february 28th

After a day of birthday celebrations yesterday, spoiled only by seeing that noxious twerp Mourinho win something, I'm feeling a little delicate today so keep the noise down, please.

Not much happening this morning really. Robert Pires says he's lucky that David Prutton's horror tackle didn't break his leg. He is lucky but the intent to injure a player and deliberateness of that tackle will be overlooked because of the ref pushing antics. If the FA are really serious about getting rid of violent conduct in the game they need to highlight this. If he hadn't pushed the ref he'd be serving a one match ban for two yellow cards even though he could have seriously injured both Flamini and Pires (the extent of his injury won't be fully known until a second x-ray is taken, AW thinks it's just a bad sprain though). It just shows again how flawed the system is when Bergkamp and Reyes are serving three match bans for very little. I think this is the point that this bloke in the Independent was trying to make but didn't quite clarify.

Tomorrow night sees the FA Cup replay against Sheffield United. Thierry will continue up front and we should see Jeremie Aliadiere make the team as he's about the only other senior forward we have left. There'll be some shuffling in midfield too, no doubt, with Pires out Freddie is the obvious replacement on the left but who'll play right? Maybe Ryan Smith will get a go so Freddie can stay on the right or one of Eboue, Lauren or Cesc could play there at a push. It'll be a young bench though, that's for sure. No doubt we'll get more on this as the day goes on. Update: Thanks to Paul for reminding me of a certain Gael Clichy who can play left midfield. Don't know how I forgot him.

Last week I gave you the chance to win this cool t-shirt from our pals at harderthansatan.com. I asked you 'In the 97-98 season Dennis was banned for three games for elbowing which ginger Northern Irish West Ham player in the gob? '

The answer was, of course, Steve Lomas, a fine elbow it was too and the Random Number Generator chose James Warrener as the winner. I'll be in touch with you to get your address and so on. Thanks to all of you who entered and there'll be more giveaways soon.

It's snowing in Barcelona this morning. How weird.

february 27th

Ok, here's what I want you to do...

Forget about our crappy 1-1 yesterday - a game I thought we deserved to win with the amount of chances we made but we were done by that giant Crouch.

Forget about how Robin van Persie got a red card (wasn't it amusing to see AW bellow 'I TOLD YOU!" at him as he skulked off the park?!).

Forget that we lost 3-1 in Munich during the week. Forget we're now 4 points behind Manchester United in the league.

Forget about the fact we need a new keeper (Lehmann's flap yesterday was very poor), an entirely new defence, 8 new midfielders, at least 4 strikers, a defensive coach, a new driver for the team bus and possibly a new bloke who hangs the shirts up in the dressing room.

Forget the fact that I have a raging hangover and I feel like I've been battered (we won 4-1 yesterday, btw, and they had a player taller that Peter Crouch - of course he scored their goal but I wasn't marking him).

Forget that I have little recollection of coming home apart from buying 6 beers from the beer monkeys for the walk (I have 2 left) and some Nigerian bloke kept trying to sell me cocaine on the Ramblas. To shut him up I gave him a beer and we talked about Kanu, I think.

Forget all those things and raise a glass (Mojito or beer - put your mouse over the image to choose) as Arseblog celebrates its third birthday today. On this day in 2002 the site began and amazingly it's still going. Thank you all for visiting, commenting, contributing and making Arseblog the greatest Arsenal website by an Irish bloke in Barcelona ever. I love you all.

Now where are my presents, you cunts?

february 26th

So it's Saturday. A day for sleeping and only briefly catching up on the news before we tonk Southampton 21-0. So here's your Saturday morning linkathon.

Arsene Wenger has said the next two weeks will decide our season. Speaking yesterday he said "The next two weeks will decide our season." He also speaks about the expectation of winning the Champions League and said he doesn't know where English football's superiority complex comes from. He said "I don't know where this English superiority complex comes from."

Patrick Vieira is reported to be furious at our European capitulation (no further comment from me) while Goodplaya takes a look at the captain's performances. The Mirror reports that we're on another one of our perfectly legal but morally questionable raids on a European youngster - this time it's Real Mallorca's striking sensation Emilio Nsue. From what I'm told this could be more than just idle speculation so don't be surprised to have confirmation of this deal soon or to see him join in the summer. The Sun, very briefly in its online edition, reports that Lauren has been dropped from today's game against Southamton, I can only assume Eboue will play, while Phillipe Senderos will come at centre-half, again I assume for Kolo Toure.

