january 16th

10.03 – So there’s lots of stuff going on at the moment, a vast improvement on earlier in the week when I had nothing to work with at all. Nothing. It’s a painful existence this sometimes, you know.

Kanuuuu obviously read yesterday’s bit, got on the blower and had it all sorted out for yesterday tea-time. He’s definitely staying for the Villa game, and there’s a ‘slight chance’ that he’ll be around until Wednesday, in which case he’ll play in the Carling Cup too. It’s hard to imagine us needing Kanu this much again, but I’m glad we have him and glad to see him playing well again. So, when he goes off Bergkamp and Wiltord should be more or less recovered. That may mean a game or two for Bentley, with Quincy MD or Popadopolopolopolus making the bench. We shall see.

Despite the striker crisis, the boss has ruled out a move for Jermaine Defoe. I’m glad I have to say, there’s just something a bit off about him. From what we’ve seen so far from Aliadiere, Defoe doesn’t offer that much more to warrant the kind of money it would take to buy him anyway.

There was bad news about Philippe Senderos who’s had surgery on a broken foot and now looks likely to miss the rest of the season. All we can hope is that he gets himself properly fixed so we can see what he can do next season. Get well soon. In the FA youth cup the Arsenal youngster were beaten 2-0 by a very highly fancied Southampton team. I think this year might be a bit early for this crop, we’ll have a better idea next year of how they’re progressing. David Seaman wants to return to Arsenal as goalkeeping coach.  He mused, “I know that offer may never come and sometimes it is a case of taking an opportunity when it is there.”

I slept it in. Woooo Hoooo. Now I just have to spend all morning waiting for the boiler man.

january 15th

08.37 – I’ve written a lot this week, so today’s entry is going to be short and sweet. Relatively.

Some reports are suggesting that Kanu will definitely be around for the Villa game, and may play in the Carling Cup. They also say that he’s still waiting to hear from Nigeria after he asked to stay until next Wednesday. So, does anyone know how they’re communicating, carrier pigeon? How long does it take to make a phone call?

"Hello, it's me...Kanuuuuuuuuu.....can I stay or not? Ok, cheers. Buh-bye."

Considering the Nigerian camp were talking about reporting clubs to FIFA and invoking their rights to the players before a tournament like this, it’s all a bit up in the air still I reckon.

After speculating yesterday that Sylvain Wiltord would move on at the end of his contract in the summer, I’m reliably informed that it’s 99% certain he’ll sign the deal that’s been offered to him and he’ll be staying. Make of that what you will.

According to The Sun this morning we're about to make a £5m bid for Jermaine Defoe. I’m not sure about him at all, but it does seem like there’s something going on transfer wise at the club. There’s a bit of speculation that the club are trying to complete a deal for a player before announcing the fact that the money is in place and work has begun on Ashburton Grove (and it has begun earlier this week). Perhaps because announcing the new stadium would push the price of a player up?

Ashley Cole went for a precautionary shoulder scan yesterday afternoon. You know I’m not one for wild and off the cuff speculation, but I’m thinking he’s got some kind of problem with his shoulder. If you haven’t already read the story of the Arsenal fanzine seller and Kolo Toure’s wife, you will have already read it as soon as you’ve finished reading it.

Right, four more classes then that’s this week done and dusted for me on the teaching front. Hurrah.

january 14th

08.34 – So yesterday saw the retirement of Manchester City goalkeeper David Seaman. It’s a strange one – if you asked me to choose Arsenal’s best ever keeper, I’d say ‘Seaman’ in a second. He had a memorable Arsenal career, and provided us with some wonderful moments over the years. Penalty saves like Sampdoria, and against Villa in the second of Arsene Wenger’s doubles. The incredible save he pulled off last season against Sheffield United in the FA cup will go down as one of the greatest saves of all time. But, maybe it’s just me, I felt his memory was a little bit tainted by his stubborn refusal to see that it was time to hang up his gloves. He always, always said that if he had to drop a level to continue playing, then he’d retire. I would call joining Manchester City dropping a level. Maybe he wanted to prove to the critics, who savaged him in the final few seasons (and sadly had more and more to savage him about), that he could carry on and win his England jersey back. I don’t know. It was all a bit sad really. When a coach like Arsene Wenger, who has stood by you for longer than many coaches would have, effectively ends your Arsenal career, that should tell you something. Some slightly more cynical folk might say he’s retiring half a million pounds richer having been paid £30,000 a week at City. Either way, hard as it might be, I'll remember Seaman as an agile, slendertoned, finely 'tached Arsenal legend, and not the flailing, disheartened shambles he'd become at City.

