June 30th

Morning Arsechums, I've got my G5 back and my new 1mb ADSL line all up and running so things are pretty much back to normal, apart from having to get up at an unGodly hour each morning.

Robinho, fresh from hearing Edu say how Arsenal hve made the right choice by trying to sign him, responded by declaring his interest in playing for Real Madrid. That made his club Santos really grumpy so they've slapped a £28m price tag on his head. It does seem more likely that the Spanish capital will be where he plays his football next season.

In other news a court case in Brazil found that two agents, one of them former Sp*rs and Liverpool star who missed an open goal from three feet Ronnie Ronsenthal, had no right to a share in the transfer deal which took Gilberto to Arsenal. Arsene Wenger and David Dein testified on behalf of Athletico Minerio.

Bolton Wandererers, amongst other Premiership clubs, are apparently interested in taking Jeremie Aliadiere on loan. I sincerely hope they rang up and asked and I sincerely hope Arsene just laughed down the phone at that fat, walrus looking cunt of a manager they have. Jermaine Jenas was linked with us a while ago and after loudmouth Laurent Robert cost himself £180,000 by telling us he was unhappy at Newcastle he's being linked again.

And that's about it. Keep an eye on Newsnow for breaking news during the day. Goodbye June....

June 29th

I can't believe it's the end of June already. Where has this year gone?

Jeremie Aliadiere has decided to go to Celtic so he can play regularly and so he can play Champions League football. He'd like Celtic to meet Arsenal at some stage saying it would be 'special'. Stuttgart say Alecksander Hleb's desire to move to Arsenal was instrumental in the deal taking place. Which is nice. The chances of signing Robinho seem to be slimming with the player favouring a move to Real Madrid, a club he's been linked with for a long time now. It's not all doom and glom though as Sevilla's Julio Baptista says he wants to play in England and that he'd love to play for a club like Arsenal.

I have to say the idea of Baptista terrorising Premiership defence in a red redcurrant shirt is rather a nice one. Mouthwatering, in fact. Come on, Arsene. Make it so.

Just got a mail to say my ADSL was working. Now I just need to reconfigure the router and all that lark. It can wait till after work though. Hi-ho....

June 28th

So after a plethora of quiet, dull days yesterday exploded into action with all kinds of stuff going on.

We made our first signing of the season and it wasn't a huge surprise when Alecksander Hleb joined in a deal from Stuttgart which could, all things in, cost us around €15m. The manager was very happy with his new player, saying "He is a player I have admired for some time now and I know he will provide our squad with great quality," while the player himself said "I am very happy to have this fantastic opportunity to join Arsenal. They are a Club with a great history and many world class players.”

Like most people I don't know too much about him but if the boss is happy, I'm happy and it's nice to have some good news after what has been a pretty difficult summer so far. Signing players is good news, you know. And we'll be signing other players too. That's also good. In other good news Robin van Persie has been released from jail in Holland and is free to travel to England to join up with the club for pre-season training. The Dutch police are stressing that he's still a suspect and we really have any new information about the case but you'd have to think, and hope, that this is a step in the right direction.

More transfer news came when goalkeeper Stuart Taylor was sold to Aston Villa in a £1m deal. He was never able to maintain a level of fitness to sustain a challenge for a regular spot and there were, for many, doubts about his ability at the very top level. It does raise the question about whether or not a goalkeeper is on the boss's list. I don't think it would be a huge surprise if we signed a keeper. After signing a new deal just a couple of days ago Jeremie Aliadiere looks to be heading to Celtic for the season. Hopefully he can stay fit and get a whole campaign under his belt. Good luck to him up there.

Still no ADSL and I appear to have caught a cold in the middle of summer and it took me ages to get to sleep last night and I thought the alarm clock was a fire engine siren in my dream and that they were trying to put out a fire on my feet which threatened the lives of all the tiny people who lived between my toes. Most odd.

June 27th

According to yesterday's News of the World we've made a £14m bid for little Robinho, a story that got picked up by other august organs such as Soccernet and The Times. Real Madrid are said to be shitting it and Edu and Gilberto are telling the pint-sized genius how great Arsenal is on a daily basis. I don't know any more other than we want him but whether the lure of London will prove more appealing than Spain to a South American we'll just have to wait and see.

