honours even in the league. They stay 12 points behind us, and our chance at giving them a hiding will come on Saturday in the FA Cup, which may prove to be a harder game as it’s their only chance of silverware this season.

march 28th

If you haven’t already put your clocks forward, then do so now or you’re going to miss the kick-off. It’s now one hour later than you thought it was. If you have put your clocks forward then it’s exactly the time wherever you are when you look at your watch right now.

I bet you did look, too. So it’s the big one today. A match against United is always going to be tough, despite their relatively indifferent form of late. In games like this form goes right out the window. We all know how shite Spurs are, but games against them are never easy simply because there’s more to it than other games. There’s the rivalry, history and when it comes to games against United, there’s nearly always a title to play for. Certainly that’s been the case in recent seasons and Arsenal v United has become the biggest game of the season for both sides.

Demento reckons, with all his years of football wisdom, that Arsenal have had a better season, but United will always be a bigger club. Fair enough. I couldn’t care less if United are the Leviathan of world football. A merchandising behemoth turning over shirts and bedspreads and baby-grows and raking in millions from their fans all over the world so long as we had a better team. Maybe Liverpool can claim to be a ‘bigger’ club than us in terms of history and fan base, but it’s the league table that counts. Liverpool can be bigger, we’ll just settle for being much better. Last month is history in football, let United be content with having more fans than us, we’ll take the silverware, thanks.

I reckon it’s going to be tough today, and very physical, despite United’s claims that what happened at Old Trafford is forgotten. They know we’re playing good football and they know they’re not. Their first priority will be to stop us playing, and hoping to wind us up along the way. I can’t see us falling for it though, especially as AW has been stressing all week the need to maintain discipline.

In terms of the team it’s likely to be the same line-up as we put out against Chelsea the other night, with Gael Clichy coming in for Ashley Cole at left back.

And if you’re struggling (for some reason) to get fired up for this one, take a read what that dimwit, shitehawk, toad faced cuntbag who used to present The Word has to say “Nowadays as a football fan there’s no place you can go without passing reference or due deference to those diving, cheating, time-wasting, elbowing, referee intimidating, over-hyped, over-praised bunch of drama queens known as Arsenal.”

Pots. Kettles. Black. etc. The cunt. I’m away for the Sundays. More later.

march 27th

I just cannot be arsed this morning. There are some stories around, I just don't have the time or inclination to put them into any context.


march 26th

Today is Friday.

Sorry, just some days I just don’t know how to start off. Stating the obvious seems like a good way to do it. ‘Today is Friday’ has less impact that other obvious statements like ‘Gerard Houllier is my favourite Liverpool manager of all time’ and ‘Jesus was quite good at magic’, but it’ll do.

Some injury news ahead of Sunday’s game sees Ashley Cole ruled out with a knee injury. He’ll have a scan some time today to see the full extent of the injury, but it’s unlikely he’ll be able to play for England in midweek either. For us his carbon copy, Gael Clichy, will step in and given his previous performances this season Ashley’s absence won’t be as big a blow as it might have been.

Edu is on the ball when he talks about Sunday’s game. I have a feeling that United are going to try and provoke us all over the pitch, like they did when we won the league at their place in ‘02. Like that time we’re going to have to rise above it and let our football do the talking, and the way we’re playing at the moment is filling slick-Ed full of Copa goodness. “We're playing in a Brazilian way and I enjoy it a lot. But we must keep playing our kind of game, with passing, movement and going forward, while ignoring any tackles and provocation that may come.”

Arsene Wenger has insisted this game isn't about personal feuds and vendettas, for our players anyway, saying "The big prize for us is the Premiership. That is all we need as an incentive to win. United have enough good players to make them very dangerous opponents for us. We must forget what happened before and just focus on the game."

Meanwhile, Thierry Henry has insisted the Gunners are focussed and have learned from the mistakes of last season. He says “I know some people are thinking we are taking things for granted but we are not. We know what can happen in football - like last season. So, we are just trying to play game by game and make sure that we can deliver."