Anyway, I suspect we’ll see him back at the club sooner rather than later as he’s bound to take up the role of goalkeeping coach in the near future. I know we’ve hired Gerry Peyton, but I imagine the job is Seaman’s and Peyton is just keeping the seat warm. We’ll see.

"Sylvain could sign a pre-contract with another club and that's not an ideal situation for us. But he looks like somebody who is working hard to come back - not someone who has signed for someone else.”

How can you tell if someone looks as if they’ve signed for someone else? If he had signed for somebody else, do you think he’d mention it, or do you think he might not play as much if the boss knew for sure he was going somewhere else? In that case, he could sign for somebody else, not say anything, and get picked on the basis that he was still trying to make his mind up whether or not to accept Arsenal’s offer. Or he could be genuinely considering what we’ve offered. What do you do in his situation though? He’s nearly 30, his next contract is also his last big contract, and he knows he’s not an Henry or a Pires or a Vieira that the club will bend over a bit for. He could get a hefty signing on fee and nice wages at a new club because he’s on a free, instead of the reduced terms Arsenal have apparently offered. We’ll see what happens but I’d be surprised to see him in an Arsenal shirt next season.

Portsmouth still want Francis Jeffers, but Harry Redknapp is confusingly doubtful about the situation. He says “He belongs to Arsenal and he is on loan at Everton and I doubt whether or not Arsenal would want to lose him." Right. Cheers Harry.

Underneath me my computer is making strange noises. If I didn't know better I'd say it sounded like somebody struggling for breath. Ordinarily you might think of restarting. I'm afraid. Maybe I should do like other bloggers and put up a wish list, but instead of the 'Just discovered lost backroom tapes of Nick Drake taking Benzedrine and quaaludes washed down with Absinthe' CD from Amazon, I should put real wish list stuff like new computers, hoverboards, light sabers and time machines.

january 13th

09.03 – I really need a new computer. I’ve been playing around with the new Dreamweaver and it’s got some very groovy css based stuff which I was playing around with. But, this solid fuel Macintosh beneath me here has seen better days. I’ve been piling on the extra turf but it’s still just chugging along like Tom Jones on a Las Vegas stage. And last night came the terrible news that once I again I didn’t win the lottery. El Gordo, my arse. El fucking rip off Spanish Bandito more like. No doubt it was won by some 93 year Andalucian man who lives in a shack with a goat and a pig and possibly a little dog with a curly tail who won’t let the money change him and will now be the richest of all the old men in Spain who have nothing better to do than sit under a tree all day and scratch at the ground in case they come across anything interesting. I never quite know what they expect to find. “Stone. Stone. Cigarette butt. Stone. Olive pip. Stone....”

It’s a strange place to live sometimes. Last Thursday my phone got cut off because they tried to take the direct debit when there was no money in late November, then failed to inform me, and it took them that long to cut me off. Of course, I would have paid the bill by now, except in Spain you can only pay bills in the bank on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, and only between 8am and 10am. If you’re any later than that on a Thursday you have to wait until the following Tuesday. And of course I have to get the cunt back out to fix the boiler because I don’t know what the fuck they did to it the last time, but now anytime you use hot water in the house it makes a sound like a World War II airplane about to crash into the side of the house. And the car is fucked. Partially my fault as I set the engine on fire changing the battery. I don’t know who else shares the blame for that but it’s not all my fault. I'm not the most mechanically minded person around, so I can't be held fully responsible for things when other people know fine well I can hardly change a plug, let alone a car battery. The only other time I've looked under the bonnet of a car is when I was out putting up posters for a gig I was doing with a mate of mine. We were going around the various universities trying to get students to spend their money coming to the club we'd rented and the DJs we'd booked. My mate's car was an old Golf and unreliable at the best of times. Anyway, coming back we noticed some smoke coming from under the bonnet, pulled over and when we looked underneath it was like The Towering Inferno. We ran into a shop and got a fire extinguisher and put the fire out. I took a look and said 'I reckon your engine's fucked.' I was right too. Sadly a career as a skank jockey, or 'mechanic', didn't happen. Anyway, football news....

