FEB 28th - 09.26am

21.25 - Not a lot happening today. All the reaction to the Leverkeusen game has been really positive. People drooling about Bergkamp again, even old Igors getting some good press for a change. There were many, myself included, who thought he was kidding himself waiting around for another chance, but he's played the waiting game and 'thanks' to the injuries to Keown, Adams and Upson, he's got a run of games. He was written off after the 6-1 at Old Trafford last season, when surely he must have played the worst game of football in his entire life. Still, as well as he's playing now, once any of the others are fit, they'll come straight back into the team.

AW reckons we can win the Champions League. I think we're almost good enough. If we can get Tony Adams back fit till the end of the season, we might have a chance. However, I think our lack of a top quality goalkeeper may be our undoing.

Personal note - the seeds I planted a couple of weeks ago are starting to grow quite well. Nice green leaves. I'll keep you all up to date. I'm sure you'll be enthralled.

Made some new wallpapers today. You can find them in the 'other' section. Click the button above to check them out.

10.00 - The curse of the left back. Cole, Upson and GVB out having played there this season. Now Lauren gets injured playing there. I think it's all tied into this dream I had last week. Kenny Sansom was 7 foot tall and he lived in a big castle - he had a whole troop of mini Kenny Sansoms that he sent out with big sticks to whack current Arsenal left backs on the knee. Some of the mini Sansoms went bad and started hitting Nigel Winterburn in the head. Then I woke up. So, Kenny, if you're reading, I'm on to you.

I saw the goals from last night on tv here. Pires makes football look very easy sometimes. Vieira's pass to Bergkamp for the 2nd goal was fab, and it was nice to see him score again. I do hope he stays at Arsenal, but the lure of Madrid and the endless supply of €s might be too much.

As for Bergkamp's goal, well, sublime. I'm convinced that FA cup semi final has haunted Bergkamp for 2 years. His penalty miss made him bitter and resentful, and that coupled with some niggly injuries has cost him the best part of 2 years of his career. One of the most gifted and talented players I have ever seen at Arsenal, it's great to see him do his stuff again. He was vital for us in the double season, and I think we need players who have that experience of winning things for the last few months of the season. Henry, Pires, Campbell, Lauren, Cole, Wiltord, Kanu - all fantastic players, but theyve never won anything at club level for Arsenal. This is where the likes of Bergkamp, Dixon, Vieira, Parlour, Seaman etc become so valuable on the pitch. In fairness, if you were an opposition striker, Seaman must look like one of those cartoon keepers that fills the whole goal.

feb 27th 2002

22.41 - Arsenal 4 -1 Bayer Leverkeusen. Goals from Pires, Henry, Vieira and Bergkamp. Not bad considering we started tonight without Adams, Keown, Cole, Upson, Van Bronckhurst, Ljungberg, Jeffers, Kanu, Parlour and Luzhny. Due to my location I had to listen on the radio. That's where I have to follow most of the games, aside from those live on television. I normally get to THOF twice a year. Some quick thoughts - Pires is fucking brilliant, long may he reign. We're a fabulous attacking side, if we could add a top class keeper and another top class centre half to go with the fella we stole from Spurs, we'd be awesome.

Silvinho - I saw him playing for Celta Vigo at the weekend. I always thought he looked like he'd been raised by wolves.

INJURY - confirmed by this link that GVB is out for about 9 months with a cruciate ligament injury. It seems like this kind of injury is becoming more and more common. Is it because the players these days are such finely tuned athletes that when something goes wrong it goes really wrong? Don Hutchison has the same injury, picked up the same weekend. Perhaps there were cruciate goblins at loose last Saturday. Anyway, surgery and gruelling rehab is the order of the next few months for Gio. Get well soon.

Onwards now to the Newcastle game. They're good this season - but I can't quite figure out why. Most of their players are pretty average, with a few like Solano, Shearer ~~~spit, and Robert a level or two above. I hate Craig Bellamy. He won't play because he's injured. It's hard to convey sarcasm well over the internet, but use your imagination as I say "Oooooh, I do hope it's not career threatening".

17.05 - Saw this somewhere - http://www.portalhosts.com/entertainment/arsenal/arsenal.asp - it's always nice to laugh at other people's misfortune.

15:44 - Arsenal v Bayer Leverkeusen tonight. No left back - they're all injured. Cole close to a comeback, Giovanni Van Bronckhurst might be out for the season. The jury is still out on Gio I reckon. He's a bit lightweight, but he's been unlucky with injuries. Still though, I'd have thought he'd make the midfield position his own ahead of Ray Parlour. Looks like Lee Dixon will play there. I think we're going to have to score a good few tonight. Thierry and Bob should have too much for them.

Feb 27th 2002 - The A R S E B L O G is born amidst a fanfare of pure silence and a rippling of no applause. Not sure what way this thing is going to go, it has no plan, no direction, no aim, no purpose - simply a tool for me to ramble on about all things Arsenal and maybe some other stuff instead. Anyway, I shall crack on.




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