We got a bit of a rehash of the 'two world class players' story that appeared on Arsenal.con a few weeks back. No doubt that story mixed with some quotes from AW's commentary on the confederations cup makes for a good exclusive. Of course, it will be interesting to see who he brings on board. Robinho is the right kind of signing and although some people don't think much of Hleb I'm sure he'll be a useful addition to the squad and perhaps he's not one of the two world class players. Maybe there's another Brazilian on the list. Or an Eastern European. Or a Swede. Who knows?

Time to do the whole work thing. Still no ADSL. Another week...

June 26th

Hello and happy hungover Sunday to you all.

Looking very quickly at what's going on this Sunday. Amy Lawrence has a fairly sensible view on the Ashley Cole situation in the Observer and while I do accept the point there really isn't anyone around who's going to spend a huge amount of money on Cole I still think we need to sell him, the hideous cunt. Jeremie Aliadiere has signed a new deal with the club but he could spend next season on loan somewhere although, again, so much depends on what's happening with RvP. The Sunday Mirror says we've got people in Germany checking out Robinho again and his signing appears to be a battle between us and Real Madrid. Our interest in him is definitely more than paper talk. Liverpool are after young Jack Hobbs about whom a decision will be made on June 29th, apparently and finally for today we're after some Monaco striker called Emmanuel Adebayor, but that's just according to the player himself.

Joe Cole was in the bar I was in last night. Any reports of Joe Cole's death, should they ever find his body, have nothing to do with me. Have a good Sunday.

June 25th

A quick Saturday round-up for you before I go melt in the heat.

It looks like the deal to bring in the Belarussian Stuttgart player Alecksander Hleb has been more or less completed as Arsene Wenger said "The transfer will be completed in the next few days. I think he can start packing his bags to come to us."

Both the Sun and the Mirror are reporting that Chelsea have more or less agreed an £18m deal with Manchester City for Shaun Wright-Phillips. He's obviously got a connection to Arsenal via his father but when you saw Ian Wright on TV on cup final day saying there's only team he'd choose to play for if he was still arond, and that team being Chelsea, then the chances of him coming to Highbury were always slim. The £18m fee is probably too much for us as well.

And that's about all that's going. Things are starting to move and from what I understand there might be a bit more to talk about in the near future. Again, I just want to let people who sent me emails know that I'm not ignorning them but my internet time is just too limited to sit down and reply. Sorry. Anyway, have a good Saturday, Arsers.

June 24th

No doubt you've all seen the fixtures by now. Amazingly enough it turns out we play each time twice, home and away. We start with Newcastle at home and the mighty Wigan will be the last away team to ever play at Highbury in our final home game. That's pretty just the kind of game we'd lose but it won't matter because we'll have been crowned champions a couple of weeks beforehand and we'll be resting players for the Champions League final in which we'll stuff Ashley Cole's Real Madrid side 4-0 in a display the likes of which won't have been seen since Milan battered Barcelona ..erm... 4-0. Anyway, that's just a sneak preview of next season.

As well as Valencia having an interest in Robert Pires it seems that both Juventus and Inter Milan fancy our French winger. And there's nothing more to it than that. Some reports suggested the other week that we'd signed young Lincoln defender Jack Hobbs but now it appears the deal is off. Arsenal were not willing to include a sell-on clause in the deal and so Lincoln have turned to Bolton and Spurs instead. Poor Jack Hobbs.

Still no ADSL in Casa del Blogger and I've got to work today and it's a bank holiday. Gah.

June 23rd

Tonight is going to be a very loud night in Barcelona. It's the Sant Joan festival which seems to be a festival to celebrate the loudness of fireworks and a competition to see who can make the loudest explosion most often. Oh joy.

The Alecksander Hleb transfer appears more and more likely as new Stuttgart coach Giovanni Trappatoni says he won't stand in the player's way if he wants to go. Arsenal's interest is very real and reports of the move being held up because of a bid for Shaun Wright-Phillips are quite far from the mark indeed. That's not to say there isn't interest in WWW Jr, I'm told there almost certainly is, but it has nothing to do with the Hleb deal. It might be a case that Hleb is being bought to play on the left to replace Robert Pires who is again linked with a move to Spain, this time by the Mirror. They talk about Pires' agent in the article though and as far as I'm aware Le Bob represents himself in all contract talks. Maybe it's different if he's actually looking for a move though. Chelsea have signed Asier del Horno from Spain meaning there's no chance for Ashley Cole to escape his Highbury Hell, to West London at least. And what do Ashley and Sp*rs bloke Frank Arnesen have in common? Here's a clue.