....there isn't any. Sorry.

january 12th

08.31 - Have to get right back into the the swing of things now. The first Monday of the first full working week of 2004. And it's minging. Oh well.

Freddie Ljungberg scored his 6th goal of the season against Boro on Saturday, but the punishing schedule means he's having to play through the pain at the moment. A long standing foot injury has now been accompanied by a groin problem. With the squad depth not quite as ...erm...deep as previous seasons, we have to hope these knocks don't develop into anything too serious over the coming weeks and months.

With the striker crisis at the club it's inevitable that names start being bandied around again. The Independent reckons we're about to make a £7-£8m bid for Juan Pablo Angel, but Villa want £20m. Who are they kidding? Angel is a decent player who could well fit in at Highbury, but in today's market you'd have to say anything over £6m for him would be a bonus for Villa. Arsene Wenger is hoping that Kanu will be allowed to stay as that would fill a gap until Bergkamp and Wiltord are fit again, but Nigeria want him to report to their training camp in Portugal today. AW says "Kanu will put me in touch with the Nigeria coach and we will try to sort something out. We need this situation clarified by Wednesday morning at the latest."

Not a lot else going on this morning.

january 11th

10.37 - Oh my God, my head and limbs and torso really hurt. The fatal error was taking out one of the good wine glasses last night. It's so much easier to drink lots from a nice glass.

Yesterday's 4-1 win was slightly marred by the news that Jeremie Aliadiere is going to be out of action for at least 3-4 weeks after damaging knee ligaments. It seemed he was about to get the run of games that many of us have wanted him to get. It's a real shame for him. It also means we're very light in the striker department, with Bergkamp and Wiltord injured and Kanu wanted by Nigeria tomorrow, but Arsene Wenger doesn't envisage any trips to the January sales. He's also slammed Danny Mills for being a mouthy bastard when it came to Henry's penalty. "He tried to use the trick to upset the penalty-taker. I can understand that but I think he was a little bit insistent in the way that he tried to disturb Thierry."

No harm, Henry scored, made some rather funny 'talk-talk' gestures with his hand, and made a fool of the lumpen headed defender by nutmegging him in the last minute and making everyone laugh and point. L' Henry won't be selected for the Carling Cup, so it's likely to be a very makeshift strikeforce for the next game of the Borothon©. Anyway, that's all for another day. There's only one way to cure my headache and that's some delicious frothy beer and the Sunday papers. Laters.

january 10th

17.59 - Arsenal 4-1 Boro (Henry, Quedrue og, Pires, Ljungberg).

A nice Saturday afternoon involves a bit of food, a beer or two, a wee nip from the garden, and Arsenal strolling to victory over some hapless opponents. So this was a nice Saturday afternoon.

Spoiled only by the fact we only won 4-1. We should be crushing teams like Boro at least 12 or 14-0. That we went so long in the first half without scoring is an indication that we need a whole new approach to the way we play and when you think about it we should be the Harlem Globetrotters of football, dazzling the oppo stupid with our tricktacular skills. When will people realise that we can't just beat teams 4-1 and think that's good enough?

We should go in at half time hanging our heads in shame if we haven't scored at least six.

If you could see what Henry can do in FIFA2004/CM4 then you'd know anything less than 80 goals a season is just taking the piss. Still, we can only hope things improve somehow before it gets any worse.

Thanks for fucking up my weekend Arsenal. Thanks a fucking lot.

08.38 - In work this morning. Will my bad luck never end?

As such a very short round up of stuff before we start the Borothon©. Ashley Cole looks to have recovered from his shoulder injury and will probably play. Kanu is likely to continue up front with Thierry Henry, and Arsene Wenger has some nice things to say about him and gives some info about his departure to the African Nations Cup later this month. Jens Lehmann has been charged with improper conduct for stupidly chucking the ball at Kevin Phillips' head in the game against Southampton. Having already been warned over his future conduct after the Old Trafford Disaster I expect he'll get banned for a game or two. The Guardian says Wiltord and Kanu will leave in the summer. No great surprises there then.

Right, I'm off to teach these Spaniards a proper language. More later.

january 9th

10.03 - It's strangely quiet in the world of Arsenal news. Since the Everton game there's been a bit of talk from the boss about last season's game at Goodison, but not much else.

