July 16th

A quick Saturday round-up for you because I'm working today. Gah! And we're in the middle of a heatwave.

José Antonio Reyes and Gael Clichy have signed new long term contracts, the Spaniard by 6 years while Clichy has extended his contract by 5. It's interesting that we've secured Clichy's future and brought in a new young left back from France. Just saying.

Jose Mourinho is sure Arsene Wenger has a new Vieira in mind. Jose Mourinho also thinks everyone is out to get him and that's he's Jesus.

Beastwatch: Sevilla say they've turned down another bid from Arsenal and that someone else has made a higher bid than us. Our chum del Nido is doing his best to turn this into a saga and it doesn't look like he's going to let Arsenal do a sneaky in-out in 5 minutes job like we did with José. He's just playing around now but what worries me is that Arsenal won't stand for too much of his bollocks and if he's just trying to drive the price up he's playing a dangerous game. Despite some people saying Marca say we've agreed a fee the actual headline on Marca was a quote from del Nido which said "WE HAVEN'T REACHED ANY AGREEMENT WITH ARSENAL OVER BAPTISTA". Most reports seem to think we'll do a deal for the player in the near future, although we've been here before.

My old man bought a second hand Sierra, oooooh Sebastian Viera. Erm. Right. He's from Uruguay (heh) and he's a goalkeeper and apparently we're about to make £4m offer to bring to England.

Pascal Cygan (below the Baptista bit) really ought to put his brain into gear before opening his mouth. Putting to work his world famous soothsaying powers the slapheaded bigmouth said "I can foresee the possibility of Thierry leaving as a result of Patrick’s departure. I’ve heard people say that boss Arsene Wenger wants to sign two international-class players. But if it means losing Pat, what the hell is the point? Patrick will leave behind a huge gap and I don’t see who will be able to replace him."

Yes, why don't we just roll over and fucking die, Pascal, you twat. And even if you do feel like that keep it to your fucking self. Moron. Vieira spoke yesterday after completing his move to Juve and said "One player moving will not change the way Arsene makes the team play or life at the club. A club is more than one player," and that's the message that should be driven home and if Pascal doesn't like he can go fuck off back to France.

Right, that's enough for this unGodly hour on a Saturday morning. It's blogette's birthday today. 14. Jesus. Where does the time go?

July 15th

So it was fourth time lucky for Paddy as he finally got the move away from Arsenal he's tried to engineer every summer since 2001. This time, however, it looks like Arsenal have pre-empted his own attempts and packed him off to Italy to play for Juventus. We receive something like £14m which in the current climate and given the state of Paddy's knees Juve's finances isn't a bad amount of money.

In a statement released via the Arsenal website our former captain said "I made the decision to leave because I felt it was time for me to have a new challenge. But that does not mean I was unhappy or that I was having a problem at Arsenal. It was just that I had the feeling I needed to grow and meet a new challenge, and I feel Juventus was the best challenge for me."

"I'd like to thank the Arsenal fans. They have been fabulous. I can go with my head held high. I did my best every day in training and in every match, and I left shaking the hand of Arsene Wenger and Mr (David) Dein. That was really important to me."

Arsene Wenger said "Patrick was a great player for us, one of the greatest in the club's history and I feel I had a special relationship with him because I made him come here. I think his impact, not only at Arsenal but in English football overall, was just tremendous."

He went on to say though "I share the sadness with our supporters that Patrick has left us. But on the other hand I would say to them trust us and support us."

And that to me is the important thing. A lot of people will be looking at this as a seriously negative thing, another piece of short-sightedness by the club and the board, but make no mistake, this deal would not have happened if Arsene Wenger had a problem with it. Arsene is the person who gives the board a green light to sell a player and for whatever reason he feels now is the right time to sell Vieira. He works with him every day, he knows his motivation, his physicality, if he decides that now is a good time to let go then that's good enough for me. I mentioned yesterday that it's very rare he lets a player approaching 30 go only to see him set the world alight elsewhere. There's no doubt Vieira can still go a good job on his day but to my mind those days were too few and far between. He was a great player for us, no question, but except in patches we haven't seen that rampaging, unstoppable Patrick Vieira for at least 18 months, if not longer. I wish him luck in Italy but his departure excites me.