Don't forget the t-shirt competition - see yesterday and Thursday's entries for how to enter. And that's about it. I need breakfast, food, then it's off to watch the Arsenal then we have a match ourselves which will make my limbs and torso ache because I'm an old bastard. Have fun!

february 25th

Ok, let's start this morning with the news that José Antonio Reyes has been given a three match ban for 'violent conduct' after he skimmed the face of a Sheffiled United player in the FA Cup tie last weekend. That means we've lost Bergkamp and Reyes for a total of 6 games for nothing very much at all really. I know the letter of law states that violent conduct = a 3 match ban but there's violent conduct and violent conduct, if you know what I mean.

Surely there has to be a sliding scale for things like this? How is what Reyes and Bergkamp did worth the same punishment as an horrific over the top tackle like we've seen from van Nistelrooy and Jamie Redknapp this season? Reyes might as well have punched him straight in the face, not tickled his cheek with a glove duel-style, then kicked his bollocks in and pissed on his head because all he'd have got is a 3 match ban. I'm not complaining because both players know fine well that if you raise your hands you're asking for trouble but it does seem wrong that a player who deliberately goes out to injure another can get the same ban as a bit of pushing and shoving from two players who have just seen a team-mate get stamped on. That's all.

Neil Warnock, after removing himself from the top of the list last week with some kind comments about Arsenal, goes right back onto page one with after talking about Cesc's tackle on one of his cunty players. Womble-looking cunt says "That should have been a straight red card. Yet all I saw in the papers were accusations that Danny Cullip allegedly stamped on Fabregas. You don’t seem to get the rub of the green when you’re a lower league club in these competitions."

No allegedly about it, he raked his studs down Cesc's head, we get a man sent off for a bit of pushing, another banned after the fact (both of whom will miss the replay), they get a last minute penalty and he's complaining about not getting the rub of the green. Get fucked you wanker.

Tony Cascarino wrote one of the best football biographies I've ever read (granted it was with rather good sports journo Paul Kimmage) and he's now written an article about Patrick Vieira. Leaving the Dennis Bergkamp point aside, which is rather snide, I think he makes some good points. I know not everyone agrees but I can't find too much wrong with it. Which is a crying shame.

More injury news, and sadly it's not the 'Sol has made a miraculous recovery' kind, Edu is out for about 3 weeks with a hamstring problem. He was touch and go for the Bayern game and only lasted 25 minutes or so. Add him to Sol, Dennis, José and an exhausted Kolo and it spells trouble. The two Fs will step in as needed over the next couple of games though.

Finally don't forget you can win this t-shirt from harderthansatan.com, just answer the following question. In the 97-98 season Dennis was banned for three games for elbowing which ginger Northern Irish West Ham player in the gob? Answers to: tshirt@arseblog.com. Winners announced on Monday.

So what are you up to for the weekend then?

february 24th

So the dust has settled after our Munich adventure and there's not much more to add to what was said yesterday. There were all kinds of people putting their spoke in but the problems are there for all to see. Arsene Wenger was concerned for Kolo Toure, worrying that his confidence is at a low ebb, saying "He has lost a little bit of his confidence and we have to pump him up again."

I suppose we have to bear in mind that he's been almost ever-present since August 2003 and maybe there's a certain amount of fatigue involved. Remember this is a guy who would, and has, run through brick walls for Arsenal so maybe a bit of a rest will do him some good. He can recharge his batteries and get his head together. In the meantime we can see Philippe Senderos come into the side and maybe get the run of games he needs to begin to establish himself and with Sol Campbell likely to be out for some time yet then we need to expand our central defensive horizons a bit.

The award for stating the obvious goes to Patrick Vieira who was quick to talk the talk after the game, saying "We concede too many goals and we need work on that as a team. We do not blame anybody but as a team we need to defend better before we go forward." I have nothing really to add to that apart from to categorise it alongside the 'We've learned a lot from previous defeats' sort of comments that have come back to haunt him again and again. Anyway, after our depressing European result it was nice to see Roy Carroll, that most wide-mouthed of cunts, fuck up to hand AC Milan a 1-0 win at Old Trafford while Chelsea and manager José Mourinho showed they're full of bon mots when things go their way but after never losing twice in succession he showed what a good sport he is by filing a complaint against Barcelona and refusing to speak to the press after their 2-1 defeat. As bad as things are for us it's nice to take some comfort in the misery of others.

