31 Jul 2011

Some good, some bad, same as it ever was

Video and reaction So the Emirates Cup kicked off with a 2-2 draw which, as you would expect in most pre-season games, had some good stuff and some bad stuff. For me the good stuff included Gervinho who looked sharp, quick and showed some end product in the final third

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30 Jul 2011

Wenger on Cesc, Nasri and signings + news round-up

So there’s football today and with football comes press conferences and with press conferences we get stories. We’ll start with Cesc who won’t be playing this weekend because of the speculation/situation over his future. This time last year Arsene was defiant, refusing to countenance the sale of his captain. This

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29 Jul 2011

Arsenal make actual bids for actual players

Good morning, welcome to Friday and what in Ireland, at least, is a bank holiday weekend. A splendid amount of stuff going this morning. Some morning there’s lots of stuff but it’s not at all splendid. It can be turgid. Or just plain old middle of the road but this

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28 Jul 2011

That would not be an ecumenical Mata

Morning from quite rainy indeed Dublin. Some interesting developments regarding Juan Mata to kick us off. According to The Mirror his ‘entourage’ flew in to London yesterday to discuss a move (is his agent called Ari D’Oro?), while The Mail says we’ve agreed a fee with Valencia. If true it

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27 Jul 2011

Apocalyptic nutcases with megaphones

The great Arsenal garage sale appears to be gathering apace in the last seven days. Jay Emmanuel Thomas has sashayed out of the exit door without the indignity of it subsequently hitting him on the arse. Emmanuel Eboue is attracting suitors with a thousand strong red and white clad army

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27 Jul 2011

Youth players and timing – Mata linked again

Morning all. Our transfer business continued a-pace yesterday as we provided another signing for another club. As expected Jay Emmanuel-Thomas joined Ipswich for around £1m. It’s an unsurprising move considering his career trajectory and his age. If he’d stayed at Arsenal this year he would have had to be included

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26 Jul 2011

Fitness – Emmanuels – Airport Halls

So the team continue in Germany, working hard on fitness and probably doing lots of running. Is there anything worse than just running? I always, always hated pre-season when I was playing proper league football. Doing laps of the pitch, or doing that running when you’re in pairs and when

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25 Jul 2011

Tap my bitch up

There are many things about football that have remained the same down the years. The fervour of the fans, the basic concept of sticking a ball in the back of the net, that fact that anyone who had old man who tried to persuade them to become a Tottenham fan

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24 Jul 2011

Sunday round-up

Morning all, quick Sunday round-up for you. Pre-season continued yesterday with a 2-1 win over Cologne in Germany – video highlights here. We scored all the goals too. New boy Gervinho kicked off his Arsenal career in some style with two nice finishes, set up first by Jack Wilshere and

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23 Jul 2011

Nasri/Cesc stuff needs quick resolution + Saturday round-up

So the team arrived in Germany without Cesc but with Samir Nasri, and still the futures of both players dominate proceedings. One is clearly affecting the other. If there was no Barcelona interest in Cesc then Nasri would be gone by now. Sold. Done and dusted. There’s not a shred

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22 Jul 2011

Jagielka and Cesc bids not the same thing

Morning, welcome to Friday, the rain has stopped and my weather widget thing says it may get above ‘very chilly indeed’ today. We’ll start with the news that Arsenal had a £10m bid for Everton’s Phil Jagielka rejected yesterday. And not surprisingly too. £10m is low for a player who

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21 Jul 2011

Sliders and slackers

Good morning from Dublin where the sky is grey and it is teeming down with rain. That really straight falling rain too, the one that makes you extra wet. Miserable as it might be though, if you were playing football today it’d be a great day for the sliding tackle.

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