In other less important news Parma goalkeeper Sebastian Frey has again claimed that Arsene Wenger has spoken to him about moving to Highbury in the summer. Does he think that if he says it often enough it might come true? Youngster Nicky ‘Nicholas Nickleby ’ Nicolau has joined Southend on loan and I am very tired.

That is all.

march 25th

So it’s slight advantage to Arsenal after a 1-1 draw at the Bridge, which gives us a vital away goal to take to the second leg at Highbury.

robert pires scores against Chelsea...

It seems to be par for the course for Chelsea to take the lead, and they did again last night when Jens Lehmann failed to clear a hopeful punt upfield. Gudjohnsen finished smartly to put Chelsea 1-0 up. It’s the fourth goal this season to come from a pretty obvious Lehmann error, but Sol Campbell and Lauren need to look at their defending for the goal as well.

Directly afterwards Chelsea had us on the ropes a bit and made a couple of decent chances, one of which was stopped by the increasingly impressive Kolo Toure. Considering how well he’s been playing all season, to say he’s still improving is just fantastic and he had a very, very good game. Arsenal equalised through the rarest of goals, a Robert Pires header, and a very nice goal it was too. Ashley Cole chipped a ball through for on rushing Pires who climbed above John Terry and planted a sweet header into bottom corner. That’s 17 for Le Bob this season and I just wish he was a few years younger. This man is just top class. Chelsea ended up with 10 men after Marcel Desailly picked up two yellows within minutes. The first was a stupid one as he hit the ball out of Lehmann’s hands as he was throwing it out, and the second was for a challenge on Vieira which if it had seen an Arsenal player sent off I’d have been seriously pissed off.

We threw on Gilberto – who in 20 minutes showed exactly why he’s not in the first 11 anymore (when is Ray Parlour back?) – and Jose Reyes who still has a lot to learn about the way we play and how even the forwards are expected to help out the defence. We never looked like we really wanted to go for the second goal, and with United on Sunday that’s understandable I suppose.

Arsene Wenger reckons the away goal gives us the advantage, saying "We have a good opportunity. It was important for us to score a goal to come back. It was a great result for us. When we gave the goal away we needed to show a lot of character."

The captain also feels we have the edge, even though it wasn't one of best performances this season. He said after the game, "I think we played all right. We know how important it is to score a goal away from home in the Champions League. We are still a long way from where we want to go, but we are quite happy with this result."

So it'll be plenty of rest and relaxation before the game on Sunday. I don't expect any changes from the line-up last night, injuries allowing. I do think we'll see a different team in the FA Cup game though, with the second leg of the 1/4 final following so soon afterwards.

Ok, I'm away to teach. Till later.

march 24th

So JFH reckons Arsenal are ‘arrogant’. Can somebody please arrange an open top drive through Dallas for that cunt? A crispy new £5 for each person that takes their position on the grassy knoll.

Arsene Wenger has dismissed Hasselbaink’s rantings and insisted Arsenal are far from arrogant. He says “I don't feel we are 'arrogant'. I feel that to go unbeaten for 29 league games, you need confidence in your play but also humility. It's about respect for the game and the effort it takes. If you think that you can walk on water, then you will quickly sink."

He’s also singled out Damien Duff as Chelsea’s main danger ahead of tonight’s game at their hotel and leisure complex. He’s a tricky player and Lauren and Ljungberg on the right are going to have plenty of work to do keeping him in check. Tonight’s expected line-up is the same as the one that started against Bolton with Freddie in for Gilberto on the right hand side. The boss has also expressed his hope that Spanish ref, Don Quixote Almodovar, will let the game flow. Spanish refs are notoriously card happy and you can see a dozen yellows and a couple of reds in a La Liga game where there hasn't been one bad challenge. As some of the tackles tonight are going to be pretty meaty, we could end up with a 7 a side by the end of the night.