It excites me because it means there's a plan, it means Arsene Wenger has a vision for the future that for the first time in 9 years does not include the talismanic Vieira. Like most of you I feel he must have somebody lined up to replace Vieira. Perhaps not a big name star to fill his boots but a quality player nonetheless. It's exciting because we're going to have a new captain, it's exciting because so many people will say 'Arsenal sold Vieira, they're finished, they have no ambition' but people said the same thing when we only signed a mentalist German goalkeeper and young French left back the summer before last.

It's obvious there's a rebirth in progress at Arsenal. We've got a core of young players in the squad who are as promising as any I've ever seen. We've got experience in the right positions and I'm sure we're going to be adding more. We have a transfer kitty which has now been bolstered by the sale of Vieira and, unlike some people, I think the manager is going to do some serious shopping before the season begins. In the past he has been accused of erring on the side of experience too much, perhaps not giving young players enough of a chance and being too favourable to regulars. The sale of Vieira shows that has changed. We have to think the manager knows what he's doing here, he's studious and doesn't make rash moves in the transfer market just for the sake of it.

The inevitable talk of replacements has started with Newcastle's Jermaine Jenas said to be top of the list but other names mentioned include Lyon's Mohamadou Diarrhea, Michael Essien and I just have a feeling that the reason we were after Baptista was to set him up as Vieira's replacement in a new powerhouse midfield role. There have been whispers all summer about Sol Campbell's future at the club, I was told some weeks ago that Arsenal would not be averse to moving him on, and that speculation is set to increase now. Firstly Graeme Souness mentioned him when asked about the possiblity of Jenas moving to Arsenal, Myles says he's heard that Sol wants to leave and The Sun says we'll use Sol as part of a bid to bring Jenas to Highbury.

It's no wonder Arsene Wenger's phone was heating up. I think we're in for a busy couple of weeks girls and boys. Now, this is what summer's all about, eh?

July 14th

Happy 14th of July to you all. We'll start this morning with Vieira news and it looks like his time is up, Unofficial reports in Italy suggested Juventus had come to an agreement with Arsenal having offered money and nearly all their players as part of the deal while it's being reported that Real Madrid are sniffing around too. Most papers are saying that Vieira has received no encouragement from the club or the manager about staying with The Sun reporting Arsene Wenger said last night that 'It's up to him'.

Now, I know some people are going to think that we're crazy to let him go but there's no finer student of his players than Arsene Wenger and you can be quite sure if he's happy to let him go then we have to accept his judgement. We have to think that perhaps we've seen the best of him, like we'd seen the best of Merson, Overmars, Petit and pretty much any player around the 30 mark he's let go. We also have to think that we wouldn't let him go without having lined up somebody to replace him. I think part of this might the be the precocious Catalan talent we have in our side and allowing him more room to make the first team place his own. Finally, we'll be without a captain. To me Vieira was never a great captain. It's one thing to say 'I do my talking on the pitch' but too often in recent times he's done most of his talking off the pitch and not enough on it. The obvious candidate to replace him is Thierry Henry who would lead by example on the pitch, would certainly be more vocal than Vieira and, although I'm not sure I fully agree with it, would be part of a movement to ensure his future is at Highbury.

If Vieira does go he'll rightly be remembered as a great player. Those surging runs, those long legged tackles and that fighting spirit that epitomised the majority of his time at the club will hopefully be what people remember him for. And that's the right way for it to be.

Myles seems to think Kolo would be the perfect replacement for Vieira but I'm not sure I agree. I love Kolo and he's certainly got the heart and physique to play in central midfield but I think it's easier to find a decent midfielder than a decent central defender these days. It will be very interesting to see if the boss tries to replace him with a 'name' or with someone who will bolster the squad and add cover for a Gilberto-Cesc parternship, which might just lack a little physicality.

In other news Juventus say they're not interested in Robert Pires, Chelsea are still cunts having released a statement in defence of their loudmouth manager and my chum Goodplaya nicely rebuffs their paranoid ramblings.

Funnily enough I dreamt Vieira and my cousin Padraig was used as a makeweight in a deal which brought me to Roma for £90,000 a week and when I came home nobody was at all impressed. Bastards.