In other more depressing news Dennis Bergkamp's appeal against his red card was rejected so he has an automatic three match ban to serve. That means he misses this weekend's game against Southampton, the FA Cup replay against Sheffield United and the next league game against Portsmouth. We should find out today if José is getting a ban - if so then we'll only have Thierry and Robin van Persie as recognised strikers. Not exactly strength in depth. Speaking of strikers though Jeremie Aliadiere marked his return from the cruciate knee injury he picked up in the Charity Shield with a goal during Arsenal reserves 5-1 defeat to Fulham. We're linked again with Belgian keeper Silvio Prototype.

Leopold has been in touch and he reckons Arsenal need a valium over on the real ANR.

Finally for today my old chums from harderthansatan.com have given me a t-shirt to give away. He might be banned for three games but Dennis Bergkamp features on this fine shirt which you can win by answering the following question: In the 97-98 season Dennis was banned for three games for elbowing which ginger Northern Irish West Ham player in the gob? Answers to: tshirt@arseblog.com. Winners announced on Monday.

What an action packed edition of Arseblog that was. I need to lie down again.

february 23rd

Do I even need to break out the patented YANDNIEFA©™® template? I think do, you know. Bayern 3-1 Arsenal.

Wenger head in hands after Bayern Munich game...

It couldn't really have started any worse as a Kolo Toure fluffed his header from a long punt downfield and Pizarro was on hand to rifle the ball under Jens after just three minutes. Not what the doctor ordered. Cue TV pictures of Oliver Kahn looking like a dirty, stinking ape. It was almost enough to make me bring up my dinner.

The rest of the first half was insipid, dire, boring, toothless and dull. We didn't have a chance to speak of unless you include a deflected Gael Clichy shot from outside the area and our big names were quiet. Henry hardly touched the ball at all, Vieira kept giving the ball back to them and Ljungberg and Pires both looked like two players playing out of position, which, of course, they were.

That said we did have plenty of possession in the first half we just didn't do anything with it. The second half started brightly. It wasn't a minute old when we carved Bayern open and a square ball across the box from Reyes to Ljungberg would have set things up nicely but José either went for glory or totally miskicked and the ball his the side netting. It looked like we might have a bit more gumption about us in the second 45 but again a fair amount of possession amounted to nothing. Then they got a free kick on the right hand side, Kolo lost Pizarro and he nipped in to head past Lehmann. Then when you thought it couldn't get much worse it did. More faffing about on our left, they crossed it to the far post and Sillcuntybitch slotted home to make it 3-0. That, you thought, was just about that.

But with just a couple of minutes to go Arsenal got a free kick, Reyes played it in, Vieira knocked the ball onto the post and as it bobbled around it fell to Kolo who smashed it home to make it 3-1 and to give us a lifeline for the second leg. At 3-0 it would have been almost impossible but the away goal gives us some hope. I'd love to say it was a goal we deserved but we didn't really - I'm glad that Kolo got it though. He had probably his worst ever game in an Arsenal shirt but he kept going and plugging away and did something positive to get us back into the tie.

Overall though too many players were poor on the night. Whether that was just bad luck that so many players had off nights or whether we were set up wrong tactically I don't know. I don't really understand why we insist on playing wide midfielders up front in Europe when we're away from home either. We've tried it with Pires before and it hasn't worked and Freddie is best cutting in and making late runs into the penalty box. He's no good with his back to goal trying to hold up the ball and Arsene Wenger has to hold his hands up and say he got that one wrong, especially when we have Reyes and van Persie who could have played up front with Freddie and Bob in their usual positions. I know we're missing Bergkamp but when the game is in Munich you have to ask is there any reason why Dennis couldn't have been there? If he'd left England on Sunday he could have been in Munich Monday morning at the latest and we really could have done with him there. Wouldn't it be better to be without him for a game against Southampton than a game against Bayern Munich?

Thierry Henry was as quiet as I've ever seen him. Lack of service, no question (we missed Edu when he went off), and he was very closely marked by two Bayern players all night, but Henry is good enough to drop deep, take the ball and do something with it if nobody's giving him the service he needs. I know he can't be expected to win games single-handedly but when we're flat and lacking leadership and direction from where it's supposed to come from then maybe he needs to get more involved instead of watching the game pass us by. Now that brings us onto leadership and direction...

