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Saturday round-up

Hello, a quick one for you on Cup Final Saturday.

The Times picks up on the info that Arseblog brought you yesterday from Keith Edelman’s meeting with the shareholders saying that Arsene has money to spend this summer. They put a figure of £40m on it but realistically nobody really knows how much there is. Whatever is there could be supplemented by players we sell – at the moment I think we’re about to sell 18 of our first team squad – so we’ll just wait and see.

One man who is tipped to leave but doesn’t want to is Freddie Ljungberg. His agent has said he wants to continue with Arsenal but you just get the feeling it’s not just about what Freddie wants at this stage.

Thierry Henry says we can win the league next season and that if we have everyone fit he feels we’re as good as the rest of the top three. He also talks about the new stadium and the effect that had on some of our games. I suppose the way he’s talking about next season really should put paid to the constant barrage of rumour and speculation about his future but I suspect it’s something we’ll have to live with until the first game of next season when he scores a hat-trick and rips off his shirt to reveal a hugely detailed tattoo of Joan Laporta being sodomised by goat wearing a Real Madrid shirt and a Franco mask.

I’m not even touching the latest from Le Moan.

Not much else to tell you, to be honest. I’ll watch the FA Cup final today but really I don’t give a shit one way or the other who wins. What is hilarious though is that Ashley Cole won’t be playing and Wayne Bridge keeps his place in the side. Went to Chelsea to win medals, so far he’s got a medal as an unused sub in the Carling Cup final and honestly, if he came on at the end and scored an own goal which handed the cup to United I think I’d soil myself with the laughter. Come on fate, sock it to him.

That’s it. Until tomorrow have a good Saturday.

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