Jens Lehmann has praised the team spirit at Arsenal and he says this is a major factor in our success so far this season. The combustible German says “When we were down in the Champions League in October with just one point, it was our team spirit which kept us alive. Everyone just thinks about the team.”

Edu, along with Kolo our most improved player this season, wants a new contract at the club. I really like the Vieira – Edu partnership in central midfield, it allows Vieira to be more...erm...Vieira. I like Gilberto fine too, but there’s just something about Edu and Vieira together. Edu’s creativity and underrated defensive ability gives us more from the centre of the park, whereas Gilberto is more of a spoiler and happy to let others do the passing. Let’s hope it’s another magic game from the slick-haired Brazilian tonight, another goal like the one against Celta would do for a start.

Right, well I'm going to miss the first half of the game as I'll be teaching, but it'll be a rush home for a beer and the second. More later.

march 23rd

Ooooh, I had a nice lie-in this morning.

There’s loads of stuff going on as you’d expect with so many big games coming up, but as the next game is against Chelsea there’s not much new to report. The two teams know each other inside out now at this stage, and the papers don’t have a lot to add to the countless column inches they’ve already provided.

The boss is confident in his players and our prospects. The run of games is daunting if you’re a fan though, but AW believes the lads are on the brink of something special. "We want to go as far as we can in the Champions League and we'll give it everything in this game. We have waited a few years to be there and we have a great chance to go through.”

Dennis Bergkamp will feature in an away game in Europe for the first time since the last time he played an away game, and he’s looking forward to the challenge. “If you think back to the beginning of the season, about what you want to achieve and where you would like to be at this stage, then this is exactly where we would want to be.”

Round-up: Kolo Toure talks about how his wife gives him all his super-powers, Thierry talks about watching WWW and how players who have left Arsenal in the past end up wanting to come back, Peter Hill-Wood scoffs reports that AW would leave the club to go and manage Chelsea, Arsenal scouts watch young Ipswich striker, Arsenal and United are checking out some new French starlet called Jimmy, and check out an excellent report on the reserves 4-0 win over Derby (including two Aliadiere goals) on Arsenal-Land.

And that's it.

march 22nd

The games are coming thick and fast right, and speaking of which, Jermaine Pennant was having a right moan yesterday about Arsene Wenger not showing enough faith in him. Talking to the Sunday Mirror he rejected the boss’ previous claims that there may have been discipline problems, saying “I might have turned up a little late for training for a good reason. Maybe we were supposed to be at training for 10 and I'd turn up at 10 past. But there wasn't a discipline problem."

He seems to have overlooked the fact that turning up for training late constitutes a discipline problem, especially when it seems to have happened more than once. Add to that his breaking curfew when away with England U-21s, then hitting an opponent in the head, then getting caught for drink driving, and it’s hard to know how he said what he did with a straight face. He needs only to look at Kolo Toure and Ashley Cole to see that if you work hard and act professionally you’ll get your chance. If you turn up late for training and act like you’re a big star when you’ve achieved nothing then you end up at Leeds. How hard is it to see that? Anyway, I’m sure mouthing off about his boss when he’s trying to concentrate on probably the most important 3 weeks of his Arsenal career with be final nail in Pennant’s coffin. Expect him to ply his trade elsewhere next season.

Sunday’s game against Manchester United has had some extra spice added to it by the appointment of Graham Poll as referee. He’s going to have a tough job because United will come out kicking looking to provoke our boys. I seriously expect this to be one of the niggliest games of all time. Ferguson could send his men out looking to spark a scrap of some kind, hoping we get a points deduction, thus allowing them back into the title race. It’s not beyond the realms of possibility. And of course Poll is a wise, tough, fair referee. Pfff. Should be a larf, eh?

Arsene Wenger is worried about nerves over the coming weeks as the Bolton victory was a bit more tense than he’d have liked. He says “The players did not look at ease against Bolton and I am not the master of relaxation either. The tension was there for all to see. Maybe at 2-0 up we were already thinking about the Chelsea game.”