A couple of the young players we released earlier in the summer seem to have found clubs for the new season. Icelandic midfielder Oli Skulason moves all the way to Brentford while young striker Adam Birchall looks set to join Mansfield Town. Good luck to them both.

Nowt more this early in the day. Till tomorrow, if I survive the fireworks....

June 22nd

It's sweltering now in Barcelona, the summer has really arrived. That makes working in an office without any air conditioning all the more pleasant. They said it would be fixed by today so we can but hope.

In Arsenal news we were linked with Real Madrid's Guti, who according to his agent, "...his only desire if he was to move to England would be to play for Arsenal, because of their style, their team spirit and of course they have a great coach.'

All nicely worded of course, but it sounds to me like an agent and a player fishing for a dream move rather than there being any real interest from Arsenal. I'm not quite sure he'd fit in anyway, and at an alleged £12m he's way, way overpriced. In even more unlikely speculation some reports say we're after Jon Dahl Tomasson. Erm, right. In news closer to him it seems Jeremie Aliadiere is negotiating a new deal with the club and it's definitely make or break time for him now. We know AW is a big fan but he's never managed to make the breakthrough due to some terrible injuries and the good form of other strikers when he has been fit. Again what happens with RvP could have a big bearing on his chances for next season.

While Barcelona have ruled out a swoop for Thierry Henry this season one of the sports papers here today was announcing with great certainty that Henry would be coming to Spain next summer for a knock down price of around €15m as he'd only have a year left on his contract. According to them it's all done and dusted and Henry and Rijkaard have had great old chats in which Henry has been told all about the great plans for the Catalan club. I suppose this kind of speculation will only increase until Henry signs a new deal.

These early mornings are hard work.

June 21st

A trul, y dull time at the moment so it is. The only real transfer news involves a rumoured target, Michael Essien, but it involves him going to Chelsea. Apparently they've offered £16.5m which Lyon have turned down knowing that Chelsea will pay as much as it takes. Let's face it, if they'll pay £24.5 for Didier Dogbag they'll pay anything.

In Arsenal news Barcelona have ruled out making any sort of move for Thierry Henry, José Antonio Reyes' agent has revealed that Arsenal want to extend his contract while young Dutch striker Quincy MD could be sent out on loan with Italian side Reggina said to be interested. You'd have to think that any move could depend on what happens with Robin van Persie.

Anyway, let's be thankful that on those long, tedious days when nothing is happening there is always Safety who wants you to 'Make yourself heard'. Now I have to make myself less beardy and get off to work. Laters.

June 20th

Sorry for the lack of weekend updates but odd things are afoot with my computing. I did write a blog for Saturday but I totally forgot to upload it before I went off to play a 7-a-side tournament in the 30C heat all day (we got to the final but got beaten 3-0 for those of you interested. Both of you). On Sunday I was just not able to because my computer decided to act the bollix and not start up and stuff and then I just had to go the beach and there just wasn't time. So my main computer with all the files etc is knackered and that includes the archive for the first part of June. It looks like I'm going to have to bring the computer to the shop and I don't know if the files on it will survive so if anyone, by some strange chance, has saved the page with the posts from June 1st - June 16th please get in touch.

Anyway, I think we all know this is yet another act of cuntery by my chums at Telefonica. Everything was fine until I decided to leave their service, now I have no ADSL and no G5. Let it be a lesson to anyone else thinking of going with another telecoms company in Spain. Look what they can do to you. Thankfully the iBook I picked up before my travels lets me update the site.

As for Arsenal news there's very little to report. Phillipe Senderos is looking to commit to the club by signing a new deal while Graham Stack is a target for Coventry City. Anything else that happens today you'll find out from here. Anyway, it's off to work I go, till tomorrow.

June 17th

One of the reasons I changed my internet provider was because they'd give me a wireless router which means I can go anywhere in the house with my iBook. Maybe it's just me thrill seeking a bit but I've always wanted to write an Arseblog post while having a poo. Technically I could do that now, I suppose, but it'd be just a bit messy. Yesterday evening I went out with my laptop and sat outside at a bar and had a coffee and a fizzy water, no really, to catch up with my emails because modemy internet is just too slow. It's amazing how many wifi networks you can pick up and piggyback for as long as you want. Sadly all the networks in my apartment building appear to be password protected so I can't steal their internet. Stupid slefish bastard neighbours and a big thanks to 'Juanjo' on Passeig Sant Joan whose network I slowed to a crawl for an hour last night enjoying my first ever outdoor interweb experience.

