Tim Stillman 2012-13
28 Feb 2013

Prepare thy pants

It’s difficult to imagine that there’s been a more keenly awaited North London derby since April 2004. From the neutral perspective, the ingredients for a spellbinding game froth tantalisingly in the cauldron. These are two teams that couldn’t do cagey if they were in a cage fight with Nicholas Cage.

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28 Feb 2013

Derby day approaches, as does a 10 day lull

Good morning and into year 12 we go! The build-up to Sunday’s game is beginning now with Santi Cazorla talking about the importance of the derby. Not just because it’s Sp*rs, not just because of the local rivalry, but because of what’s at stake. I think it’s fair to say

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27 Feb 2013

Arseblog is 11

It had completely and utterly slipped my mind, but thanks to an email (cheers, Alexander), I was reminded that Arseblog is 11 today. We’re running out of first team numbers, folks. Just before I go buy a supermarket cake and a bottle of Asti Spumante, I’d like to say thanks

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27 Feb 2013

Hot air and the British core

Good morning. It’s pretty quiet. The Arsenal feed on NewsNow is full of stories about how Scott T Parker says that Gareth Bale’s goal against West Ham will have ‘deflated’ Arsenal. Firstly, Scott Parker is very annoying in his own right. Secondly, shut up. Thirdly, he should jump out a

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26 Feb 2013

The circle of football

Morning all, no Chamakh, no West Ham win. Simple as that. Well, it’s nearly as simple as all the West Ham players who allowed Cheetah time and space and the luxury of shooting with his left foot … all the goddam time. What’s wrong with them? Why would they do

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25 Feb 2013

Evil clowns, illegal hair and mistakes

Morning all. Last night I dreamt that Arsenal’s manager was an evil clown, in full make up, who had a cutlass for a hand and none of the people in the press conference would ask him any questions for fear that he’d behead them. This enraged him more than being

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24 Feb 2013

Arsenal 2-1 Villa: Santi saves the day

Match report – By the numbers – Player ratings – Video Three points required, three points achieved. Yes, we made it more difficult for ourselves than it might have been, but then that is what we do. It’s our cross, our handicap, and until we can shrug it off it’s

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Arsenal live blog
23 Feb 2013

Arsenal v Aston Villa – live blog

Join us this afternoon for live blogging of Arsenal v Aston Villa in the Premier League, kick off 3pm. Live blog is 100% free to follow on your computer or mobile device and gives you real time text commentary from the match. This season we’ve added a mobile specific theme

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23 Feb 2013

Villa preview: we must see a reaction

So, once more into the breach. No time for feeling sorry for ourselves, it’s Villa today and a good chance to take three points. Blackburn was abominable, Bayern put us in our place, but there can be no excuses today. As we spoke about yesterday, all we’ve got left this

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22 Feb 2013

Arseblog meets Mikel Arteta

So, last week, Arseblog, in the hip shape of Andrew Allen, got to meet Mikel Arteta, ask him some questions and deliver unto him his brand new Puma boots which he’ll wear for the first time tomorrow against Aston Villa. We asked you to provide the questions, Andrew asked, the

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22 Feb 2013

Bang that Tom Tom + Arsecast 268

Morning all. So, what now? The answer is obvious enough: the Premier League is where it’s at. That’s all we’ve got. It might not feel particularly great at this moment in time, but it’s something to play for and something to target. I’m not going to suggest that finishing in

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Tim Stillman 2012-13
21 Feb 2013

Cereal offender

As weeks go, this one has been a bit like finding out that you’re related to John Terry. Two distinctly different, yet equally disappointing cup defeats have made navel gazing a cottage industry on Planet Arsenal. Difficult as it is, I think the two defeats have to be distilled from

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