July 13th

Poor old Jose Mourinho. He's got an unlimited transfer budget, a massive salary, an ego that knows no bounds and a very fetching raincoat but he's still not happy. He's complaining about Chelsea's fixtures, about Arsenal's fixtures, about how Arsenal are viewed as 'angels' by the FA (which is possibly one of the most ludicrous things I've ever heard) and he's called on Double-D to resign from his post within the FA.

Now, I think he's probably got a point about the Deinmeister but I don't think a man as power hungry as him will be giving up his FA role too quickly. The rest though is codswallop, poppycock and flapdoodle of the highest standard. He thinks his enormous squad is being picked on because they play some away games after their Champions League games and Arsenal play Chelsea on a Sunday after an international. No, I don't quite understand that one either. He goes on to tell us about his holidays and in a dig at Arsene Wenger says "I went to Brazil on holiday, I didn't go there to chase players behind their clubs' backs."

No, you prefer to to do that a little closer to home, Jose, you loudmouth wanker. Quite aside from their success on the pitch which generates a rivalry by itself, the collection of increasingly odious characters in West London will ensure Chelsea don't make any new friends.

Beastwatch: Why is this section here if the transfer is dead in the water? Who can tell?

What's new with old Paddy V? Well, the Chairman's comments were widely reported and it does seem, as with every summer, there's more than just smoke. To my mind if the club decide to sell, fine. If they decide to keep him, fine. Celtic striker Jeremie Aliadiere wants him to stay though, going slightly OTT when he says "It could be the worst thing that happens to Arsenal."

That's obviously not true as disovering that all our players had been replaced with thalidomide dwarves would be far, far worse. Most of the this morning's papers seem to think a deal is going to be done and Paddy's off to Italy. As well as that it looks like Robert Pires is seriously considering a move to Galatasaray. To each his own, I suppose. Alexander Hleb got his work permit, which is nice.

It's all very interesting at the moment, innit? I know some people are getting nervy and twitchy and a bit grumpy but relax. There's plenty of time and the manager is not going to sanction the sale of important players without having a good reason to do so. Don't think there's any way Vieira can be sold without Arsene's permission. So chill out and remember that he knows more about being a football manager than us. Well, most of us.

July 12th

Let's start with what's probably the very last Beastwatch: It seems the reports of him wanting to stay in Spain are not mere conjecture and a deal now looks unlikely although not still impossible. No doubt there'll be gnashing of teeth amongst those who had built him up to be the summer star signing but there are other irons in the fire and at the end of the day it wouldn't matter if Arsenal offered £100m if the player himself decided he didn't want to come. It's a bit of a shame though, the idea of him battering defences was rather a nice one.

The Patrick Vieira transfer speculation goes on and Juventus are still linked despite Luciano Moggi saying "He costs too much. He’s also too similar a type of player as Emerson, and we will not be selling Emerson."

You do have to wonder where all the stories are coming from. It's unlike Arsenal to be in any way open about transfer dealings, either in or out, so it's either Italian sources stirring things up a bit or a 'leak' from Vieira's team of advisers but that's hardly likely. They don't have any form when it comes to that kind of thing. Oh. Reports this morning suggest Juve will make an official bid of money plus players for the captain with Jonathan Zebina and Steven Appiah mentioned as makeweights in the deal. Zebina in particular is a very good player and would be a more than decent addition to the squad.

Chairman P Diddy Hill-Wood is quoted as saying "I gather Juventus have made inquiries but we're very undecided whether we are going to talk to them or not. Patrick's aware they've approached us. It all very much depends on what they offer and what he wants to do. We have not decided what we want to do, but my gut feeling is we would very much like him to stay"

Maybe, for a laugh, we should say we want him to stay all summer long and then at the last minute change our minds and sell him. Now that's what I call payback.

Alecksander Hleb on joining Arsenal despite interest from Chelsea. "I gave them my word and saw no reason to go back on it. I'm sure I've made the right choice. Arsenal are a club with huge ambitions, who expect to win trophies every year. I can't wait to step out at Highbury wearing an Arsenal shirt. I visited the ground for a League match against Liverpool towards the end of last season and the noise of the crowd sent shivers down my spine."

