31 May 2011

Arsene and Wilshere talk + Arsecast 203 (round table)

Morning all, some interesting quotes from Arsene have emerged from a radio interview he did in France. They’ve been carried via the Twitter account of the President of the Arsenal supporters club France. And if yesterday’s performance by Mr Blatter has taught us anything it’s that Presidents are men of

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30 May 2011

Back-ups, minty breakfast and transfer guff

Good morning to you. The reaction to yesterday’s post was quite conclusive. The vast majority of you think that yes, Arsenal players need to be electrocuted on the top of the penis. I shall prepare a proposal immediately and send it to the club. I expect they’ll ignore it but

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29 May 2011

Do Arsenal players need to be electrocuted on the top of the penis?

So Barcelona won the Champions League final quite easily. I think it goes to prove that this year we’re much better than United seeing as we actually beat Barcelona. Forget their league title, the true measure of a team is how they fare against the best team in the world,

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28 May 2011

A certain tallness/smallness + CL final

Morning all, it’s a very quiet one this morning, which is surprising. I mean in the sense that it’s taken this long for there to be a quiet one. A couple of pieces of transfer gossip to tide us over though. Firstly, The Mail says we’ve made an £8m bid

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27 May 2011

More transfer guff, picture stealing + Wilshere and Ramsey

Morning all, happy Friday. First let’s get this Puyol/Pique, picture of Cesc thing out of the way. Crude I know but it does the job. Plus I didn’t have time to ‘shop in Cristiano Ronaldo taking a romantic walk with Shakira. Some may put it down to high-jinks, a pair

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26 May 2011

Paddy to return? + 89 remembered

Have you ever noticed how many of our players can accomodate the arse? In their name, I mean. Cesc Fabregarse, Andrei Arseshavin, Thomarse Vermaelen, Bacary Sagnarse, Nicklarse Bendtnarse, Lukarse Fabianski, Emmanuel Eboue. No, wait, he is an Arse. Still, quite something if you were to stop and think about it

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25 May 2011

Take me to the magic of the moment

So a season that has been haemorrhaging from the guts since late February has now been put out of its misery. It’s been like watching your sickly dog leaving heaping trails of his epidermis on the carpet as he looks limply for a place to die. You know tears will

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25 May 2011

The Nasri situation a sad indictment of modern football

Hello there, it doesn’t really feel like summer’s upon us yet despite the raft of transfer stories that abound. I blame the lack of sunshine. And summer breeze. The jasmine of my mind needs a good blowing through. Let’s start with possible ins. Today’s main story is about Karim Benzema

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24 May 2011

Jack’s good decision + transfers-a-plenty

Morning all. Dublin has returned to normal following the visit of some American rock star yesterday. Can’t say I’d ever heard his music before but he must be pretty good to have entire swathes of the city centre closed off.  I guess he was just lucky that we have so

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23 May 2011

Fulham 2-2 Arsenal: Glad it’s all over

I love watching Arsenal. As you can imagine, given the fact I write about them every day, I live off the matches, the build up, the post game discussion, the anticipation of the next one, the permutations, the ups, the downs, the whole lot. I find the two week gaps

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22 May 2011

Fulham v Arsenal – live blog!

It’s the final Premier League game of the season and Arsenal travel to Fulham. Live blog coverage right here* – just open the window and read – updates will post automatically so there’s no need to refresh the page. Kick off is 4pm – team news posted as soon as

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