But the boss is convinced the players are up to the task, saying "...we have the belief and the confidence levels so that I am convinced that we will be there in the next couple of weeks. I know my players and I'm confident they will give the maximum in every game."

And Chelsea are up next at the Bridge in the first of what’s going to be an incredibly tough run of games. Chelsea x2, United x2, Liverpool, Newcastle and Sp*rs all coming up shortly. It’s going to a bumpy ride I reckon, but there’s just something about this team this season, isn’t there?

march 21st

First Robert Pires scored, then Dennis Bergkamp scored to make it 2-0 yesterday after 25 minutes or so, and I started to get greedy. I wanted us to get 5 or 6 to really make ‘Big Sam’ upset. Then that Grimster wannabe Ivan Campo got one for them and it was 2-1 at half-time. Then they seemed to have the upper hand in the 2nd half. I saw Allardyce interviewed and he said “We told them to press Arsenal further up the pitch, to see if they could pass it around as easily. And, of course, they couldn’t.”

Gilberto is tackled by a woolly headed cunt....
If I was a Bolton fan I’d be wondering why the manager didn’t think of doing that from the start. As an Arsenal fan I’m glad, and I was glad when they hit the bar, and when Kevin Davies missed a sitter and I was super mega hella glad when the final whistle went because beating Bolton was important because it made Sam Allardyce sad, and I was shitting myself that they’d score in the last minute and nick a point. With United and Chelsea both winning, it’s as you were at the top. We have 9 points on the blues and 12 on Demento’s men, two teams we’re undoubtedly going to be sick of seeing, no matter what happens in the upcoming games.

I deliberately didn’t mention anything about records or what have you before the game. Not because I thought I’d jinx us, but because we’d have lost 12-0 if I had. Anyway, we’ve now equalled the record the most consecutive games unbeaten from the start of the season. So there you go. But AW said yesterday that records don’t really count for anything, they’re inevitable when you’re playing really well, trophies are what counts at the end of the season, and this week will go a long way to seeing how full our cabinet is going to be at the end of May.

In a quick Sunday round-up there’s a nice piece about Edu in the Independent, although it’s not going to tell you anything you didn’t already now it’s nice to see he’s getting the praise he richly deserves from manager, captain and the press. George Graham speaks about the current Arsenal defence and he says the defensive improvement this year is what’s put us so far out in front. Is there anything that makes people state the obvious quite so much as football?. Still, George has some nice things to say about us and it’s worth a read. Who’s this Juan fella though?

Ok, by now everyone should be seeing arseblog on its shiny, super-fast new server. I've spent all weekend working on it, so this morning is beer time. Laters.

march 20th

Oooh, I’m tired this morning. Staying up till 3am playing PES3 will do that to you though.

So what’s happening this morning? Well, The Sun has made up some more stuff about Henry, Real Madrid and Florentino Perez not taking ‘no’ for an answer. Do you think he’d take ‘Go fuck yourself you cunt’ as an answer? I think it’s about time someone tested that out.

According to the Spanish press Real also want Wenger to take over from Carlos Quieroz who has been deemed unsuitable because of their defeat in the Copa del Rey to Zaragoza. The boss says "That doesn't change my determination to stay here, nor, I think, does it change Henry's determination."

I suppose the consequence of having a team full of great players and a great manager is that other clubs take notice and want them to replace their not so good players and not so great managers. They can speculate all day long for all I care, AW and TH are going nowhere.

Robert Pires has spoken about Man United and how nobody at Arsenal has written them off yet. He’s also had a word about their defensive problems saying “They are letting in a lot of goals at the moment — but the explanation is simple. They have lost Ferdinand who, for me, is their most important defensive player.”

And speaking of which, Rio has been bleating about how ‘I can’t believe what’s been done to me’ and how he’ll never forgive those who shunned him. Maybe he should take a look in the mirror. If he hadn’t ‘forgotten’ to take his drugs test then he’d be playing football right now. On an entirely unrelated note, does anyone know the STD code for Hull?