Patrick Vieira's form has been better of late, no doubt about it, but tonight he played like a player who didn't want to get injured in case it might scupper a move in the summer. At least twice, and possibly three times, he wimped out of 50-50 challenges in midfield. This is the captain, the man who says he'll lead by example on the pitch. Well that's the kind of example that's seen us get beaten 3-1. His example was 'I'm not really that bothered'. What are the other players supposed to think when they see that their captain can't be arsed to challenge for a ball? Watching the game we also lost count of how many times he gave the ball straight back to Bayern, his passing was atrocious. One moment in particular stood out, we'd just scored, there was a little sense of momentum about us and a Bayern attack broke down. Henry, van Persie, Pires and Reyes were charging forward, the ball came to Vieira and he gave it right to a dark shirt. Typical of his game all season long and it's not lack of ability, it's laziness and it's really, really, fucking annoying. Of course before the game we got the usual spiel from him about how Arsenal have learned from their mistakes and it's time to show it in Europe - he really does talk a good game - but when it came to the crunch the 'captain' went missing, but then who's really surprised? Exactly.

I thought Pascal Cygan was our best player on the night, closely followed by Gael Clichy who once again makes you think 'Ashley who?' for just a moment. In general though it was a bad night for Arsenal. Bad to watch, bad to write about afterwards let me tell you, but it's not over and done with yet. The late goals gives us a lifeline for the second leg at Highbury. Can we play that badly at home? I doubt it. Can we beat this Bayern side? I think we can, provided we cut out the stupid defensive mistakes. That away goal could prove to be crucial but before the next leg there needs to be some backside kicked - individuals must improve, the team performance must improve. Most of us can accept defeat, however hard it is, when we know every single player out there has given their all for the 90 minutes. I don't think that's the case with last night's game though and that's why there are going to be some grumpy Arsenal fans for the next few days. However, we've got to look at the positives and hope for another CL miracle. If we can beat Inter Milan 5-1 away then a simple 3-0 home win against Bayern should be no trouble at all. I don't know why I'm worried.

Afterwards Jens Lehmann was honest enough about our prospects. He said "It would have been impossible to go through at 3-0 but with the goal we still have chances. Everything is possible and at least there will be a chance in two weeks."

Arsene Wenger described it as Arsenal's worst European performance and there won't be a queue of people lining up to disagree with him. He went on to say ""I expected much more from my team. In this job, you have good and bad nights. This was a bad night - but I still have confidence in the quality of my players, as well as their spirit and desire."

It's up to them to show it now, on the pitch, and not in the press.

february 22nd

So here we go again. Another big European night awaits and we're all hoping it's another Inter Milan or Roma and not another Valencia or Chelsea. Maybe this time there's even more weight of expectation given our league position. Obviously this is a two-legged tie so while the result of tonight's game is important it's not the be all and end all. A win would be fantastic, a draw perfectly acceptable and even a defeat won't be the end of the world provided it's not a 4-0 hammering and we grab an away goal or two. So while there'll be plenty of attacking it won't be gung-ho especially as the defence is a little bit makeshift without Sol Campbell and probably Ashley Cole who Arsene Wenger has described as a little 'flat' after his illness.

There's going to be a bit of focus on the two goalkeepers involved too. Jens Lehmann and Oliver Kahn are about as friendly as Roy Carroll and an Evertonian's coin and are rivals for the number one shirt when the World Cup comes to Germany next year. It's just a bit of added spice really but both players will want to impress. Arsenal will certainly want a better performance than their last visit to the Olympic Stadium - we lost the game, played terribly but other results saw us qualify from the group stages that night.

Speaking before the game Patrick Vieira revealed the Arsenal players are hungry for success, particulary in this competition. The Arsenal captain said "We have learned a lot in the last few years and it's time for us to show that." Arsenal fans have heard that quote more than once in the past few years, let's hope this time they can show what they're made of and not do themselves another injustice in Europe. The Standard reports that Freddie Ljungberg is going to play up front with Thierry Henry so José can play on the left to attack Sagnol and no doubt that means Pires on the right.