There was also some non-story invovling Gilberto and Villareal but I can't be arsed going to find the link now. Imagine we sold both him and Vieira though, and having let Edu go. Ooooh. It can only mean a revolution in Arsenal's midfield with a new 4-1-5 formation with Cesc all on his own in midfield. No problem for the Catalan Kid though. Right, I'm off to work, have a good day folks.

July 11th

Morning and a happy Monday to you all.

We'll start with Shaun Wright-Phillips. He's been linked with the club for a long time and Arsene Wenger again reiterated his admiration for the player but said any move by Arsenal would have to wait for Chelsea to show their hand. He says "I like him but we are in a market where you let Chelsea make decisions and then come in after. There is a price for Chelsea and a price for everybody else and that is why we have to wait until they decide."

I do see where he's coming from but I don't see why it depends so much on them. If we want the player we could make an offer. Citeh must know that they'll get more money from Chelsea because they've got more money than anyone else in the football world but at the same time a realistic offer from us might work. On the other hand though no matter what we bid Chelsea can double it because they're such fucking cunts. So Wright-Phillips is on the radar and the boss reckons things will pick up in the next week or so, saying "The transfer market has been much quieter than expected but at the moment, it looks like everybody is in the starting blocks and, with the heat of my phone, it looks like it will start soon."

Only days after being baffled The Sun reports that Patrick Vieira is now 'bemused' about the constant speculation linking him with moves to Juventus and Real Madrid. Tomorrow it's thought he'll be 'bewildered', by Thursday he'll be 'bothered' and this time next week he's likely to be 'befuddled'.

Beastwatch: Nada de nada. Actually, he's decided to stay in Spain according to the Daily Mail because he wants to gain his dual nationality. I couldn't find any mention of that in the Spanish papers today though.

And that's it. The start of another exciting working week. Woooo and indeed hoooooo.

July 10th

Ow, I am in pain. Luckily for me it's only my limbs and torso and organs. A quick Sunday round-up for before I collapse somewhere.

Despite denials from all and sundry about Juventus wanting to buy Patrick Vieira the News of the World says Real Madrid and Juventus will meet after school and have a scrap to see who can buy our captain. Again there's talk of Michael Owen being used as part of a swap deal. Like I said yesterday it's the same annual saga and again I'm led to believe there is something to all the speculation. However, like I also said yesterday I'm not going to get stressed about it. Que sera, sera.

Beastwatch: One Spanish paper says Sp*rs have offered €18m and that we're going to be investigated for making an illegal approach. Another says Arsenal signing Baptista will mean Thierry Henry is closer to a move to Barcelona. The others don't have anything about him at all.

Other than that it's a fairly quiet Sunday so I need to sooth my aching parts with a beer and a sandwich. Hasta mañana.

July 9th

Hello Arsemates, hope you're well this Saturday morning.

We'll start with Patrick Vieira I suppose. It looks like there's a bit of substance to the reports involving Juventus even though the Sun reports Vieira is 'baffled' by reports that we're willing to sell him. Surely even he must be used to the annual transfer speculation by now. I'd be more baffled if there were no stories about him. What is interesting are the quotes from Arturo Lupoli at the bottom of this Guardian article. I'm not sure who exactly he was talking to but allegedly he said abotu Vieira "He wants to go. He will transform the Bianconeri; in the match he rules the midfield. It's a great loss for us."

Who am I to doubt the mighty Arturo. Anyway, the last thing I'm going to do is get into a tizzy about Vieira. We've all been down that road before. If he goes he goes.

Beastwatch: It looks like we're involved in a bidding war with Manchester United and ... wait for it ...Sp*rs... hahahaha.... and some reports say we could be done for an illegal approach to the player but Arsenal are said to be 'relaxed' about that. There doesn't appear to be much about it in the Spanish papers this morning though.

Other than that it's fairly quiet. My team is playing a friendlly today, on grass, so that should be a larf. Enjoy your Saturday, till tomorrow.