I suppose Francis Jeffers is still technically an Arsenal player, and I suppose we should be mildly interested that he might be going from Everton to Portsmouth if Portsmouth can offload one of their already loaned players because you're only allowed have two and they already have two. But we're not, are we? I'm told he did celebrate rather enthusiastically when they scored the other night. Some people might say he's just an Everton fan playing for his boyhood club and he was just being a professional and doing the best for the team he's actually playing for. Some people might say 'Fucking poxy little cunt'. Life is great like that.

It appears Sylvain Wiltord is advising Louis Saha over his future and Manchester United's interest in him. You'll remember Wiltord went on strike at Bordeaux until they sold him to Arsenal, so he's obviously instilling his young compatriot with the same professional values. It's great to see. Next week he'll give him a copy of his self-penned pamphlet 'Bosman and what it can do for you.'

Ahead of tomorrow's game against Boro, Bergkamp and Wiltord are still out, it looks very doubtful for Kolo Toure while Gael Clichy is stand-by to deputise for Ashley Cole who picked up a shoulder injury against Everton.

Thank God it's Friday. This has been a strange and dragular week.

january 8th

09.37 - 'Draws. Huh....good god. What are they good for? 'Absolutely nothing!' - Apart from one point, that is.

I know it's making some people a little bit mad that we're throwing away leads in matches over the last little while. Maybe we're drawing a game too many?

Personally I was quite happy with a point against Everton last night. These are the kind of games we've lost in previous seasons. This season we're not losing them. We're a mere 3 points behind United, we've got to play them at home yet, they will drop some points at some stage, and when you consider how far back we've come from in seasons past, I can't help but feel positive about us and the way we're playing.

Of course, our title challenge is over now, that's according to the people who know us best and aren't just making headlines.

How typical was it that Francis Jeffers came on and played a part in their goal? I hope he didn't celebrate too wildly, the juggy eared little bollix. According to Arsene Wenger, the game was more of a fight than a technical game (considering Everton's team that's not a surprise), but he didn't have any definite news about Kolo Toure who had to go off after about 20 minutes. Ominously he said "It looks like a bad kick, we hope nothing's broken."

That'd be you, me, and every other Arsenal fan, Boss. It shows you how far that boy has come in such a short space of time that an injury to him weakens our team. Anyway, that's Everton out of the way for another season, and now begins the Boro marathon.

I was sent this over the festive period but, due to alcohol consumption and all the various associated short term memory problems, I forgot to post it. It's a new column by Steve E entitled - Around the world in 8 (or so) games.

Back to work good and proper now today. Yesterday was a merely a meeting. Boooo. Stupid work.

january 7th

08.31 - Back to work today. Booooo.

Arsenal go to Merseyside tonight to take on the team that took away our unbeaten record last season. Of course it's just another game in a long season, but personally I'd like a 5-0 lesson-teaching to be dispensed tonight. And I hope Jeffers comes on and gets sent off.

We're without Dennis Bergkamp and Sylvain Wiltord who both have injuries. The bad news is that Bergkamp's knock will keep him out for 10 days. The good news is that Wiltord's knock will keep him out for at least 10 days, just enough time to sell him for three bob and six'pence while we snap up a transfer window bargain. Wishful thinking on my part maybe, but with Kanu off to the African Nations Cup soon (sooner than the manager might like), we could find ourselves a bit short up front. Jeremie Aliadiere is fit again though and he'll travel with the squad. There are also the likes of Bentley, Popopolopolopololous and Quincy MD to terrorize defences if we get really stuck. Can one of them be another Chris Wreh?

On the move (probably) is Moritz Volz. The club have agreed a fee with Fulham and the player now has to make his mind up about finalising the transfer. It seems fairly obvious that it's in his best interests to move with Lauren, Kolo and Justin Hoyte all available for the right back slot, but he's been at the club a long time now and might find it a bit of a wrench to leave. It's also hard for us to see another promising youth leave the club, but we have to accept that for all the players who have great potential, and Volz certainly has the ability to have a good Premiership career, very few are going to make the breakthrough to our first team. It says a lot for the standard of our kids that they're not just dropping down to Division 2 and 3 anymore.

Arsenal are not the same without Robert Pires, says Lee Dixon, who makes a lot of sense and writes very well.