In other news José Antonio Reyes has been charged with violent conduct and faces a three match ban as Dennis Bergkamp appeals against his red card from the Sheffield United game. It's amazing to think the United player can rake his foot down Cesc's head without punishment but two Arsenal players are facing a total of 6 games out for what was little more than handbags after the incident. But then we know what the FA are like so I won't be holding my breath for a positive outcome on this one.

The draw for the FA Cup 5th round was made and it's a chance for revenge as Arsenal will travel to Bolton provided they beat Sheffield United in the replay next week. After the league game up there it would be nice to give Walrus looking cunt and his men a reminder of what we're really about.

Arsenal goalkeeper Graham Stack appeared in court yesterday to plead 'not guilty' to two charges of sexual assault. He was granted conditional bail before his trial on September 19th. Finally if you've got an hour to spare check out an epic new column from Safety about Arsenal, English players and European free trade. It's called Hello World.

So there you go. It's going to be a long day waiting for the game tonight but it should be fun later on. Come on you Gunners.

february 21st

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwn. Mondays are crap.

Not much new happening this early on a Monday morning. Thoughts of the FA Cup replay are put aside as we have bigger and more German fish to fry now. The lads will be travelling to Munich today for tomorrow's Champions League game. There'll be no Dennis Bergkamp of course and we're still without Sol Campbell and Gilberto but we'll have a rested Henry, Vieira, Edu and Lauren while Ashley Cole remains borderline after a bout of the flu. Bayern could be without the influential Michael Ballack, which is good news. We'll have more team news and such tomorrow.

In other news Freddie Ljungberg has come to the defence of Dennis Bergkamp after his sending off on Saturday, saying "Of course, we were very upset with the sending-off, no question. Dennis is not happy about it." There's now talk of the FA looking at video evidence, appeals, demonstrations, sit-ins, hunger strikes and furious placard waving.

Liam Brady has defended Arsenal's youth policy after last week's furore from a bored and jingoistic press. Arsenal's head of youth development blames the dwindling interest in football amongst today's internet/playstation obsessed youth, saying "We are fighting a battle against a materialistic society where kids have an awful lot of things besides football." - and he also points out that the young players that don't make it at Arsenal receive an education that allows them to go elsewhere and have a decent career. "At Arsenal you have to be a great player, but we are striving to make great players. If they are not great players and they become very good players, then they will make a very good living in the game."

Gilberto is hopeful of being fit to play next month. He's been out most of the season with a serious back injury but he's got his sights set on a return in March although Arsene Wenger seems to think April is more realistic.

And that's about it. Sadly this city is going to be overrun with dirty, stinking Chelsea fans this week. There are some here already and can tell you the air pollution is getting worse by the second as the dirty, stinking Chelsea fans go about the place being dirty and stinking, the dirty, stinking cunts.

The draw for the 1/4 finals of the FA Cup will be made later on. 1.30pm GMT, I believe. I'd put money on an away trip to Old Trafford. So how was your weekend then?

february 20th

Due to my own footballing commitments yesterday I didn't get to see the game but I caught some highlights later in the evening. Looking first at the sending off (the 914th red card of AW's reign) I have to say it was extremely harsh, Dennis was captain and was looking after a young member of his team. When you see some reckless challenges and nasty off the ball incidents go unpunished in other games you can't help but think Dennis was hard done by.

For more analysis on the rest of the game check out the eminently sensible Goodplaya who saw everything that happened within the context of the match. I really did enjoy Cesc's tackle though - especially from the point of view that if there's a team intent on kicking you off the park you fucking well kick them back. Molt bé, my Catalan chum.

With regards the sending off Arsene Wenger confirmed Arsenal would appeal against the red card and there's some speculation JAR could face a three match ban for slapping the Sheffield United player that Bergkamp was sent off for being involved with. In other news there's a little look ahead to Tuesday night's CL game against Bryan Munich, the Standard reports that Arsene Wenger will have £40m to spend in the summer (I liked Gunner-Blog's mathematics as he points out that much money would buy us 160 Kolo Toures), and at this early stage that's about it.

