Arsenal and the Media

The media get stupider every summer. Seriously.

This past summer, they tried to mix things up a bit, instead of throwing the old "Vieira-to-Madrid" rumour out every three or four days in between David Beckham stories. In their ever-present spirit of benevolence, the proverbial monkeys-behind-PCs cooked up some scintillating stories about Ashburton Grove being an utter failure and Arsenal being more destitute than your average inner-city bag lady.

They managed to throw in suggestions that both Patrick Vieira and Robert Pires would be off to various spendy Continental clubs, and that Thierry Henry would be off to Chelsea for eighty five squillion bazillion pounds as well.

The bandwagon soon became so enticing that you had mullet-wearing dorks like John Nicholson writing about how Spurs had surpassed Arsenal, although the fact that our friendly neighbours only managed to sign a couple of strikers while ignoring their obvious deficiencies in midfield seemed to escape the
notice of said "journalist".

Meanwhile, Roman Abramovitch (otherwise known as the mysterious guy from "The Wire" who sends Russian prostitutes to their deaths in shipping containers) bought Chelsea and spent crazy money buying every midfielder in Europe, which just added to fuel to the "Arsenal have no money and appear to be headed toward relegation this season" conflagration running rampant in the football sections of every media outlet in Britain.

I got the distinct impression that somewhere in London, David Dein was sitting behind a desk reading the newspapers, smoking a big fat cigar, and laughing his Arse off, based on the lack of comment coming from Arsenal in the midst of all this excitement.

Arsenal fans everywhere took pleasure in the Barca-Beckham-Real drama, only because it kept the journalistic equivalent of ambulance-chasers out of Arsenal's business for a week or two. Looking back, it seems a bit sad, but it also encapsulates the frustrations we all felt this summer.

The only thing to do, really, was to laugh and hope to Dennis Bergkamp that the team would come back with more fortitude as a result of losing the title last season. So far, that seems to be the case.

Arsene Wenger has made some shrewd acquisitions, namely that of Jens Lehmann. Whilst few Arsenal fans knew much about him before moving over from Borussia Dortmund, he looks to be the formidable presence in goal that Arsenal desperately needed, with good organizational skills and a wealth of
professional experience.

Fans will be excited to see the likes of Karbayissoon, "Big Papa", and Cesc joining the squad as well, but Kolo Toure's emergence at centre-back will prove crucial. While the media were practically doing double-twisting back tucks over the fact that Arsenal had failed to produce a big-name partner for Sol Campbell, the answer may have been hidden right under our noses, though time will tell if Toure proves to be the long-term defensive stalwart the team needs.

Vieira's commented on the team spirit so far this season. Wenger, too, has said that he believes that the team is stronger (I'm truly surprised the monkeys didn't turn that into another "We will go unbeaten all season" pathetically overblown misquote).

All signs look good for the media to have something different to write about next season.

Let's hope that holds up for the rest of the season.


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