I notice the 2004 Bloggies have been re-jigged to provide some new categories. No 'Best sports weblog' category though, which is a bit off if you ask me. There are categories for Best Canadian Weblog (what's that aboot?), best weblog about music, best weblog about politics, there's categories about best blogging bloggers who write blogging software for other bloggers, but no sports. There are lots of good sports blogs out there, we're tired about being second class citizens. We're the kind of overlooked minority gays and lesbians (yes, they have their own category and award) used to be until everyone turned gay during the 90s. Anyway, feel free to nominate Arseblog in any categories you see fit.

Yes, and it is a shame there's no 'Best Weblog about a football team by a Mick cunt' category. More later.

january 6th

09.58 - If there's anything more boring than playing Middlesbrough, it's playing them four times in 18 days. There's an FA Cup fourth round game, a league game and the two legs of the Carling Cup semi-final. Given Boro's reputation for free flowing, fast, attacking football, we're in for a real treat.

Thierry Henry is not going to let talk of trophies and records distract from ...erm...winning trophies and setting records this season. He also talks about Jens Lehmann's error against Leeds saying "Unfortunately for Jens he made a mistake, but at the end of the day we are all in it together. That's why we wanted to put everything right and make it up for him, otherwise he would have had a difficult time."

For his part Lehmann reckons he'll always remember it because it's a 'funny goal'. It wasn't that funny. The Gene Wilder headed German says "I said sorry at half-time but the rest of the lads told me not to worry about it. But my mistake switched me on. Before it, I had been without tension and I had not been as sharp as I should have been.”

Right. Maybe one of the other lads can give Jens a shout and tell him when the warm-up finishes and the match begins. Transfer target (according the the press at least) Alan Smith apparently had a bit of a bust-up with Patrick Vieira and Edu at half-time. But not enough of a bust-up for the ref to report him. So there.

Today is a holiday here, when all the kids get their presents. They don't do Christmas so much. It must be a pain though, waiting for the whole of the crimbo period to get your hands on your new stuff, then you have to go back to school the next day. It makes me say 'Ha Ha'.

january 5th

09.45 - It's a busy week this week, so it is. No sooner do we get rid of Leeds in the FA Cup than we play Everton on Wednesday night. At Goodison Park. Where we lost our unbeaten record last season and a rotund, fluffy faced young striker scored a cracking winner.

Anyway, hopefully the lads will be able to continue the form of Elland Road and take some revenge for a defeat that sparked the worst sequences of results for years. We can hope that Jens Lehmann has his kicking boots on, but Arsene Wenger isn't holding too much against his keeper for yesterday's blooper. "It's the kind of mistake which you have to accept from your keeper. You want distribution from the back and that starts with the goalkeeper. We responded well and the best way to help him was by scoring goals. "

Arsenal could become the first team to reach four consecutive FA Cup finals, but the boss isn't bothered about those kind of records. He says "I've been asked what my priorities are for this month, but it's very difficult to choose. We simply want to win our games and we want to show we are a good side, and the best way to do that is to win those games."

Despite stories in yesterday's papers saying how much he'd like to play for Arsenal, Aston Villa striker Juan Pablo Angel will be going nowhere. According to the player. And his manager. So there. But could we be in the market for somebody despite the protestations of the manager? We'll see ;o)

Ok, it's more or less back to work here this week. Which is a pain. I was really enjoying all the drinking. I don't suppose there's any real reason why work should get in the way of that though.

january 4th

19.30 - Leeds 1-4 Arsenal (Henry, Edu, Pires, Toure)

The last three times we've played at Elland Road we've won by the same scoreline. "We always win 4-1" sang the Arsenal fans. I laughed.

It had started pretty badly when Jens Lehmann paid the price for staying up all night playing Nintendo with David James. He touched a pass back a little too far ahead of him, and was unable to get the ball past the hulking deathstar that is Marc Viduka. His clearance cannoned off one of the uncharted regions of the monstrous Aussie and it was 1-0 to Leeds.

Then two brilliant goals - Kanu fed Ljungberg whose fizzing cross was tucked away by Henry, then Henry fed Edu to touch it past Robinson. There wasn't too much going on until the last 10 minutes, then Henry again found space and fed Pires for his 10th of the season, and a couple of minutes later another fantastic move saw Le Bob dink a little pass over the defence and Kolo Toure knocked in a well deserved first of the season.