July 8th

Obviously football was overshadowed yesterday by the horible events in London. This blog has never been about politics and I'm not about to start now but despite being a full on Paddy London was where I was born so yesterday was not exactly close to to home but close to something. I dunno. I just hope all Arsebloggerers and their friends and family are safe and sound this morning and to anyone who might have had someone close to them who caught the full force of it my thoughts are with you.

Back to football and there were all kinds of reports yesterday involving Patrick Vieira (the Spanish press are saying we're trying to sell him too) and Robert Pires and Juventus. Later in the day we heard Galatasaray were interested in taking Le Bob to Turkey but I just don't see him playing there. Hopefully he'll be with us next season. Young Irishkeeper Graham Stack has joined Reading on loan with a view to permanent move based on what happens in his rape trial in September. I'm a bit sad to see him go as I think he had some real potential and to my mind always looked a better prospect than Stuart Taylor. Alex Eremenko Jr has a funny name and he's Finnish. Very tenuous transfer link from Sky Sports.

Former captain Tony Adams has found a new job with Feynoord. He'll be a trainee coach and wil work with the club's under 21 side. He says "I believe that I can teach players a lot with my experience but I also hope to pick up a feel of the Dutch youth programme and the structure of Feyenoord."

Beastwatch: Sevilla have revealed they've turned down a bid from another English club believed to be Manchester United or Newcastle United. I'd put my house on it being Glazer's merry men. They can fuck off, the cunts. Slightly worrying story in the press here yesterday was that Barcelona are offering Javier Saviola as part of a swap deal which would see Baptista move to them in January when he gets his Spanish passport sorted.

And that's it. Let's hope today is a far less eventful day than yesterday.

July 7th

You know I realised this morning it's been absolutely ages since there was a picture in the day's blog. Without matches and being away and having computer problems I just haven't put any pictures in. So today I rectify that with a picture of our vice chairman. We've featured all kinds of players, the manager, ex-tealady Doris Cock-knocker, Janitor Dan but never the man who makes our transfer wheels tick. The man who lights up the room when he comes in. It's Double-D himself, David Dein. Now, you've been honoured with a picture on Arseblog Davey, get Baptista in quick smart. Cheers, fella.


Tremendous stuff, I'm sure you'll all agree and would that we could all look as healthy as Deino.

So what's going on this morning? Well, Thierry Henry has again reiterated his desire to stay with Arsenal despite reported interest from every club on the planet and Barcelona in particular. He says "I'm happy at Arsenal and as long as they want me there - I'll be around. Everyone is asking 'What are you going to do, how's it going to be next year? I never say how it is going to be next year. I just try to give my best."

Whether that's a reference to playing side of things or his intentions for this time next year when his contract only has a year to run I just can't say. There are whispers that a very healthy new contract is ready and waiting for him and I think it'll put a lot of people's minds at rest if he signs. If he doesn't...well, that doesn't really bear thinking about. I suspect it might even make Daveeed Deeeen a little pale in the face and that, my chums, will take some doing, let me tell you.

With regards to Baptista The Sun is reporting the player is keen on a move, claims to have met Arsene Wenger in Brazil last week and that Jose Antonio Reyes has given him the lowdown on life at Highbury. The Beast said "The interest from Arsenal has advanced the most and they have been informed of my situation at Seville. I spoke to Jose a while ago. He recommended me to Arsenal and spoke highly of me. It would be beautiful to repeat in England what we did together in Seville."

All very promising but there is reported interest from Barcelona and Real Madrid, work permit problems and the fact that he obtains Spanish citizenship if he stays until December might complicate things according the Independent. I hope not. If that Yakubu bloke can get a work permit why can't Baptista? Aside from that it seems Juventus are in town with their beady black and white striped eyes on Patrick Vieira and Robert Pires. The Guardian suggests Steven Appiah could be used as part of a deal.

And there you go. An action packed morning and a beautiful picture to look at over your breakfast. What more could you want?

July 6th

I can't have been the only one who looked at Newsnow yesterday afternoon and thought 'What the fuck are we doing buying that useless shite' when I saw the headline saying 'Gunners land Traore'. Luckily for us it turns out not to be Liverpool's Djimi, he of the unnecessary D, and some French kid called Armand Traore who joins us from Monaco. Reports suggest he's a full back, right or left I don't know yet. But at least he's not Djimi. Turns out he's a left back. Interesting.

