Interlull: Sunday round-up

I had a most sedate Saturday evening. I went to the cinema with Mrs Blogs and even though I wanted to kill the people who stopped the lift because they were too damn lazy to walk up one flight of stairs it was all good.

We came home and I thought ‘I know, I’ll put on Match of the Day … oh’. It tells you just how interminable this particular Interlull is when I miss that bunch of old Marys sitting around, getting things wrong and probably being arseholes about Arsenal.

France played last night. Maybe one or two of our players played for France. I could look this up but it would be akin to asking to me look up the mating habits of the Monguin. I simply do not care. All I care about is that they come back in one piece. Which is rather a strange phrase to use while talking about the well-being of humans.

“How’s John?”

“Ahh, sure he’s grand you know. Came back in four pieces but other than that he’s doing brilliantly. Don’t ask me about his favourite vase though”.

As you might have gathered there’s not much happening this morning. The Sunday Mirror has rather hilariously linked us with a new goalkeeper, Asmir Begovic. Yes, the fellow who plays for Stoke with whom we enjoy such cordial and respectful relations.

“Hello Stoke, this is Ivan Gazidis. We would be very interested in purchasing your reserve keeper Begovic. Would this be acceptable to you?”


See? It would be just a nightmare. And anyway, it’s clear from the last two games we’ve played that Fabianski is indeed a world class goalkeeper so what would we want to doing wasting our money on a chap who can’t even get a game for Stoke?

Meanwhile P-Diddy H to the W Oh Oh Dee, says that what has happened to Liverpool is a tragedy. Which is handy because they love those, don’t they?

On a serious note though, it is worrying to see clubs like United and Liverpool with their finances in such a mess. Arsenal’s plurality of ownership prevents this sort of thing happening for now but it’s not as if we’re completely invulnerable. Nevertheless, the Chairman says:

The way Arsenal is run at the moment, what has happened at Liverpool could not possibly happen here. We are aware of who our shareholders are and we have a view on their suitability. And the majority of shareholders feel the same way as the board

And let’s hope that the majority continue to feel that way. As we manage our debt and live sensibly financially, surely we become a more attractive proposition. Anyway, I’ve never really understood why anyone would buy a football club to try and make big money. At their pomp I remember United making ‘record profits of around £30m. When you’re dealing in hundreds and hundreds of millions in turnover it’s not a great return and it’s almost entirely incumbent on being highly successful. Most football clubs cost their owners money.

Still, it’s a sensitive subject as the many Liverpool fans who missed the point of this article completely show. The comments are gold.

And finally for this morning, the Cigar Guy from that Tiger Woods photo turns out to be an Arsenal fan. Which is, well, a handy little ‘and finally’ to finish today’s blog (cheers to @arbolito ).

Have yourselves a good Sunday, back tomorrow.