On to more serious things and the Robin van Persie story dominates yet again and he's going to spend another 14 days in custody after yesterday's court hearing. In a statement the Dutch prosecutors office said "The public prosecutors office has asked for the custody to be prolonged in the interest of the investigation and because of the seriousness of the charges."

It has now emerged that he was in the hotel room with the girl but denies rape. His lawyer says "He’s not denying he was in the room. He is denying he raped the girl. I cannot comment if he had sex with her.”

Some people have had a go at the club for not making a statement supporting the player. It's a tough one to be honest. Any outright declaration of support would look rather foolish if it the charges against him were found to be true. What I would say is that the club may not be making public statements but you can be sure that in private they'll be doing whatever they can for the player. Silence does not mean they've abandoned him, it means they're being consistent as this was exactly the same way they dealt with Graham Stack when the charges were brought against him and I'm sure that this would be their modus opperandi if it were any player and I mean any player. The Dutch authorities obviously feel they have a serious case on their hands, making statements without knowing the full details would not be in anyone's interest, least of all Robin van Persie. When the time is right we'll hear from the club. In the meantime we wait.

Elsewhere the Brazilian club we bought Gilberto from have told how Arsenal acted properly during the transfer. Their President said "I can confirm that Arsenal complied with all the rules and all the negotiations for the player were held exclusively between the two clubs."

Rennes have denied Arsenal have made a bid for Swedish keeper Andreas Isaakson and insist he'll be staying for at least another season with them. Arsenal won't sell Ashley Cole (who proposed to his pop-star girlfriend after a 'romantic camel ride')this summer according to the Mirror with Arsene Wenger saying "We must make sure he’s back with us with full commitment and complete focus on success", while it appears contract talks with Robert Pires have broken down with the player wanting a two year deal and the club only willing to offer one with an option for another year. As he's actually got another year to go on his current deal I don't think a year on top of that is too bad for a player heading into his thirties. Does the fact that he had a large number of family and friends at one of the final home games this season tell us anything? The much talked about move for Alecksander Hleb seems to be on the back burner with Stuttgart confirming we've made an offer but they rejected it out of hand.

And that's all I've got. The final day of my working week and it was hard getting up this morning, especially when my flamenco tuned alarm went off. How I didn't throw it out the window I'll never know. Till tomorrow.

June 16th

Things look a little more grim now for Robin van Persie after Dutch prosecutors decided to keep him in jail for a third night and, according to them, "The court will decide tomorrow whether the charges are serious enough to keep him in custody for 14 another days. This is a standard procedure."

Again all I can say is I hope it's not true and this is another case like the one the Leicester City players found themselves caught up in in Spain last year. There's still no comment from the club about it and I don't suppose there'll be an official statement until we know more about what's going to happen legally. And speaking of courts David Dein yesterday gave evidence in a case involving former Spurs player Ronnie Rosenthal and the transfer of Gilberto to Arsenal three summers ago. It's all tremendously interesting in a mind-numbingly tedious kind of way.

There was some serious keeper speculation yesterday with some stories linking us to Villareal's ex-Barcelona keeper Jose Reina while the Mirror have picked up on a story in the Swedish press which brings up the name of Arseblog's old pal Andreas Isaakson. Leaving aside the keepers the agent of Stuttgart's Alecksander Hleb revealed he'll be making some kind of announcement about the player's future at some stage today.

And that's about all I've got because my ADSL is now gone. On Sunday I signed up with another provider but the process here, as you might expect, is far from simple. Because Telefonica own all the lines the new company has to make a request to Telefonica to cut off my service with them so they can activate the new service. You might remember from times past how long it actually takes Telefonica to do anything so imagine my cunting surprise when it took them a little over 72 hours to cut me off when I decided I was going to go elsewhere. So now I'm relying on dial-up again and dial-up is shite.

I checked the website of my new provider, they have a fancy section in which you can view the state of your order, and it says it's incomplete and not ready for ADSL yet. I suspect, although I may be wrong, that they have to make another request to ask Telefonica to activate their (the new provider) ADSL on my line. This could take a while. I guarantee you it won't be anything as quick as 72 hours. So once again I'm afraid this impacts on me getting the site out every morning and to the people on the mailing list I'm sorry but that's definitely going to hit and miss with the emphasis directly on miss.

And as it's going to take me about 20 minutes to upload this page I'd better leave at that for today.




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