Sevilla President Jose Maria del Nido says he rejected an Arsenal bid for Julio Baptista because "...we consider it a derisory offer." He also says that Baptista has rejected a new contract so an improved Arsenal offer should be enough to bring the beast to N5. Ooooh, I'm shivering with excitement. The Sun says we've upped our bid to £10m.

See Alecksander Hleb during his first day of pre-season training. If those pictures have told us anything it's that the alleged new away top is actually a training top and we're still to see what we'll playing in away from Highbury next season.

I wonder does Ashley Cole look enviously at Steven Gerrard's agent realising that he's done everything right to get his client a move to Chelsea without him looking like a total cunt. Gerrard is blaming Liverpool saying they never wanted him to stay, Liverpool say Gerrard rejected a £100,000 a week deal. I don't think anyone would be too surprised if they learned this deal was done a long time ago, that this season was part of a waiting game and that there's been serious contact between Gerrard, his advisers and Chelsea. The only surprise is that Peter Kenyon hasn't been caught coming out of Gerrard's house with a large folder called 'OFFER' on it. Chelsea can spend £40m on him, nobody else, including Real Madrid can. And why would Liverpool sell anywhere else anyway? Only Chelsea have that kind of money to spend and only Chelsea can offer Gerrard the enormous sums of money he needs to go along with playing for a side that can contend for the title.

It's raining here this morning. That's crap. I hate rain.

July 5th

It's a quiet morning again the main story being Chelsea's £32m bid for Steven Gerrard. Funnily though this Liverpool site reckons Arsenal are interested too. Not at that price. Chelsea are about the only ones who can afford him and you just feel this whole thing has been clevery orchestrated by Gerrard and his people. I bet there's no chance of finding Stevie in a hotel room with Mourinho and Uncle fucking Fester. They're also going to wrap up a £21m move for Shaun Wright-Phillips according to the Mirror. It was £18m last week and although there are rumours we're after him too it seems he'll be in west, rather than North, London next season.

According to Sky Sports we're bringing in a young goalkeeper from Italy. He'll have been 'poached' in the same way that we brought Arturo Lupoli from Parma. Atalanta keeper Vito Mannone could cost us around €500,000 in compensation and he's tipped to be the next Dino Zoff, Walter Zenga and Luca Marchegiani rolled into one.

A quick look at the Spanish press sees Robinho saying he only wants to play for Madrid and little scamp hasn't turned up for training for his club, Santos, this week. Another Wiltord. We've dodged a bullet there, let me tell you. One of the Catalan dailies lauds Arsenal.com for it's Cesc week, about the only time that site has been in any way Cescy. Sorry. I was actually in his home town for a wedding last Saturday. I was sure I saw him on the beach building sand-castles and throwing jellyfish at people. I might just be mistaken though.

Hopefully things will pick up a bit for tomorrow's life-saving edition of Arseblog. Stay tuned.

July 4th

Well it was bound to happen at some stage. It's a Monday morning and there's nothing to talk about. Not even a scrap of transfer speculation from yesterday.

The only thing I have is from a report in Marca which claimed that Sevilla turned down a €12m bid for Julio Baptista from David Dein. Supposedly it was €9 up front with a further €3m based on performances. The Sevilla chairman, Jose Maria del Nido, is a funny character though. Remember how Arsenal's offer of £10m for José Antonio Reyes 'wouldn't buy his boots'? No doubt there'll be some negotiation over the next few days. Reports this morning say both Real Madrid and Barcelona are after him too. Baptista that is, not del Nido.

Elsewhere it seem Steven Gerrard is leaving Liverpool after falling out with Rafa Benitez about his new contract. He suggests there's a campaign to force him out of the club. The truly cynical amongst us might consider that he's trying to make it look like it's not his fault as his team of agents and advisers work out a move to Real Madrid or Chelsea. Benitez is too clever to fall out with his best player over something which he doesn't have full control over (Gerrard's new contract).

And that's about it, I'm afraid. Nothing more to say...

July 3rd

Urgh. And again I say Urgh.