Have a good Sunday.

february 19th

Morning Arsemates. It's an early kick-off today, my head hurts somewhat and I think I only won one game of pool with Arser Liam and his crew last night. I am to pool what Carlton Palmer is to silky football skills. Anyway, here's what's going on in a very brief linkathon:

Arsene Wenger has defended his use of 16 non-English players (it really is getting boring now) and slammed UEFA for their 'prize for mediocrity', he's been backed by Spurs boss Martin Jol (the only Spurs boss in living memory that doesn't appear to be a total and utter cunt), the club announced yesterday they made a profit and Keith Edelman has insisted that the boss has a sufficient transfer funds to strengthen the squad in the summer, José's girlfriend wants him to go back to Spain according to The Sun and now I need some breakfast before I make my way to my own match this morning during which I will ensure their striker stays away from our goal by vomiting on him in the first minute.

Hasta luego.

february 18th

We'll start this morning with team news ahead of tomorrow's FA Cup 5th round tie against Sheffield United. With next week's Champions League game in mind the boss is ready to rest a few players to keep them fresh for Bayern Munich. He says "Certainly some of the players who have played a lot of games recently will get a breather."

That means Henry and Vieira will most likely sit it out while we'll also be without Edu and Sol Campbell through injury while Ashley Cole still has the flu. Edu should be fit for next week but Sol seems almost certain to miss out. With those players out of the side it'll be Double-F in midfield as Fabregas and Flamini do their thing while Robin van Persie will start up front. Manuel Almunia (what a thoroughly nice bloke he appears to be) will be in goal as the second choice keeper always plays in the cup and we might see Emmanuel Eboue at right back. It'll be a tough game against a team with nothing to lose.

Lauren talks about life at Arsenal, how his fight with Patrick Vieira was nothing serious, our form this season and about José Antonio's homesickness - "If you taped me 24 hours every day, all my conversations, I would say many things that people wouldn't like!"

Arseweb has a nice piece on UEFA's new rulings which clears things up a bit. José Mourinho has a dig at Arsene Wenger with regard to English players - easy to do when you can spend as much as you like on a player and at the end of the day Chelsea only have one more regular first teamer who's English (you can't convince me Joe Cole is a regular) so you can go stick it José, you scruffy cunt. And surely Chelsea have to take some of the blame for inflating the prices of English players. Glen Johnson for £6m? Scott Parker for £10m? Give me a break.

So there you go. I've got a match tomorrow on that cool new astroturf which will make a change from the skin-stripping dirt pitches we normally play on. Sliding tackles ahoy! What are you up to for the weekend then?

february 17th

After coming in for criticism from former player Paul Merson and our old chum at the PFA, Gordon Taylor, Arsene Wenger has received support from some unlikely sources after Arsenal's all-foreign 16 caused controversy in possibly the slowest news week of all time. Those backing the manager for his team selections were Boro boss Steve McLaren, Birmingham chairman David Gold and Sheffield United manager Neil Warnock who, ahead of Saturday's FA Cup game, says "I think we should hold our hands up and say a big 'thank you' to him for what he has brought since he came to the country. Arsene Wenger has brought so much to Arsenal football club and this country. I think he has extended professional footballers' careers by two or three years by bringing in dieticians, nutritionists, the technology he has brought with him and how thorough he is for matches."

Nice stuff from Warnock who has been an irritant in the past and no doubt will be on Saturday again but in the meantime we'd buy him a pint. Of shandy. Maybe. Elsewhere Alan Smith is on the side of the manager and not his former team-mate talking about the rules that only allow academies to take young players from within a 90 minute radius of the club. Maybe we'd just slip Warnock and Smith a tenner and let them have a pint themselves.

Anyway, the bottom line is that Arsenal don't have the money, at the moment, to spend on English players when they can get a player of the same quality abroad for much less. It's like people who get cheap flights to Spain to buy cheap cigarettes - it's cheaper for them to fly here, buy as many cartons of fags as they're allowed, then fly back home to England than it is to buy the same amount of cigarettes in the shops. It might be a bit more hassle when when a Spanish newsagent phones up your carton of Benson and Hedges and pretends to be El Corte Inglés and offers your carton a prime spot on the shelf in the classy department store but those are the risks you take.

In other news Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester Utd PLC (still for sale to highest bidder) could overtake Real Madrid as the richest club in the universe according to a report. Roy Keane says players should wear anti-diving wristbands after seeing Ashley Cole's triple-salko with a twist against United the other week and we're being linked with yet another goalkeeper - this time it's Mallorca's Miguel Ángel Moya. With a goalkeeping purchase on the cards for the summer expect us to be linked with every stopper that's playing the game right now.





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