Right, I’m away down the market for some fish ‘n’ veggies. Bolton at Highbury at 3pm. More later.

march 19th

The reason I stopped going to Soccernet was because every single time I went to the site I had to choose my region. There were 5 options, and choosing a different one each time to teach them a lesson for inconveniencing me was quite a lark in the beginning, but as you can image soon become enormously tiresome. So I stopped going to the site. And today I thought ‘It’s been months since I’ve been to Soccernet. I might go have a look.’

So I did. And I got the same splash screen asking me to choose my region. So I’m not going to go there again for at least another three months. Take that you Soccernet bastards.

Gilberto is batting his eyelids at Atletico Madrid after it emerged they were keen to sign him. Our doe eyed midfielder said “The first thing Atletico have to do is speak to Arsenal, who own my rights for another two seasons. They have to ask the club and if the club says yes, they can then speak to the player.”

So he’s coping well with the fact that Edu has taken his central midfield position, eh? In other brief news, Jermaine Pennant will remain at Leeds for at least another month but it seems likely that he’ll see out the season at Elland Road and will be able to join in the celebrations when they go down to the Nationwide. Another player out on loan is Sebastian Svard, who is doing well for himself at Stoke, and he hopes to have a future at Arsenal when the season ends. Patrick Vieira is not taking Ryan Giggs’ bait after the Welsh loon’s comments that Man United were still the best team in the country, despite being 12 points behind us. The skipper says “We will wait before saying 'we are the best squad' or anything like that. Football is about winning trophies and at the moment we have not won anything.”

And that’s about it. There’s some stuff from Walrusdyce about how he’s going to bore a result out of us tomorrow, but I’m not paying any heed to anything that comes out of his big, giant head. Justice was served yesterday as Rio’s ban was upheld, despite him running around desperately shoving great chunks of his hair at anyone who looked vaguely important. Luckily for him he managed to avoid a ‘stop being such a cunt’ extension to his existing ban. Now he can sit around and eat Mr Kipling all day long while getting £60,000 a week, can’t see what he’s complaining about.

So what are you up to this weekend, then?

march 18th

You know the way towards the end of a successful sit-com’s life, they’ll jazz it up a bit with special guest stars and things like that? Well, in no way connected to that is today’s entry from guest arseblogger, Bono.

Only joking. Sort of. It’s been a slow few days Arsenal wise. While all of us are hoping to give Bolton, and their charming manager, a good hiding, there’s not been too much talk about anything other than Ravioli at Barcelona saying he’d love to play with Thierry Henry. Sorry fella, no room in our squad for you at the moment. Oh, you meant.....hahahahaha. Shut it, dwarfy.

Martin Keown has announced that he’ll be having a testimonial on  May 17th against an England XI. Some of those expected to turn out are Ian Wright, Tony Adams, Nigel Winterburn, Marc Overmars, Emmanuel Petit and Alan Shearer. It’s most likely a farewell too to Martin as this season will undoubtedly be his last. There are more details about this game on Martin’s own testimonial website. How fancy.

In other news, Cesc is very happy with his progress and life at Arsenal, QPR are giving a trial to young keeper Craig Holloway, and Thierry Henry says people are writing off Man United too soon. Instead of writing Man United off, people should be pushing them off. Cliffs. Tall buildings. Motorway overpasses. Things like that.

Speaking of which, some nice propaganda in The Sun about Rio Ferdinand’s appeal over his 8 month ban. Rio is insisting that he never took drugs, and has offered a hair sample to prove it – which is totally beside the point because he wasn’t banned for taking drugs. He was banned for deliberately missing a drugs test. The clown. There is the very real possibility he could find his ban lengthened if it all goes pear-shaped, and you would find it very hard to have the slightest shred sympathy for him if that was the case.

Right, last teaching day of the week for me. Which is good, let me tell you.

march 17th

Happy Saint Patrick's Day......from arseblog.




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