Tim Stillman 2012-13
27 Dec 2012

Travel brochures and bullshit tsunamis

I carry on my person a small notebook which services my blogging efforts. As a sufferer of dyspraxia, I have a short term memory that Ozzy Osbourne would take pity upon; so much of my life is constructed around hastily pencilled memos to self. Therefore, when I come to write

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27 Dec 2012

News round up: Xmas football, Chamakh, Arshavin and new Arses

Good morning, it’s still very quiet. Almost Interlull quiet. But obviously there’s no Inter bit to define this particular lull. A Christlull doesn’t quite work either, does it? Lullmas? I dunno, and I don’t think it’s that important. I saw little of yesterday’s football, only about half an hour of

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