A Sunday round-up for you and then I'm going to lie face down somewhere. José Antonio Reyes has been offered a new deal by the club, according to his agent. We've made a move to keep him until 2087 or something like that. He's been linked with a move to Real Madrid but now that they've signed Robinho and two others this week it seems unlikely they'll go for our man. Juventus want Patrick Vieira and Robert Pires according to reports in Italy. I fucking hate Juventus so they can go piss off.

The Sunday Mirror says we're after Bayern Munich's Willy Sagnol saying we've no cover at right back for Lauren apart from Justin Hoyte and might be forced to play Pascal Cygan there. Poor old Manu Eboue must have fallen into a crack in the ground at the end of the season. The same paper also talks about how nice our new boy Alecksander Hleb is to his mum, which is always nice. The People says Graham Stack is ready to quit Arsenal because he knows we're searching for a young keeper and he's fed up of having never played a game for the first team. Apart from the games he has actually played for the first team I suppose they're right.

And that's about it at this early stage on a Sunday. I have to take tablets. Lots of delicious tablets.

July 2nd

Morning, morning. My head hurts. After work beers plus some refreshing G&Ts with Tom plus the heat = hangover. Not a huge amount going on this morning apart from reports of the travels of our manager and vice-Chairman. Apparently AW is in Brazil to talk to Julio Baptista, his agent, his parents, his Sunday school teacher, his best friend and his security blanket. Meanwhile Double-D is creating an orange glow all over Spain, except here actually coz it's cloudly today. It seems he's been in Barcelona and is now in Seville doing the deal to bring Baptista to the club.

The only problem might be his lack of EU passport and work permit but I'm sure we know some people in the print industry who can knock up some top class documents. The player himself fancies the move so that's good. Young French striker Jeremie Aliadiere has joined Celtic for a season long loan and he's looking forward to the challenge, saying "I knew straight away this would be the best opportunity for me, to be at Celtic because it is a big club with big ambitions. To play in front of 60,000 people is really exciting and that was also a factor in choosing this club."

Another young striker, Quincy, has signed a new deal along with other youth prospects Mathew Connolly and Kerrea Gilbert. And that's about it. I'm off to a Scottish/Catalan wedding. I will avoid making any jokes about tight-fistedness or anything like that. I'm sure the cress sandwiches will be delicious though. Have a good one, till tomorrow.

July 1st

...hello July. Fucking hell.

Another month and this is typically the one where the most stuff happens. If summers previous have taught us anything Patrick Vieira should be all over the papers with a move to Spain, Arsene Wenger will be linked with a move somewhere because he's unhappy because Mihir Bose has made up some story about our finances and every single player, especially goalkeeper, will be in some kind of transfer speculation involving Arsenal. Which, for me, is good because at the moment things are too slow.

It's so slow websites are trying to make stories out of nothing. "Edu slams Wenger" and "Edu takes parting shot at Wenger" are some of the headlines which would make you think our old chum has had a real go at the boss instead of just explaining what his last season at the club was like. In fact, if a player has left Arsenal under less of a cloud and with as many good wishes from everyone at the club then I don't know who it is. Lazy journo cunts. Don't see them getting up at 7am each morning just to write their own website. That's why Arseblog is the truth. Oh yes.

In some non-exciting transfer news former youth Danny Karbassiyooniyonion has joined Burley so he'll be playing in redcurrant next season. Good luck to him. Also the deal for young Lincoln defender Jack Hobbs appears to have fallen through so he's off to Liverpool instead. Yet another shocking indictment on our lack of ambition in the transfer market this summer.

But wait, what's this? The Sun is reporting that David Dein has flown to Spain to meet his old chums in Seville and that a £10m deal for monster Julio 'John The' Baptista could be completed by the weekend. Now that would be something for people not to complain about. I bet they still would though. Don't just write it off as typical summer speculation either, there's more to it than that.

Robin van Persie will miss Arsenal's pre-season trip to Holland for fairly obvious reasons. He'll stay in London to avoid any backlash from his recent arrest an alleged rape incident.

And that's the first day of July for you. This evening I have to meet Tom who is on his holidays here in Barcelona. I suspect there may be a mojito or two to be drunk while we bitch about you all...




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