All round it was good stuff, with good performances throughout. Into the third round, and Leeds can now just concentrate on getting relegated.

10.37 - I think I'm getting a bit fed up with all these hangovers. Might be time to stop drinking. Or start drinking the moment I get up in the morning. I haven't decided which yet.

Before today's game there's Juan less Brazilian at the club, as the pint sized left back has gone back to Brazil to play for Fluminese. With Clichy and Cole set to battle it out for the left back position his future was always going to pretty uncertain but the one certain thing about his uncertainty is that he wouldn't get too many games for Arsenal.

Arsene Wenger talks about money, about finding players from all over the world to fit Arsenal's budget and according to the Sunday Mirror we've beaten off all competition to sign Samuel Eto'o - but it all sounds ridiculously complicated with Real Madrid holding a 50% share in the player and they want to offset that against Thierry Henry - we'll see.

Right. Some breakfast is needed. Coffee, neurofen and quite probably a beer. More later.

january 3rd

10.55 - As our 3rd round FA Cup game isn't until tomorrow, we'll have just a short round-up for today.

Arsene Wenger has urged his side to make it 3 in a row, after successive cup final wins against Chelsea and Southampton last year. "I am very proud of the records we have set at Arsenal in recent seasons and I would love to make history again in the FA Cup. To win this competition three times in a row would be a very special achievement, although we should have done that already."

Stathis Tavlaridis has gone on loan to French side Lille for 6 months. He joins Jeffers, Gio, Pennant, Svard and Volz as part of the loan crew, and although he spoke about him coming back, it's hard to see him ever making the first team at Arsenal. In the interview on Arsenal plus the boss spoke at length about the young players at the club and how they give him confidence for the future. Asked about the future of Volz in particular he said there was no news.

Robert Pires reckons Arsenal will have the last laugh about the stick the club got for not making too many signings in the summer. "Here we are, virtually at the halfway stage, at the top with Man United, and we still haven’t lost. It’s the only response we could give the critics – that’s to perform on the pitch.”

Spurs new signing Michael Brown shows he's got a sense of humour. "Spurs are struggling but are looking to build. I don’t see why we can’t play European football here.” There was obviously no eye test during his medical.

This arvo I'm off into Barcelona for some beer. Will the madness never end?

january 2nd

08.45 - So now all the festivities are done and dusted, and we can get back into the whole football thing again.

FA Cup 3rd round this weekend. We've had some cracking cup ties with Leeds in the past, and although Leeds are struggling in the league no Arsenal fan needs reminding that league position counts for little in this competition.

Looking for a recall to the first team for this game is Lauren, who has missed a lot of football due to injury and suspension. In the meantime though Kolo Toure has moved to right back, and Pascal Cygan has put in some error free performances alongside Sol Campbell. As much as I like Kolo at right back, I much prefer him at centre-half, and we know that's where Kolo wants to play too. It might be a bit harsh on Cygan, but I'd bring Lauren back for the FA Cup game. Cygan can move to the bench and we can give him a good hand for a job well done as the squad player he is.

As it's January we can buy players if we want to, and Arsene Wenger even has some money to spend. It's hard to see exactly what he could do though. In the summer we were screaming for a defender, but Kolo has gone a long way to solving that problem, and there's the emergence of Gael Clichy as stand-in left back. If Philippe Senderos ever gets fit we'll have no need for any purchases in that area. Up front might be somewhere we could improve though. A few good performances from Kanu aren't going to be enough to secure another deal, and I did read that AW was 'hopeful and confident' about Sylvain Wiltord signing a new deal. As much as I appreciate what he's done in his time at Arsenal, I think it would be best if we went our separate ways now. His performance in the Carling Cup against WBA was nothing short of atrocious and he was put to shame by the young and eager Jeremie Aliadiere, who looks to have a good future ahead of him. The usual names will be bandied about - Kluivert, Eto'o'o'o'o'o, Smith, Reyes, Angel, Dichio - but I doubt we'll bring anybody in before the summer, giving youth a chance when needed in the second half of the season.

Right, I have to go to the airport this morning to pick up the car that wouldn't start when we arrived home. That means dropping off the sweet rental car too, which is a pain.

january 1st 2004

01.16 - Happy New Year, everyone (except cunts that I hate).




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